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Drs. Ralph & Lahni de Amicis are master herbalists, Feng Shui practitioners and experts in ErgoDynamics and Astrologers. Their 30 plus books include The 10 Minute Herbalist, Feng Shui and The Tango in Twelve Easy Lessons, The Planetary Calendar (An astrological calendar in print since 1949) and The Dream Desk Quiz, about the fascinating field of Ergo Dynamics. Their shows run from very practical to downright esoteric, but they are typically fun and informative.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

The development for this show started in 2012, but these are topics that Ralph & Lahni have been professionally speaking on for more than twenty years. There are many interesting episodes to choose from, and because many relate to natural healing, and the design of the human body does not change that fast, they are evergreen subjects. They do a small number of episodes what are time sensitive, mostly their futurist work and yearly Chinese New Year astrology forecast, which is very popular and remarkably accurate. In 2018 we stopped contributing new shows to this series except for the Chinese New Year. However, that is also offered on our Planetary Calendar show which is subsidized by the Producers.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 365 days

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0001 Hormonal Balancing, The Power of Identity00:28:300.73/0.9943/3
0002 Indoor Pollution, The Hidden Danger 00:28:300.73/0.9941/4
0003 Essential Oils, The Hidden Power00:28:300.73/0.9537/3
0004 Alkaline and Acid, The Balance of Health 00:28:280.73/0.9930/4
0005 Pain Free, On a Budget00:28:300.73/0.9929/3
0006 The Power of the Mind00:28:350.73/0.9922/3
0007 Living Safely with Electronics00:28:300.73/0.9920/2
0008 Napa Earthquake Astrology 00:28:300.73/N/A18/0
0009 Getting a Good Nights Sleep 00:28:300.73/0.9926/3
0010 Chinese New Year Astro Forecast for 2015 00:28:230.73/N/A17/0
0011 The Role of the Astrologer in the Modern World00:28:360.73/0.9918/3
0012 Rising Above Depression00:28:320.73/0.9922/3
0014 Addressing Allergies from Ask Ralph and Lahni00:28:300.73/0.9921/3
0015 Three Healthy Secrets 00:28:300.73/0.9917/3
0018 Using Herbs00:28:350.73/0.9921/3
0019 Comfortable Cleansing00:28:320.73/0.9920/2
0020 Maintaining Youth00:28:310.73/0.9920/2
0021 Fibromyalgia Solutions00:28:300.73/0.9922/3
0022 Calorie Myth00:28:310.73/0.0717/4
0023 Healing Scars00:28:300.73/0.9920/2
0024 Addressing Autism & Glyphosate00:28:250.73/0.1219/3
0025 Psychology of Weight Loss00:28:300.73/0.1222/3
0026 Feng Shui Philly Style00:28:300.73/0.9917/2
0027 Smoke and Fire from Napa00:28:300.73/N/A5/0
0027 Smoke, Fire & Health in Napa00:28:300.99/0.651/2
0028 Adapting and Aging in a Healthy Way00:28:30N/A/0.120/3
0028 Using Technology to Guide Your Health Process00:28:290.73/0.123/4
0029 Adapting and Aging in a Healthy Way00:28:300.73/0.128/3
0029 Using Technology to Guide Your Health Process 00:28:290.73/N/A6/0
0030 Favorite Herbs Part One00:28:300.99/0.1211/3
0031 Sacred Geometry of Love Pt100:28:30N/A/0.990/3
0032 Sacred Geometry of Prosperity 00:28:300.99/0.994/3
0033 Favorite Herbs Part 200:28:300.73/0.122/4
Astrology Forecast 2017 to 202200:28:270.73/N/A10/0
Chinese New Year Astro Forecast 201700:28:310.99/N/A6/0
Chinese New Year Forecast 201800:28:290.73/N/A8/0

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