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An in depth look at the burgeoning solar power industry and it's ramifications for the planet. A detail synopsis appears below.

NEWS: Newsweek dedicates an issue to “leadership in the environment.” Reports 10 Fixes for the Planet. Interesting new technologies include kite sails for container ships, solar technologies and electric cars. Businessweek reports than an Israeli entrepreneur wants Israel to produce electric cars with interchangeable batteries.
The Oregonian reports that the Bush administration finally approved a standard for greenhouse gas emissions BUT it allows us to continue increasing emissions until 2025 THEN start cutting. The congress is taking a more aggressive approach by likely approving a cap and trade system, thereby cutting emissions by 70% over then next 40 years. AND Earth day took place again. An estimated 5000 cruised booths selling green products, dodged stilt walkers and bobbed to music. The Sierra Club paraded electric cars and SOLVE organized 3000 volunteers for their annual clean up.

INTERVIEW: Christopher Dymond from the Oregon Department of energy discusses the mission and what services are offered, and answers the question, why is renewable energy so important?
Solar is probably the sexiest form of renewable – it’s abundant, free, reliable (the sun always rises) – Christopher talks about the pros and cons of solar.
We also talk about where solar is primarily used and whether or not Oregon has enough sun to make it viable.
Other questions include: Given that solar is not cheaper than coal or oil based energy - why is the state pursuing it? What is the end game for solar?
What’s been the trajectory of this energy source? Is it growing as fast as other sources? What contribution does it make to the energy solution?

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Features the solar for Schools program run by the non-profit Bonneville Environmental Foundation. Gordon Westfall shows us an installation at the Sunnyside Environmental School where panels are being installed and students get a first hand education about how it works.

INTERVIEW; Christopher Dymond continues with an explanation of the various ways we can capture solar energy. Also the state of solar technology and its contribution to an emerging new industry for Oregon and the nation.

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Mr Sun Solar’s John Patterson shows us an installation at the Lake Oswego Veterinary Clinic and explains how the business of solar has changed over the years. Phil Jefferson reports, Then Gordon Westfall takes us to the Oregon Solar Energy Industries Association’s annual Solar Expo to talk to manufacturers installers and trainers about the future in Solar energy.

• Do a site inspection of your home to determine energy conservation upgrades
• Sign up for Green Power to help foster the development of renewable energy sources.
• Take advantage of passive solar energy. Put heat absorbing materials behind south facing windows.
• Investigate solar hot water systems

• Use solar hot water to augment existing mechanical systems
• Investigate large scale photovoltaic systems as a supplemental energy source

• Oregon Department of Energy, Business Energy Tax Credit & Residential Energy Tax Credit.
• Federal tax credits
• U of o Solar radiation monitoring lab

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