Show: 30 Odd Minutes

Episode: Episode 39 - Paranormal Inventor Bill Chappell

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In episode 39 we speak with Bill Chappell, an engineer in the robotics and semiconductor industries who uses microprocessors and electronics skills to solve complex problems. At the age of 47 he was asked if he could build a device to communicate with the dead. At first he thought the whole idea was amusing. On April 23, 2007, he tested the device and the results forever altered his life and perspective on the paranormal. He’s since dedicated his skills to the pursuit of a tangible answer to the paranormal. You may have seen his inventions on: Travel Channel, the Syfy Channel, A&E, Animal Planet, E!, and Good Morning America, just to name a few. In this episode you get to meet the man behind it all. Plus don’t miss our exclusive interview... for the first time on television (and probably the last)... with the Ovilus. Does the Ovilus find our show boring? Tune in to find out!

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