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Workers Rights Under Attack in Maine

"Worker Rights Under Attack in Maine" is an hour-long show produced by the Western Maine Labor Council about the pending legislation, The Employee Free Choice Act. It is a one-time show about this legislation and was produced by Matt Beck of the Southern Maine Labor Council in cahoots with Great Falls Community Television and South Portland Community Television.

World Affairs Council of Inland Southern California

"World Affairs Council" Is a series of public lectures on international affairs. The World Affairs Council is a national organization and the Inland council operates under the auspices of Riverside Community College. These lectures are provided free of charge to all students and create valuable enrichment for GATE, AP, And IB students.

WORLD PEACE is a Local Issue

"WORLD PEACE is a Local Issue" opens with these words: "In a democracy, the most important office is that of the private citizen." Justice Louis Brandeis. The film documents how local efforts can impact national issues.

The story begins in 1983 showing actions, worldwide, toward reining in escalation of the nuclear arms race. In a suburban community, 300 people show up, petitioning their City Council to pass a Nuclear Freeze. Their impassioned pleas overcome Council resistance, resulting in a Freeze Resolution! Highlights include statements from Paul Newman, Senator Edward Kennedy and Senator Ed Markey, who introduced the original Freeze Resolution to Congress.

Today, thirty years later, with the nuclear issue still relevant, we watch Markey re-introduce similar legislation: the SANE Act (Smarter Approach to Nuclear Expenditures).

World Reggae Party Local Irie

I'm Bringing the World to your Ears: World Reggae Party with me: Goddess Genise is my MOTTO for this unique and extra special radio and television show! This Show is truly my own creation back in November 2008. My love for Reggae stemmed when I was in college in the late 80's. I was a big fan of Bob Marley. Brought tons of his work and decided to make a radio show around the 12 forms of Reggae music!!

World War II - A Series Hosted by Robert Kopper

In "World War II, A Series Hosted by Robert Kopper," we get a glimpse of those times by watching interviews of WWII service personnel, examining personal memorabilia and one-of-a-kind photographs, reading letters written home, and listening to stories. The initial episodes feature Night Torpedo Squadron 90 Fighter Pilot Robert Roy III now living in Pembroke, Massachusetts.

WWII Memorial Dedication - Wakefield MA

2. Wakefield MA presented a new and beautiful granite monument and pathway on Veteran's Day, 2011 to commemorate those who fought in WWII. The dedication occured on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month and speakers at the event include Committee Members, Selectmen, State Representatives Paul Brodeur, Donald Wong, and Katherine Clark, Senator Scott Brown and a heartfelt message from a Veteran. Colorguard, Wakefield Memorial High School Band, and many from the town of Wakefield participated in the event. The U.S. Army showed their supoprt with a cannon salute and grand finale.

Xtra Butter Please!

"Xtra Butter Please" is a fifteen minute show that highlights movies & tv shows that are in the theatre and streaming online. The program give viewers a little glimpse of each movie.