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Why Do These Kids Love School

This award-winning film features nine unique schools, both public and private, California to East Harlem. In these unique schools relationship, creative thinking, and direct experience are valued above memorization of facts. As we struggle with issues of how to provide a quality education for all children, we might look to these successful schools where teachers, students, parents and administrators are involved in creating supportive educational environments. (57 min)

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Why We Are Christians

This series brings interesting people to share in a conversational interview format how their personal upbringing, struggles, and events led to a place of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. Over time, we will have on men and women of different ethnicities, races, ages, and paths taken to Christ. We will also find out what life has been like since coming to faith, and it’s not always easy or fun.

Wicked Good Dads

The Wicked Good Dads show is a program designed to share the stories of what it means to be a dad in today's modern world. We explore the journey of fatherhood and question stereotypes. We engage our children, friends, partners, and fellow dads to challenge each other to take an active role in the lives and dreams of our kids. The program is informative but also features funny segments and out takes.

This production spotlights dads and kids doing great things in their communities and provides a forum to talk openly about hopes, dreams, goals and challenges we all face now and in the future. While not claiming to be "Wicked Good Dads" the message is to be the best dad you can be every day, to learn from our mistakes and be positive role models for our children.

Wicked Good Food

Wicked Good Food is a 30 minute American, cooking show, which is filmed every two weeks.

The Chef, Matt Williams, is a chef/instructor at a local vocational school. Chef Matt Williams’ cooking show highlights simplistic ingredients and instructions, which make this show and his cookbook a score. Williams shares the recipes of the comfort foods of his childhood along with souped up versions of those classics American dishes.

It is being distributed and airing in 25 community cable companies in the Massachusetts area. We have been filming since January 2011 and expect this pattern to continue through all of 2012 and beyond.

Wife Carry USA

Wife Carrying is loads of family fun entertainment with fast action. Made for a 30 min time slot this is the top six
races and the finals of the SAUSA sanctioned US final competition of 2015.
Wife Carrying competitions are held throughout the world with the world final held in Finland, the US final is held in Menahga MN,

Will Roberts Weekly Telegram

Will Roberts’ Weekly Telegram a weekly segment that strives to share disparate and often refreshingly unusual viewpoints with its audience, with Will’s Will Rogers style.

Will is neither on the right side, or the left side. Will is on his audience’s side offering a humorous view of the events that shape the daily conversation of people everywhere.

Will is embarking on territory that has not been touched in a long time, the world of communication-- people talking to each other.

While social media, texting and smart phones have taken the place of good old-fashioned conversation, Will Roberts has gone back to the basics. He is a host who makes room for two-way discussion and the opinions of others while never missing an opportunity to lighten the moment with his quick witted humor.

Wine Country at Work

Wine tourism is a relatively new industry, as least in the scale that it exists today. The most visited wine region in the world is San Francisco's north bay, including Napa and Sonoma counties. The small populations in these agricultural regions host millions of international visitors, most of whom are inebriated. Yet they do that gracefully and graciously. What's their secret?
That is the question that leads the hosts of Wine Country @ Work, local tour guides, to go behind the scenes into a wide variety of workplaces, discovering what talents and skills are necessary to create a great wine tourism destination. The people who work there come from all over the world, drawn to this icon of wine, to learn, to work and to enjoy. The show enjoys beautiful scenery, unique locations and wonderful stories. Taken together it offers interesting lessons about what we call hospitality, life style and success.

Wine Inside Out TV

Filmed on-location at some of the Boston area’s best restaurants and venues, Wine Inside Out TV takes a fresh approach to expanding viewer's wine acumen and food pairing know-how. Our goal is to empower both beginners and budding connoisseurs alike to discover, select, and enjoy the wines that best suit their preferred tastes -- because once you find a wine that you like -- it’s a good wine!

Led by Host and Executive Producer Ron Quint, Wine Inside Out TV features top experts from the Boston Sommelier Society who take a multi-sensory approach in evaluating the appearance, aroma, and taste of three delicious wines in a semi-blind tasting. In doing so, our expert tasting panel reveals each wine’s broad attributes, key characteristics, and flavor descriptors, giving our audience a real framework to learn about the world’s wine regions and styles in an unbiased way.

Once all three wines are revealed, our Co-Host and a special guest pair the wines just tasted with some great food prepared by the gracious chefs and locations who host the show. This not only adds to our viewer's tasting adventure, but also gives them confidence when choosing a wine with their next meal.

We also feature "Wine Inside Out and About" episodes to give practical advice on wine-related topics, including features on the Boston Wine Expo, the largest trade and consumer wine event in US.

Most impotantly, we believe everyone should, "embrace their wine life," and, "drink what they like." Thank you and please drink responsibly.