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Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

The 9/11 destruction of the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 were the largest structural failures in modern history. The official story claims that fires weakened the structures, causing all three buildings to collapse. However, the evidence, most of which was omitted from official reports, supports a very different conclusion: explosive controlled demolition.

In these shows misinformation is dispelled with scientific facts and forensic evidence.

Each show examines the evidence and conclusions based on the evidence. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and other groups call for a truly independent 9/11 investigation with subpoena power.

Are You Ready - An Emergency Preparedness Game Show presented by RSVP-Worcester Area Volunteers

In a fun setting contestants answer questions about emergency preparedness, posed by “Peterman” of the Worcester Tornadoes Baseball Team. This program is filled with important information presented in a unique, entertaining way. We have “celebrity” guests in the audience, and watch out for a “surprise” attack…

Test Your Knowledge and GET READY!!

Area Code 508 with Nicole Gabai

Area Code 508 with Nicole Gabai. An interview show shot on-location. Each episode features one guest (local resident or someone visiting our area) as we learn about them, what they do for work and what they do for fun.

The show is light-hearted and meant to inspire and maybe teach us something new. Each episode is approximately 1/2 hour long. There is one Special Edition featuring Richard Dreyfuss. This is a continuing series.

Arlington News Network

ANN is a mockumentary on local news which features a slightly shady character who, after taking a long break from journalism, is trying to get his foot in the door.

His style generally clashes with the local Arlington station, but he is determined to get in. As a freelance reporter he takes it upon himself to uncover and investigate the biggest scandals in Arlington County. There is no story to big or too small and Leslie blade pulls no punches as he exposes everything from the Whole Foods parking crisis to the corruption of the election officials in Arlington. The audience is entertained by the unethical and sightly corrupt Leslie Blade and can laugh at the situations and stereotypes commonly held of broadcasters.

Around Town With Buster

The title of the show is Around Town with Buster. It is a cooking and entertainment show surrounding Food, Family, Friends and Fun with guests and the host Buster Main. In addition to the filming at the studio kitchen, there are visits to different types of businesses that are involved with food. Examples are bread baking in an authentic stone oven, food markets and their locally grown produce, also cooking unusual food ex. rabbit, moutton and venison. Around Town with Buster also visits other communities throughout New England looking for events that feature local and unusual foods, it may be a Blueberry festival, Scallop festival, lobster bakes, wild game suppers and pig roasts to mention a few. Shows may also demonstrate cake decorating and helpful ideas for the home cook.
This is done with one main goal, and that is to further the awareness and necessity of building homes for our returning disabled vets.

Arts Alive San Francisco

Arts Alive! San Francisco, a digital video creative, broadcast on Channel 28 Berkeley, describing dance around San Francisco Bay in many ways.

Created by ViDeoDa, episodes include documentation video of choreographic works, aerial dance, company highlights, excerpts, Dance Discourse Project and other creatives on dance. (Joey Williams-creative).

Arts and Ideas with Sue Swinand

Arts & Ideas focuses on the many local artists, art ideas, and art events in Worcester County, MA. It features artists, museums, galleries and events of interest to the general public. Sue Swinand is the on-camera host and is a well known artist and art educator. She is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society. Her work and resume may be seen at .

Arts & Ideas is produced monthly with a new episode coming out at the end of each month for showing the next month. Many episodes are not tied to any timed event and may be shown at any time.