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Your Hit Parade

Your Hit Parade was a popular American radio and television program, sponsored by Lucky Strike cigarettes and broadcast from 1935 to 1955 on radio, and 1950 to 1959 on television. During this 24-year run, the show had 19 orchestra leaders and 52 singers or groups.
Each Saturday evening, the program offered the most popular and bestselling songs of the week. The earliest format involved a presentation of the top 15 songs. Later, a countdown with fanfares led to the top three finalists, with the number one song for the finale. Occasional performances of standards and other favorite songs from the past were known as "Lucky Strike Extras."
Note: {This discription of the show was taken from Wikipedia}

These episodes of Your Hit parade on Peg Media contain clips of public domain footage of the show. These clips have been edited together by Brian Soucy of Great Falls TV. The original commercial content has been cut out and replaced with currant national PSA’s. New episodes will be uploaded periodically until we have run out of public domain clips of the show.

Your Life Redifined

Your Life Redefined is a weekly better living series hosted by Dr. Anna Marie Marie. The upbeat show sparkles with useful information to help empower viewers to bring balance to every area of their lives. The show’s magazine style keeps viewers engaged and encourages them to take charge of their lives.

Each episode profiles an ordinary individual and how they overcame either a health obstacle or challenge in life so they can pursue a passion or dream. As part of the Healthy Home feature of the week-Dr. Anna Marie shares some tips to help folks transform their home into a healthy sustainable space.  In addition, the show includes shorter segments where Dr. Anna Marie and her talented team will provide fun easy tips for self-enhancement, wellness advice and everything that helps bring life into sharper, happier focus and balance!

Since pets are such an important part of our lives, Your Life Redefined will also include a regular pet segments that will profile the latest health/wellness products for man’s best friend. Along the way, this pet feature will also highlight the importance of the human-animal bond.

Energetic, enthusiastic physician, Dr. Anna Marie, chose television as a platform to inspire and motivate viewers to live life to its fullest.

Your Money Your Life

Dedicated to educating the general public on issues surrounding elder law, estate planning, elder care services, elder housing options, medical issues, financial planning, insurance products and life style issues most relevant to Baby Boomers and care takers of older adults. This show targets the Baby Boomer demographic and seeks make them more aware of their options. In so doing, they develop the confidence to engage in the appropriate advance planning.

Your Next Bold Move

A television show that provides inspiration, information and resources to those looking to make their next BOLD move. Personally and or professionally. Many of us reach a time in our lives where we re-evaluate our situation and ask ourselves questions like; Am I in the right job, career, or industry? Is there something I have a passion for that I’m not doing something about? Why am I dissatisfied and restless and what can I do about it?

Our show will help viewers learn strategies and tips to inspire them to move forward with their dreams and goals.

Your Red Cross in Action

Your Red Cross in Action is produced by the Disaster Services Department of the Massachusetts Bay Chapter of the American Red Cross as part of our Community Disaster Education program.

Each episode is a half-an-hour in length and utilizes an interview format. A Red Cross representative facilitates a dialogue with a guest who is an expert in the subject matter of the episode topic.

In the past we've covered issues including fire safety, Emergency Medical Services in Boston, juvenile fire setting, Massachusetts 911, and emergency preparedness for seniors. Each interview segment is broken up by informational videos produced professionally by our national office.

Youth for Human Rights PSAs and Show

The Show:
This exciting video gives your audience knowledge of the history of human rights as well as 27 of the 30 human rights as listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All website references from the PSAs have been removed. Playing this video should greatly increase your audience's knowledge of what their human rights are and from where they were derived.

The PSAs:
Learn what everyone's rights are through stunning visual stories. Youth for Human Rights International created 30 powerful public service announcements to educate and inspire the world.

Every person is entitled to certain rights - simply by the fact that they are a human being. They are "rights" because they are things you are allowed to be, to do or to have. These rights are there for your protection against people who might want to harm or hurt you. They are also there to help us get along with each other and live in peace.

Many people know something about their rights. They know they have a right to be paid for the work they do and they have a right to vote. But there exist many other rights.

When human rights are not well known by people, abuses such as discrimination, intolerance, injustice, oppression and slavery can arise.

Born out of the atrocities and enormous loss of life during World War II, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was created by the United Nations to provide a common understanding of what everyone's rights are. It forms the basis for a world built on freedom, justice and peace.

Zombie Etiquette


Zombie Etiquette is hosted by a group of high functioning zombies. It is sketch comedy with great interviews and musical guests. We discuss a variety of topics ranging from independent films to fast cars. Our guests include video artists, musicians, and other humanish types. An informed brain is a tastier brain. That being said, we do our best to keep you up to date with both technology and culture.

Join us at and see also

Zombie Hunters - City of the Dead

"Zombie Hunters: City of the Dead" follows the lives of a group of friends trying to survive the uprising of the Living Dead in NYC, confronting the monsters themselves while the government denies the truth, and the apathetic populace tries to ignore the problem (until it's too late). The show is less about the Zombies themselves, but how people in this world react to the crisis, and how they ultimately turn on one another. It's important to note that this series' initial broadcast marks it as the first Zombie-based TV series ever to be broadcast, and pre-dates AMC's "The Walking Dead" by three years. It is only now being recognized as the precursor to the series model of this type of survival-horror show.

"Zombie Hunters" has won numerous horror awards, and the cast and crew regularly appear at conventions in the Northeast. The series is 100% independently produced, with no major studio or network backing at all. Reviewers regularly refer to it as "the best-produced public-access show in NYC history".

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