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This is a special program hosted by Executive Producer Gordon Westfall. Here we explore the mind set necessary for individuals and groups to embrace and advance sustainable actions and activities. Special guest Dr. Thomas Doherty is a phycologist specializing in a new discipline called “Eco Psychology.” It focuses on the relationship between humans and nature and how that affects human health.

NEWS: The Obama administration announces that it will no longer pursue prosecutions for possession and use of marijuana in states that have legal medical marijuana laws and where the use is sanctioned under state law. ... Hemp production was legalized in Oregon, officially separating the plant from its cousin the marijuana plant under the law..... Solar City, a California based installation company, announces its “Pure Power” program. The company supplies the equipment and charges the homeowner a rate based on the amount of power the panels generate. The company also collects the tax credits. This makes the installation cost free and the amount paid from power generation is partially offset by the savings in utility cost.... Live Science reports that sexiness is connected to spirituality. Women who considered themselves “spiritual” had higher rates of sexual activity. They same was not found to be true for men however.

INTERVIEW: Questions answered by Dr. Doherty include: How does spirituality affect a tendency toward sustainability? Are women more likely to be more involved than men in sustainability issues? Explain the concept of Conservation Psychology. Talk about the use of words such as “environmentalist”,”conservationist”,“green” and how they affect peoples perceptions of you. Does the amount of time spent outdoors affect people’s consciousness toward sustainability? There mental health benefits to placing yourself in natural surroundings. Voluntary simplicity leads people to be happier and healthier. Interestingly, studies show life expectancy goes up during periods of economic depression or recession. How to you need to speak to people who don’t yet “get” the sustainability message? Being the change you want to see is the most effective. How do you make Sustainability fun.

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Muddy Waters Coffee Shop. A place where people can build community and share thoughts, arts and activities. Food, art and music are connective tools. Tolerance and unconditional love are the themes. The not for profit structure promotes bartering and sharing of non monetary resources.

INTERVIEW Part 2. Making sustainability fun is explored through methods of engagement. Gordon indulges in a little self behavioral analysis. “Personal Sustainability Inventory” is a self analysis tool to gauge how well your behavior aligns with your goals.
How to get started, adopt one practice on a daily basis then ramp it up on the weekends.
Be gentle with yourself. We are in a big transition, don’t beat yourself up. Group therapy or group activities can put you in the right direction. The psychological blocks to forward movement are discussed, in particular people who experience grief and loss over the environment.

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Buddah Bites Food Cart. Spiritually charged food. The cuisine and the beliefs that inspire the operators to create it. The Movement Center, an Ashram in SE Portland, is home to Meg DeWitt and Kari and provides the spiritual basis for their efforts to serve food with consciousness in sourcing, preparation and nutrition.

CALL TO ACTION: Where do we go from here? Focus on the present day, do what we thing is right and follow your values.

GO GREEN WITH JEAN: Repeat – Water Conservation. Practical and easy things you can do at home to help conserve water.

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