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Episode: BWFN 012 - Walkin Jim Stoltz - Come Walk With Me In Nature

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Walkin' Jim Stoltz
Come Walk With Me In Nature

Walkin' Jim Stoltz, wilderness songster and long-distance hiker, takes a hike with a group of his your friends in the mountains of Montana. Jim and the kids play and sing wandering among the forests and mountains, across pristine meadows, and beside crystal streams. They learn about many creatures living in the wilderness and observe them in their natural habitats. The kids see bears, pikas, mountain lions, mouse, bighorn sheep, mountain goats and many more wild animals on this wonderful walk.

The hike is a musical journey, featuring seven of Jim's favorite kid songs including:
- Come Walk With Me
- If I were A Tree
- Manfred The Mopey Moose
- Pika, Pika
- River, River, River Run
- Wild Things Need Wild Places
-Whole Earth Harmony

Celebrate the wilderness and its inhabitants. Step into the wild country. Take the whole family. Come walk with me! For Ages 2-122
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