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Episode: Pedram Shojai 2018 PART 1 “The Invisible Organ”

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Pedram Shojai 2018 PART 1 “The Invisible Organ”

INTERCONNECTED: The Power to Heal From Within

Episode #1: The Invisible Organ: The Missing Piece In Health and Longevity

Researchers are just discovering Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, Celiac, IBS, Crohn’s, Skin Disease, Allergies, Neurological Conditions, Autism, Cancer... all these chronic and terminal diseases START in the gut. The great news is they can also be HEALED in the gut. This docuseries reveals how...

Research around the world reveals that only in industrialized countries do people suffer from these chronic diseases. Indigenous hunter-gatherer tribes (South America, Australia, Africa, India) do not get these diseases! The clue? Their microbiomes are very different; there are greater numbers of microbes and much more diversity.

Leading scientists, researchers, physicians and patients have now come together for this revealing documentary, sharing the latest breakthroughs, discoveries and findings about this “new interconnected pathway” to good health and healing chronic disease...

Using new diagnostic and exploratory tools, this “new interconnected pathway” is quickly becoming the new foundation of allopathic medicine.

Imagine a time not to distant from today, a healthcare system based upon predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory (meaning you can heal yourself) tools. 

It’ll be all about YOU individually--and what’s (really) going inside your gut...
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Produced: 2018, Episode:PS-I-1, Category: Education, 58:00
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Episode Short Description: Pedram Shojai 2018 PART 1 “The Invisible Organ”

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