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A Good Guy with a Gun

Can you tell the difference between a bad guy and a good guy?

A Healthier You

A Healthier You aims to help residents live a healthier lifestyle. The show, hosted by pharmacist Saad Dinno, discusses general health topics and features health professionals as guests.

A Just Cause

"A Just Cause" are programs designed to raise awareness of problems that exist within the U.S. Judicial system. The program is a news/talk show formatted program that looks at real issues that are affecting real people. We explore the injustice that can occur within the US judicial process. We take a look at cases in which actions on the part of the prosecution might be considered questionable. The program includes interviews, commentary and panel discussions.

A New Vaudeville Revue

A New Vaudeville Revue is the fun filled, down home music and comedy variety show of Belfast, Maine.

Hosted by MC Ando Anderson, the program is videotaped before a live audience. Each episode features the comedy stylings of Peter Conant, Kristen Burkholder and Jenny Tibbetts. Live music is provided by the house band with special guests.

The lively presentation also features performances by local dancers and poets. These half hour programs were taped at the American Legion Hall in Belfast, Maine.

A Positive Place

Peter Rayno hosts this monthly program about the Greater Salem NH Boys & Girls Club. Local events, programs, and kids are featured, as well as alumni and business volunteers.

Of interest to NH and MA in the Merrimack Valley, but chapters nationwide.

A Progressive Voice

I primarily document subjects and topics that speak to the political discord of today and promote progressive alternative viewpoints.

The show gives a voice and face to events, rallies, speakers and documents the many voices that are that are out there, often hidden away that are working towards progressive change in this country.The show will look at issues impacting our changing economy, political issues in the Middle East, weapons trafficking, issues impacting our environment such as access to clean air and water, access to healthcare, a more inclusive GLBTIQ/A community and medical issues of the body and mind to name a few.

Whether it is an interview, a speaker talking, a political rally or a more complete documentary, I believe that instead of receiving snippets of information that we have a chance to be a witness to the events often as they unfold, sometimes with minimal editing or have the chance to become more informative.

Within the progressive movement I have filmed such notable speakers such as Noam Chomsky, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Medea Benjamin, Paul Krugman, Cornell West, Maude Barlow, Chris Hedges, Judith Butler and many people who are active who may not be noticed.