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To Put Humans First - Nadine Murad - Nobel Peace Prize 2018

''I beg you. To put humans first. This life was not only created for you and your families. We also want life and it's our right to live it.'' Nadia Murad, speaking to the people of the world at the United Nations and at many talks world wide. She continues in her unceasing quest - To Get The World To Notice And Do Something. ''The things I want to be asked are
- What must be done so Yazidis can have their rights?
- What must be done so a woman will not be a victim of war?

These are the kind of things that I want to be asked more often.

Today, I'm not only talking on my behalf - about what happened to me.
Here, I am the voice of 3,200 girls, women, and children still in captivity.''

To get the world to notice and do something is what Nadia is doing.

For her invaluable work she was honored with the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize along with Denis Mukwege a Congolese gynecologist who specializes in the treatment of women raped by armed rebels. He founded the Panzi Hospital in 1999, in the city of Bakavu, Republic of Congo at the Ruwanda border.

Here is Nadia Murad's Nobel Peace Prize statement.

Nadia was named the first United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking.
She addressed the United Nations Security Council on the need to address and end human trafficking - slavery - world wide. This was the first time the Council was briefed on this devastating practice by groups and militias associated with governments. Human trafficking is a war crime and a crime against humanity - modern day slavery.

In 2014 the Daesh militia were attacking Iraq and Syria. Daesh, also called ISIL or IS, committed genocide against Nadia's home town of mostly Yazidi people. Daesh has been characterized as a bureaucracy of evil on an industrial scale. The massacre killed 600 people there including her mother, friends and other family members.

Daesh committed many other atrocities throughout Iraq and Syria. Nadia was one of the more than 6,700 women, refugees, of the region that were taken prisoner by Daesh. Many, including Nadia were sold by Daesh as slaves - human trafficked - beaten, burned with cigarettes and raped.

Daesh placed landmines throughout the region. Many land mines still remain, preventing people from returning to their homes and farm lands. Daesh also initiated brainwashing of the children. In 2018 there are over 350,000 refugees in camps. They are not yet able to go home and have yet to receive asylum from other countries. See Nadia describing the 2018 situation here.

Nadia's memoir is - The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State (Daesh). Through - Nadia's Initiative - a non-profit organization, she is advocating for victims of sexual violence and for rebuilding communities in crisis.

This work helped get United Nations Security Council approval of an unprecedented resolution to investigate war crimes committed by Daesh against the Yazidi people. Countries and institutions are encouraged to recognize the Yazidi genocide. Those recognizing the genocide include the Scottish Parliament, European Parliament, the French Senate and National Assembly, and Iraq.

The award winning film about Nadia - On Her Shoulders - has been released.

Nadia's Initiative Website
The full show is on the
Oscilloscope Laboratories - YouTube website
Full Show - On Her Shoulders - Official Trailer - Oscilloscope Laboratories
Oscilloscope Laboratories website
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Published: Nov 19, 2018, ID: PSA 103
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Episode Short Description: Nadia was named the first United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking.

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