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What is permaculture and what does it look like in our changing world is the topic of this in depth look at the movement. The Go Green with Jean segments takes on vermiculture. Below is a synopsis of the show's contents.

NEWS: Large numbers of fish in US lakes and streams contain mercury. Two-thirds of them exceeded EPA levels of dangerous concentrations in fish eating mammals. The source of the contamination is mostly from air pollution where heavy metals are emitted as smoke and then fall back to the earth where they are consumed by fish. The main culprit being coal fired power plants. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL reports on the detrimental effects on the landscape ecology are caused by conventional agricultural methods. Favors perennials over annual monocrops. “Desert tech” is a project by 12 European nations to finance and build a giant solar generator. The facility will use CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) to focus the sun’s rays onto a central collector where water is heated to produce steam to drive turbines. Coupled with the project is a huge desalinization plant to supply water for the system and for agricultural use as well.

INTERVIEW: Toby Hemenway author of “Gaia’s Garden.” Toby explains what permaculture means and the philosophy behind it. How does it apply to gardens? How does it extend to all sustainable practices? Permaculture is a way of creating connections between the things you wish to accomplish whether it’s steel or snow peas. Food Forests are discussed and explained. The origins of permaculture and the scalability of the applications are also examined. It 3 to 5 years a properly established permaculture ecosystem becomes self-sustaining.

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Urban Ecosysterms. Permaculture entrepreneur Jason Raschke shows off his own space and shows us how to landscape an urban yard. Restoration of native habitat, attracting birds, bees and some food crops. Compost and worm bins are part of the picture.

INTERVIEW: Continues with Toby Hemenway as he discusses the role of permaculture in the response to energy decent. He describes it as a tool for a fear free future. Permaculture give you the information to decide what is best to have close to you and what can be further away. Permaculture principles deal more with attitudes rather than actual “tricks” we can learn from nature. Such as “it’s OK to make mistakes,” and not to become paralyzed by what is sustainable and what is not. Permaculture principles as applied to social and interpersonal activities such as business or marriage. The principle of “succession” is analyzed. Consultants advise businesses on permaculture principles and the concept of evolution. Certification programs are talked about.

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Community Supported Agriculture, Singer Hill Gardens featured with a unique blend of backyard urban growing and the CSA model. Local school students get to learn and garden as part of the project.

GO GREEN WITH JEAN: Worm Bin Buddies. Jean shows us how to build and maintain a worm bin at your home.

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