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Arts, Culture, Politics with Hoyt Hilsman

Hoyt Hilsman is an award-winning author, journalist and former Congressional candidate. He is a regular contributor to national media, including The Huffington Post. He has also been a regular theater, television and film critic for Variety, President of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle and judge of the PEN West Awards. He is also active in national politics and policy, and has served as Delegate to the Democratic National Convention and numerous boards and commissions.
The show is an interview format, focusing on national topics and personalities in arts, culture and politics. Hoyt's guests range from Hollywood actors, directors and screenwriters to novelists and visual artists, as well as national figures in politics and academia. The shows are one-half hour in length and have a format similar to the Charlie Rose Show.


Sometimes you can find amazing things

Asian Connection

Host Mary Sit spotlights the variety of Asian Cultures which broaden our community as a whole.

Ask Dog Lady

“Ask Dog Lady” is an interactive show – Monica and her guests will answer phone calls, tweets and emails from listeners who are bewitched, bothered and bewildered by their creatures. Ultimately, dog behavior boils down to human behavior. Much fun and instructive talk will be had since our pets are a source of comedy in our daily lives.

Ask Graceful Aging

Ask Graceful Aging answers questions to improve life as we age. Expert guests offer insights viewers can incorporate into their personal life. Each video is short and focused on a single topic.

Ask Nymar the Uncharitable

"Ask Nymar" is a humor show in the horror host vein. The host is a space warlord who takes time out of his busy schedule of interplanetary oppression to answer questions sent in to him from viewers. Each episode has a theme, and showcases either a single feature-length public domain film or a collection of related public domain shorts. The target episode length is one hour and 25 minutes.

Ask Ralph and Lahni

Drs. Ralph & Lahni de Amicis are master herbalists, Feng Shui practitioners and experts in ErgoDynamics and Astrologers. Their 30 plus books include The 10 Minute Herbalist, Feng Shui and The Tango in Twelve Easy Lessons, The Planetary Calendar (An astrological calendar in print since 1949) and The Dream Desk Quiz, about the fascinating field of Ergo Dynamics. Their shows run from very practical to downright esoteric, but they are typically fun and informative.

Ask the Recruiters

On December 2, 2009, a panel of four representatives from professional recruiting firms answered questions prepared by the career networking group, Westford Job Seekers, in Westford Massachusetts.

In this show, the recruiters provide insight into practices of recruiting firms and expectations they have of candidates. They also provide valuable and candid advice about conducting a job-search campaign and interviewing. Much of the advice applies to any job search, for positions at any level, whether searching on your own or incorporating recruiters. The panel is also very entertaining and empathetic, and share information about their own previous job searches.

Assabet Valley Spotlight

"Assabet Valley Spotlight" is a collaboration between students of Hudson High School, Hud-TV, businesses, the arts community, and local towns to develop educational video programs that depict the contribution these communities make to the fabric of the local towns served by the Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce.

The shows are organized around broad categories for example:

  • arts, music and theater
  • restaurants, farms and orchards
  • recreation and fitness
  • architecture, real estate and construction
  • Manufacturing, non-profits and service professionals.