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In PART ONE of the eerie Halloween special, "explore: Witchcraft and Space," brings you the chilling film Salem Witch Hunt, a stark portrayal of how prejudice and fear can lead a deeply religious community into turmoil. In 1692, mass hysteria engulfed the small Puritan community of Salem, Massachusetts. By the fall of 1692, 150 citizens had been accused of witchcraft — those that did not confess were hanged. Travel through history with Charlie and the explore Team to uncover the bizarre origins, innocent victims and final resolution of the infamous Salem Witch Hunt.

Please search for PART TWO of the "explore: Witchcraft and Space" Halloween special under the file name ES0017 Explore Special Episode 17 - Space.mpg, or click here:

Note: These programs are best presented when paired together, as a 1-hour special under the title of "explore: Witchcraft and Space," but we've uploaded them separately to accommodate channels used to explore's regular 30-minute format, and for airing after the Halloween holiday.

File Name of Episode: EF0008 Explore Salem Witch Hunt.mpg

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