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We produce an educational television series for our local public station that may be of interest for your viewing audience. Dr. Carey a practicing pediatrician, talks with other doctors, experts, and parents about a variety of relevant topics to expectant and new parents. Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties in California have picked up our series already. The series is called “Dr. Carey’s Baby Care” and each episode is about 13-14 minutes long. We have 12 episodes ready to run and more to come. Future episodes will include a new set design and a more comfortable feel.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Dr. Carey's Baby Care

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Episode 10: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Baby Lactose Intolerance Talk00:14:030.35/N/A41/0
Episode 11: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Talk with First Time New Mom00:11:110.28/N/A42/0
Episode 12: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Failure to Thrive Baby Talk00:13:420.34/N/A37/0
Episode 13: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Talk with Pediatric Dentist00:14:130.35/N/A30/0
Episode 14: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Infant Gastroesophageal Reflux Talk 00:14:020.35/N/A29/0
Episode 15: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Gastroesophageal Reflux Specialist Talk00:14:030.35/N/A27/0
Episode 16: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Lactose Intolerance Specialist Talk00:13:510.34/N/A27/0
Episode 1: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Baby Cough and Cold Talk00:13:570.34/N/A44/0
Episode 2: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Baby Fever Talk00:14:460.36/N/A40/0
Episode 3: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Baby Vomiting Talk00:14:220.35/N/A31/0
Episode 4: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Baby Diarrhea Talk00:14:250.36/N/A32/0
Episode 5: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Baby Tongue-Tied Specialist Talk00:14:120.35/N/A30/0
Episode 6: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Baby Misshaped Head Talk with Orthotist Mark Wormoth00:13:530.34/N/A32/0
Episode 7: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Baby Influenza Talk00:13:580.34/N/A33/0
Episode 8: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Baby Care Talk with 2 Mr. Moms00:14:080.35/N/A34/0
Episode 9: Dr. Carey's Baby Care - Skin Condition, Giant Nevi Baby Talk00:14:120.35/N/A29/0

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