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The up and coming technology for generating electricity from the power of the tides is the Wave Energy Show. What works, what might work and what are we doing to develop this renewable resource. See the complete synopsis below.

NEWS: Fortune Magazine $500 a barrel oil. Mat Simmons says in his book “Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy”
Saudi Arabia has less oil than everybody thinks. He says oil production has peaked, demand is outstripping supply and that if we don’t act soon we could be facing World War Three. Autoblog says Toyota has announced that 4 RAV 4 Electric cars will be sent to Portland to assist in the development of clustered electric charging stations.
Google and General Electric have joined forces to promote a “Smart Grid” and clean energy. The smart grid will be able to track and control what types of power usage takes place and when. Google is interested because they say that server farms will be using HALF the world’s electricity by 2010.

INTERVIEW Ted Brekken Assistant Professor in Energy Systems Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State University. And Kevin Banister Chair of the Oregon Wave Energy Trust. Estimated that 0.2% of the energy available in the ocean could supply all of the energy needs for the planet. Discussion involves all forms of ocean renewables, wind, wave, tidal, salinity, and thermal. Wave energy is the most easily extractable and viable for Oregon, tidal is more promising in Washington, British Columbia and Alaska. Graphic explain were wave resources are strongest. Various technologies for extracting wave energy are explained. There are advances in other parts of the world as well, especially Europe.
Job creation is a big advantage of wave energy development.

COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT Wallace Energy Systems and Renewables Facility at Oregon State University. Lab head Annette Von Jouanne takes us on a tour of the facility and demonstrates the Wave Energy Linear Test Bed and the device that OSU and Columbia Power Technologies are developing.

INTERVIEW with Ted Brekken and Kevin Banister continues with a discussion of plans for further development and deployment. Testing, permits, regulations, financing and technological research are all needed before commercially viable systems will be ready for full scale use. Competition with other stakeholders such as fishermen and environmentalists concerned about marine migration are explored.
The effects of electromagnetic interference with marine life is also covered.

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Business leaders, technology developers, stakeholders, finance experts, regulators and educators all convene in one place for the third annual Ocean Renewable Energy Conference in Coos Bay. ST is there and gets the perspective from all sides.

• Buy Green Power
• Support Government efforts to promote renewable energy
• Conservation: Update home insulation replace old appliances, drive less, etc.

• Oregon Wave Energy Trust
• Wikipedia Search for Wave Energy.

Parting comments from Ted Brekken suggest that conservation is equal to renewable energy in that electricity saved is less that needs to be generated by fossil fueled facilities. Potential for wave energy in the whole world and the US are discussed. Financial return to counties and local coffers are also a benefit for wave development.

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