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Episode: Alan Sabrosky 2018 “From Influence to Dominance”

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Alan Sabrosky 2018 “From Influence to Dominance” produced 3 days of livestreamed video with 25 incredibly well informed speakers, on 8, 9, 10 June 2018. A total of 18 hours of video are now archived by and can be viewed at There is plenty of Q&A, so likely some of your questions are answered too!

In this video, Alan gave this heart felt analysis of who controls America and who therefore controls the world. While he is pretty sure “they” won, he felt that other truth seekers, armed with his vision, could come together to reverse the decimation of the planet.

It seems apparent that there is no way to confront “them” in the material plain. They have the best intelligence/propaganda, all of the money, and they fund both sides in any conflict! repent, forgive, love, thank.

Alan Sabrosky examines the process by which Zionists acting on behalf of Israel have gained significant control of the United States and its government. Starting gradually in the 1950s, Zionist Jews now hold a commanding influence in such sectors as finance, business, media (online and offline), the academy, the arts, and most obviously, politics.

Through funding and other tactics, they effectively control both houses of Congress, leverage the Executive branch, and exert strong influence in over half the state governments.

Regardless of what one thinks of 9/11, neocons (overwhelmingly “Israel Firster” Zionist Jews) are the driving force behind the 9/11 Wars. Without their hidden hand, the wars against Iraq, Libya, and Syria would not have happened, nor the hostilities with Iran and Russia.

Incessant charges of “antisemitism” and “Holocaust denial” coercively keep Jews and non-Jews alike from questioning or challenging the dominant narratives.
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Produced:2018, Episode: DT AS-I2D, Category: Education, 57:58
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Episode Short Description: Alan Sabrosky 2018 “From Influence to Dominance”

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