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Episode: bFJ 8987 - UNWANTED - Dr Tom & Nuba People Of Sudan

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UNWANTED - Dr Tom & Nuba People Of Sudan

For many years the Nuba People's homeland has been and continues to be under attack by the Sudanese government with military equipment and advisors from other major countries of the world.

Dr Tom Catena has been the sole doctor of the only hospital there. It serves about 1 million people. The attacks on the Nuba people and other peoples of the Sudan are essentially systematic genocide. Too few know about this situation. The silence allows this to continue. Major institutions and media have failed to end the silence. Governments and the United Nations could have stopped this long ago.

This 28 minute show is made from excerpts from 4 shows about the Nuba people. The first 3 shows were published in 2016, 2014 and 2018. They are about Dr. Tom Catena speaking about his work with the sole hospital of the Nuba region. The last show published in 2000
The full show is on the
The Heart of Nuba - YouTube website
Full Show - The Heart of Nuba - 15 minute supercut
Aurora Prize website
Tags: Tom Catena, Heart of Nuba,
Published: Feb 21, 2019, ID: bFJ 8987
Category: Education, Duration 27:58
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Episode Short Description: Dr. Tom Catena and his staff are responsible for the well-being of one million people. They persevere in the midst of genocide.

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