Show: Two Pennies -Journey Of Wonder-

Episode: Two Pennies Animated Film Japanese Open Caption

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Episode Description:

Two Pennies is an animated children’s story, based on the 1838 Trail of Tears. Our film takes place in Cheekwater, Tennessee and features a diverse set of characters both townspeople and circus folk. Two young girls find 1908 Indian Head pennies that contain traces of the tears shed by the Cherokees. The coins have magical restorative properties. The children battle a scheming circus performer who tries to steal their coins and prosper from the magic they create. The film has an uplifting message with entertaining and engaging songs. We are presenting Two Pennies to all Tribal Councils and Schools in North America, free from all licensing charges. All revenues generated will be kept by the schools & councils.

Boat Angel prepares and distributes materials in over seventy languages our concentration has been in Africa.. Our materials are primarily youth based. Call you will receive your Free, exhibition copy of the film USB or DVD), trailer and poster for your tribe.

Episode Short Description: Great Open Caption Japanese HD and SD version of Two Pennies Animation for children from Boat Angel.

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