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Episode: Dylan Avery 2020 “SEVEN”

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Dylan Avery's new documentary about Building 7, called ''Seven'' is professionally well done and engaging when you consider it is dealing with highly technical matters. 

The film deals only with the science focusing on Dr. Leroy Hulsey's University of Alaska-Fairbanks study. 

Avery has de-politicized the film so much that not once in the film do you hear the words ''controlled demolition.'' The most political it got is when he related how his two PhD students assistants received emails from debunker groups goading them not to work with Dr. Hulsey. 
45:54 plus ho;o & fearlessness = 58:00
Tags: 911TV, SEVEN, Dylan Avery, AE911Truth,
Produced: 2020, Episode: DA-7, Category: Education, 58:00
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Episode Short Description: Dylan Avery 2020 “SEVEN”

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