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0 Style-City Music Presents - The Best Of The Music Industry Underground

"Be sure to tune in to Style-City Music Presents – for nonstop music videos. Cause we’re bringing you some of the best music videos from all over the world. You’ll enjoy A unique blend of Pop, Rock, R&B and Country. Be sure to tune in to this channel - Because Style-City Music presents -some of the best from the music industry underground."

16 Minutes - Open Doors to Health in New Hampshire

This video was produced by Bi-State Primary Care Association in the style of the CBS News program “60-Minutes”. It looks at the positive impact that New Hampshire's Community Health Centers have had on their communities, as well as the challenges they face to continue to provide high quality preventive and primary care to the people that need it.

Featuring patient and provider interviews, an overview of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act projects at three New Hampshire Community Health Centers, and a demonstration of the "Patient Centered Medical Home" model of care practiced by New Hampshire Community Health Centers, including medical, dental, and behavioral health care services. Community Health Centers are open to all residents, those with health insurance and those without.

DWGN Christmas Musical TV Special 2021

It is a Christmas show where I host and my cohost Tony Kelly introduces the DWGN Radio Recording Artist to perform their Christmas songs. This is a Specialty Holiday Show so there are no episodes.

Midlife Pop Culture Show and Cooking with Comedy.

Midlife Pop Culture Show
All generation can agree that growing into your midlife is the trip of a life time. Midlife Pop Culture Show celebrates fun aspects of living middle aged. All generations will celebrate life through this show.
Using some David Letterman demeanor combined with voice play this fast pace show is set into motion. All voices are done by Mr. G.
Cooking With Comedy. is a brand of TV that cover many funny topics. Comedy continues to be the underlying theme, but each show offers it’s on unique comedy style. From cooking to singing and just clowning around you will enjoy these episodes.
Cooking With Comedy a mix of Monty Python and Cheech and Chong and my own take of the wacky world we live in.

The Folklorist

The Folklorist is NewTV's Emmy® Award-winning television series that offers a captivating look at the stories in history that have forever inspired us. Whether its a tale of legendary lost cities, forgotten heros, or hoaxes beyond belief, The Folklorist brings audiences back to each story's origins, and uncovers what's been left out of text books, and what lives on as folklore.

To find out more information or to see a clip of the program, visit

Two Pennies -Journey Of Wonder-

Two Pennies is an animated children's story based on the Trail of Tears which took place in 1838. The film takes place in Cheekwater, Tennessee, and features a diverse set of characters, both townspeople and circus folk. Two young girls find old 1908 Indian Head Pennies that contain traces of the tears shed by the Cherokees and contain magical restorative properties. The children battle a scheming circus performer who tries to steal their coins and prosper from the magic they create. The film has an uplifting message with engaging original songs.


The series examines ancient ruins and monuments across the globe.

Topics include Stonehenge, The Pyramids of Mexico, Baalbek, Easter Island, Egyptian Obelisks and pyramids, Maccu Piccu, the Nazca Lines, and much more. The 6000 year old Sumerian Clay Tablets are discussed in great detail, to shed light on the elusive Annunaki, or " giants " of the Bible. Old maps, mythology and legendary creatures such as dragons are discussed in detail.

The format is a slide show, with many photographs per show, along with my narrative. It's a fast, entertaining and enlightening half hour!

0ff The Shelf

Host Veronica Andrews interviews local, national and international authors about their latest books. Veronica's personable interview style creates rapport with the author while drawing the audience into the conversation with provocative, out-of-the-box interview questions.