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"Audrey Bechler Reflections" is a short film about Audrey Bechler (born 1934) and her paintings. Audrey talks about how she came to live in Waldoboro, Maine; her early years on the North Shore in Massachusetts, struggles and breakthroughs as an artist; how nature influences her work and her interaction with the natural world.

The visuals consist primarily of Audrey's work; the "Ken Burns Effect" is used throughout. Audrey's husband Charlie Bechler (deceased) was a musician; it is his song, entitled "Audrey", that is used in the sound track. Many people have said the film and Audrey's work are beautiful, and those who know Audrey say it has moved them to tears.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

The idea for this mini-documentary was conceived by Holly Haining-Zulieve, a friend of Audrey Bechler and admirer of her work. Holly took lessons at LCTV and borrowed equipment from the station to produce the film. Starting with six hours of tape, the initial rough cut was 40 minutes; it took a couple of years after that to edit the final version - a labor of love and persistence!
At almost 18 minutes, this is a great show to have on hand for filling in space not used by government programming or shown in combination with other short films about art and artists. It is also timeless; you can air this for as long as your station exists.
The quality is good - people compare it to documentaries seen on public broadcast. The film seems to appeal to a broad audience - young and old, male and female, lovers of art, nature and people. Best of all, Audrey is likable and entertaining!

Type of Show: Documentary

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State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: One time show

Show Producer: LCTV

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