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Healthy Hypnosis is about the serious minded/helpful side of the field of Clinical Hypnosis. It is currently distributed to 45 Greater Boston communities and is the most widely distributed show in the state. The show features other practicing clinicians and former clients. You can see video clips at

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Local to Target State or Province

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

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Author Kate Genovese00:29:050.99/N/A4/0
Donna's IBS Success00:28:360.99/N/A4/0
Dr. Irv and His Patient on IBS00:28:480.99/N/A2/0
Healthy Hypnosis Jerry lost 45 lbs with hypnosis00:28:170.99/N/A0/0
Healthy Hypnosis Joe overcomes relentless stress00:29:300.99/N/A1/0
Healthy Hypnosis Julie battles leukemia00:28:160.99/N/A0/0
Healthy Hypnosis Kristine uncovers past trauma00:33:560.99/N/A0/0
Healthy Hypnosis Speaking Confidence00:30:020.99/N/A1/0
Healthy Hypnosis: Amanda lost 35 lbs with hypnosis00:27:500.99/N/A0/0
Healthy Hypnosis: Emetophobia relief with hypnosis00:28:050.99/N/A0/0
Healthy Hypnosis: Hypnosis relieves flying fear00:28:400.99/N/A1/0
Kevin Reynolds on Sports Hypnosis00:28:040.99/N/A3/0
Kicking the Butts00:28:360.99/N/A6/0
Meet Louise Griffin00:30:020.99/N/A2/0
National Guild of Hypnotists00:28:340.99/N/A4/0
Naturalpathic Medicine00:42:550.99/N/A2/0
New Hypnotist- Louise Griffin 00:42:390.99/N/A2/0
Terry Currier on Weight Loss00:27:390.97/N/A4/0
The Gift of Hypnosis00:28:300.99/N/A5/0
The Inner Child00:29:010.99/N/A6/0
Women in Hypnosis00:28:460.99/N/A4/0

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