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Fast Forward is a monthly half-hour series about the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. It features interviews with professionals in the speculative fiction genres; past guests have included authors, artists, editors, and filmmakers. Most episodes also include a book review and anime or other genre media review.

Fast Forward has been in production for 25 years, and has cablecast more than 250 episodes. It is currently shown on public access stations in the greater Washington, DC/Baltimore region, and now is seen on many other stations around the country, thanks to PEGMedia. You can find out more about the show - and see video of many interviews from the series - at

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Fast Forward is a show about speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror) made for fans by fans. Our interviewers actually read the book(s) before conducting the interview. Members of the core production team read genre books, watch genre movies and television, and are actively involved with fan clubs and conventions. Our goals are to encourage people to give the genre a try, to introduce fans to new writers, artists, or filmmakers, and give fans a chance to find out more about their favorite genre professionals.

Fast Forward is produced in high definition, and is now available on PegMedia in both HD (1080p) and SD (letterboxed 4x3) versions.

If you are running Fast Forward on your channel, let us know! We also appreciate any feedback you have regarding the show.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Virginia

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: DG Productions

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to DG Productions for covering this cost.

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0221 Fast Forward Jennifer Allison.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A116/0
0222 Fast Forward David Weber.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A96/0
0223 Fast Forward Catherine Asaro.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A86/0
0224 Fast Forward Maria Snyder.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A80/0
0225 Fast Forward Michael Swanwick.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A75/0
0226 Fast Forward Mindy Klasky.mpg00:27:590.00/N/A74/0
0227 Fast Forward Tom Doyle.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A69/0
0228 Fast Forward Keith Donohue.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A70/0
0229 Fast Forward Sheila Williams.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A70/0
0230 Fast Forward Harry Turtledove.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A73/0
0231 Fast Forward Scott Edelman.mpg00:27:590.00/N/A64/0
0232 Fast Forward Jasper Fforde.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A71/0
0233 Fast Forward David Williams.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A60/0
0234 Fast Forward Mindy Klasky.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A59/0
0235 Fast Forward Nebula Awards.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A58/0
0236 Fast Forward Dom Testa.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A56/0
0237 Fast Forward Cherie Priest.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A52/0
0238 Fast Forward Brandon Sanderson.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A52/0
0239 Fast Forward Jane Lindskold.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A50/0
0240 Fast Forward Cory Doctorow.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A57/0
0241 Fast Forward J P Voelkel.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A52/0
0242 Fast Forward Naomi Novik.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A54/0
0243 Fast Forward Connie Willis.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A55/0
0244 Fast Forward Matthew Mercer.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A52/0
0245 Fast Forward Laura Anne Gilman.mpg00:27:590.00/N/A50/0
0246 Fast Forward A C Crispin.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A51/0
0247 Fast Forward James Morrow.mpg00:27:590.00/N/A51/0
0248 Fast Forward Jim Butcher.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A51/0
0249 Fast Forward Kathleen Goonan.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A48/0
0250 Fast Forward Neal Stephenson.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A52/0
0251 Fast Forward Terry Pratchett.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A54/0
0252 Fast Forward A & J VanderMeer.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A52/0
0253 Fast Forward Jack McDevitt.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A53/0
0254 Fast Forward Ginjer Buchanan.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A49/0
0255 Fast Forward Bob Eggleton.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A51/0
0256 Fast Forward Connie Willis.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A47/0
0257 Fast Forward Geoffrey Landis.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A46/0
0258 Fast Forward Stanley Schmidt.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A47/0
0259 Fast Forward Joe Haldeman.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A45/0
0260 Fast Forward Ed Lerner.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A46/0
0261 Fast Forward Irene Radford.mpg00:28:000.00/N/A46/0
0262 Fast Forward John Scalzi00:28:000.00/N/A48/0
0263 Fast Forward Nick Mamatas00:27:590.00/N/A50/0
0264 Fast Forward Neil Clarke00:28:000.00/N/A48/0
0265 Fast Forward Michael Dirda00:28:000.00/N/A50/0
0266 Fast Forward Tom Doyle00:27:590.00/N/A49/0
0267 Fast Forward Charles Gannon00:28:000.00/N/A49/0
0268 Fast Forward Greg Viggiano00:27:590.00/N/A49/0
0269 Fast Forward Alethea Kontis00:27:590.00/N/A49/0
0270 Fast Forward Bill Campbell00:28:000.00/N/A50/0
0271 Fast Forward Mindy Klasky00:28:000.00/N/A49/0
0272 Fast Forward Tom Doyle00:27:590.00/N/A50/0
0273 Fast Forward Shoshana Rosenbaum00:27:590.00/N/A50/0
0274 Fast Forward Paolo Bacigalupi00:28:000.00/N/A44/0
0275 Fast Forward Holly Black00:28:000.00/N/A45/0
0276 Fast Forward Will McIntosh00:27:590.00/N/A46/0
0277 Fast Forward Genevieve Valentine00:27:590.00/N/A41/0
0278 Fast Forward Alan Smale00:28:000.00/N/A44/0
0279 Fast Forward Museum of SF00:28:000.00/N/A50/0
0280 Fast Forward Edward M Lerner00:27:590.00/N/A43/0
0281 Fast Forward Neal Stephenson00:28:000.00/N/A45/0
0282 Fast Forward Charles Gannon00:28:000.00/N/A47/0
0283 Fast Forward Conventions00:28:000.00/N/A43/0
0284 Fast Forward Bill Campbell00:28:000.00/N/A46/0
0285 Fast Forward Charles Stross00:27:590.00/N/A45/0
0286 Fast Forward Ada Palmer00:27:590.00/N/A42/0
0287 Fast Forward Connie Willis00:27:590.00/N/A42/0
0288 Fast Forward Maria V Snyder00:27:590.00/N/A39/0
0289 Fast Forward Kim Stanley Robinson00:28:000.00/N/A41/0
0290 Fast Forward Jo Walton00:28:000.00/N/A38/0
0291 Fast Forward Joe Haldeman00:28:000.00/N/A28/0
0291 HD FastFwd Joe Haldeman00:28:020.00/N/A15/0
0292 Fast Forward Alan Smale00:28:020.00/0.0017/18
0293 Fast Forward Sarah Beth Durst HD00:28:000.00/0.0013/17
0294 Fast Forward Tim Powers00:28:000.00/0.009/19
0295 Fast Forward Jon Skovron HD00:28:00N/A/0.000/20

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