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Our House The Hummer!
Part 1- After about 5 years of picking the low-hanging fruit, (the easy weekend projects, the CFL replacements, the digital thermostats, the window caulking and so on) we've come to the realization that in order for us to make further efficiency improvements we are going to need to graduate to some big time projects that require professional assistance.
The good news for us is that NJ has a program to help homeowners, like us, make improvements in insulation and heating equipment called Home Performance with Energy Star. The next few episodes of Newlygreens are going to detail our experience with the program and the showcase the results we achieve (or fail to achieve)
The process starts with a Home Energy/ Safety Audit and that's what we will be sharing in part 1 starting at our friend Zorina's.
Part 2 - Ed from Green Living Solutions details the specifics of the NJ incentive program as well as explains some of the other things we can do to make our homes safer and more comfortable.
Part 3 - of this show we perform a blower door test on our home and Tom Testa of Home Energy Diagnostics explains how air moves through a home. We also summarize the details of our audit as it relates to the projects we are going to need to pursue in the future.
Part 4 - A new addition to the Newlygreens show!
For the last couple years our friend Peter Sinclair has been busting myths about climate change on his YouTube channel. We found his videos so informative and entertaining we thought they would make a great addition to Newlygreens. In this edition Peter explains how the fact that we have cold weather does not disprove global warming, and that severe snow storms are actually something we would expect to see with climate change, not something that runs counter to CC as has been claimed by some disinformation campaigns in the blogosphere.
Peter has dozens of other Crocks episodes on his channel, and we'll be including several in upcoming episodes of Newlygreens.
Guests in the episode:
Ed Schwartz - Green Living Solutions
Gray Russell - Green Living Solutions
Tom Testa - Home Energy Diagnostics
Zorina - A long-time family friend

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