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Cows and sheep, Horses and Pigs, Goats and Chickens, all animals that support human existance, but the way some of these creatures are being treated is a crime. How to raise livestock in an earth friendly way is our topic for this program. A complete sysnopsis follwows:

NEWS: Executives surveyed by “Sustainable Life Media” say 73% would be willing to take a 1% pay cut to help support green programs. Women executives tend to make greener decisions than men.
AL Gore is promoting a program to bring the US to 100% renewable electricity in 10 Years. The European Union has already cut greenhouse gas emission by 7%. Here in the US the western states have the Western Climate Initiative which will cap greenhouse gas emissions, High at first then lower over time as emissions are reduced.
Consumer Reports has an article called the “Ethanol Myth” which highlighted the reduced mileage you get form burning ethanol but that could be mitigated if manufacturers tuned engines for that fuel. Automakers are producing e-85 cars to claim credits against the CAFÉ standards. The biggest problem is can we grow enough fuel to replace gasoline? At the same time Europe is backing off of ethanol siting its impact on food cost and deforestation. The trend is to favor fuel feedstocks from algae instead of corn or sugar. That may become moot if the move to electric cars continues. If the switch is gradual enough power companies should be able to keep up with the demand. The latest prediction is that it will be another 2 or 3 years before battery technology improvements and large scale manufacturing will make all electric and hybrids accessible to the average consumer.

INTERVIEW: Richard North of the Physicians for Social Responsibility and Matt Buck from the Food Alliance tackle the issue of food production in the US. Specifically beef and poultry production. They discuss the industrialization of the food supply and impact that has on the environment and the quality of the food we eat. A large side effect is the use of antibiotics and the impact that has on human health. What are the alternatives to this type of food production.

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT: Bypass the food system altogether by raising your own. Chickens can be kept in the city and a group of chicken keepers here want to show us how easy and edifying it is.
The annual Tour de Coops is an event that showcases individuals efforts to raise their own food and care for these animals.

INTERVIEW: Richard and Matt continue their discussion of food production this time focusing on dairy cattle and the use of RBST and RBGH to enhance the production of milk. How does this effect the cows heath and that of humans that consume these artificial hormones in their food. Also discussed is the banning of the practice in most of the world and why it is still allowed in the US. What might happen to the dairy industry as we know it if this practice was banned. The practice is already banned in some states including Oregon.

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: ST visits one of the 700 family owned co-operative farms that supply Organic Valley with their milk products. Jon Banson explains how organic farming is not only satisfying but economically viable as well.

• Eat Less meat
• Buy organic, certified, free-range/cagefree, Food Alliance certified.
• Look for RGBH free dairy products.
• Share Knowledge with others
• Food service operations: set purchasing policies regarding animal welfare, certified, local, organic, etc.
• Buy local

• Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility, 14 minute video on their website and the “Consumers Guide to RBGH free products.

• The Food Alliance Website
• Sustainable Table
• Books: The End of Food by Paul Roberts, The Food Revolution: How your diet can save your life and our world, by John Robbins, Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser.

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