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What Matters Most Talk Show

What Matters Most started out as a gentle push to inspire others as they viewed our guests life-changing experiences.

The host, interviews amazing people from various backgrounds and helps to promote their cause, while simultaneously inspiring our viewers to “be the change they wish to see in the world”. We delve deep within the lives, beliefs, and experiences that moved our guests to quest for more, become courageous warriors and transform not only their lives, but the lives of others.

Whats Going On

In “What’s Going On?”, KATV Community Producer, Tom D’Ambra discusses his political opinions with studio guest, special video presentations and example documentation. Subject matter includes: political history perspective, state, federal and international banking practice, conspiracy theories, national security, taxes and the IRS and more.

Whats Left



What's Left was a weekly show of news and commentary from the perspective of the radical nonviolent American left. Occasionally flip or sarcastic but always with the serious intent to inform, What's Left put facts and events into an ethical context. Frequent features included the Clown Award (given for "meritorious stupidity") and the Outrage of the Week.

Produced and hosted for over six years and some 300 episodes by long-time political activist Larry Erickson, What's Left earned praise for its quality even from people who disagreed with its social or political perspective. Occasionally pointed, often provocative, always intelligent, What's Left was thought a worthy addition to most any station's schedule.

Whistle Where You Work

Whistle Where You Work is a program which focuses on whistleblowing and free speech issues. The show consists of two segments. First, a round-table discussion about a topic related to free speech, whistleblowing, or civil liberties issues with prominent guests form the Washington, D.C. nonprofit world. The second segment features a one-on-one interview with a prominent whistleblower, detailing their personal struggle to expose the truth. New programs are uploaded, on average, every two weeks.

White House Chronicle

White House Chronicle is a weekly news and public affairs program, airing nationwide on PBS, public access cable and commercial television channels. The program also airs on Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Its hosts are nationally syndicated columnist and author Llewellyn King and veteran journalist Linda Gasparello.

The program was created in 1997 by journalist Llewellyn King, who wanted to showcase the many talented Washington print and radio reporters who rarely, if ever, appeared on television. He serves as executive producer and host, and journalist Linda Gasparello is co-host. The guests and topics – from politics, to foreign affairs, to business and the economy, to technology -- are a moveable feast for viewers and listeners.

Who Did It - The Clue VCR Game

In 1985, Parker Brothers produced the CLUE VCR Mystery Game for VHS. Filmed in Massachusetts, it would cast a group of unknown actors to portray the iconic CLUE characters such as Col. Mustard and Professor Plum. While most productions were filmed in Hollywood and New York City at the time, Parker Brothers took a chance and broke the mold by filming with New England based talent. At the time, it became the most successful video board game of its time, revolutionizing the medium of VHS and video gaming. A few years later, Nintendo and Sega would hit toy stores across the country and the VHS began to fade away as the gaming industry quickly changed.

30 years later, the cast and crew reunite to tell the tale which many have forgotten. The trail blazers that helped change the toy market and the actors who put Boston back on the map as a destination for filmmaking, each give their personal and professional opinion on the importance of what the CLUE VCR Mystery Game was all about. WINNER 1st Place Historical Documentary (Professional) Alliance for Community Media - Northeast Region.

Why Do These Kids Love School

This award-winning film features nine unique schools, both public and private, California to East Harlem. In these unique schools relationship, creative thinking, and direct experience are valued above memorization of facts. As we struggle with issues of how to provide a quality education for all children, we might look to these successful schools where teachers, students, parents and administrators are involved in creating supportive educational environments. (57 min)

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