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"Eat Well Be Happy" is a cooking show aimed at bringing back the pleasures of the table with fresh, seasonal, colorful ingredients (organic when possible). Recipes are simple, but the results make folks swoon with delight. Eat Well Be Happy will make you pick up that spoon, will make you explore community through food!

Notes to Stations About This Show:

One of PEGMedia's most downloaded shows! Thank you for showing our cooking show, Eat Well Be Happy, to your viewers. We appreciate your loyalty and good taste in television! For the last two years, we’ve been producing shows and paying all production costs ourselves. Our accountant has said that’s no longer a sustainable business model, and we are currently seeking sponsors so we can continue to film. My fingers are crossed for 2017, and in the meantime, we’ve left you all with many shows that you can air. Don’t forget that even the big shows like American’s Test Kitchen and other cooking shows on every station in the country repeat shows. I know I told one station that I saw a Thanksgiving show in August! Please stay in touch so we can contact you when we are able to resume production.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: debra's natural gourmet

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to debra's natural gourmet for covering this cost.

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111 EWBH - Egyptian Chicken or Tofu with dukkah, Kelp Noodle Salad, Mango Chia Pudding00:27:350.00/N/A188/0
111 Promo00:00:250.00/N/A26/0
112 EWBH - Cannellini Yellow Bean Salad, Quinoa, Tomato Beet Salad with Sumac00:29:200.00/N/A171/0
112 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A20/0
113 EWBH - Shrimp Salsa, Zucchini Fritters, Pear and Greens Soup00:29:480.00/N/A172/0
113 Promo00:00:380.00/N/A16/0
114 EWBH - Cheese-Free Pesto and Roast Chicken, Russian Potato Salad, Apricot Berry Compote00:27:560.00/N/A163/0
114 Promo00:00:390.00/N/A16/0
115 EWBH - Fish with Coconut and Lime, Beet Salad, Chocolate Confections00:29:530.00/N/A160/0
115 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A17/0
116 EWBH - Caesar Salad with Roasted Broccoli, Cucumber Salad with Squash, Nectarine and Peach Crumble00:29:460.00/N/A167/0
116 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A18/0
117 EWBH - Eat Well Be Happy - Thai Scallops, Greek Roasted Eggplant Salad, Flourless Nut Cookie00:29:480.00/N/A163/0
117 Promo00:00:360.00/N/A19/0
118 EWBH - Cajun Chicken Creole, Cajun Quinoa Salad, Farro Salad with Dates00:29:510.00/N/A162/0
118 Promo00:00:270.00/N/A19/0
119 EWBH - Garbanzo Italiano, Glowing Salad, Chocolate Tahini Cookies00:28:320.00/N/A162/0
119 Promo00:00:280.00/N/A18/0
120 EWBH - Persian Chicken or Tofu, Black Rice Noodle Salad, Linzer Torte Cookies and Fresh Pineapple00:29:280.00/N/A157/0
120 Promo00:00:280.00/N/A15/0
121 EWBH - Fish Roasted with Pesto, Asian Noodle Salad with Daikon, Russian Yellow Pea Soup with Chest00:29:560.00/N/A145/0
121 Promo00:00:270.00/N/A14/0
122 EWBH - Blue Corn Polenta, Beet and Apple Salad, Creme Caramel00:29:500.00/N/A128/0
122 Promo00:00:270.00/N/A4/0
123 EWBH - Mexican Flavors00:26:270.00/N/A136/0
124 EWBH - It's Time for Breakfast00:29:390.00/N/A159/0
124 Promo00:00:280.00/N/A18/0
125 EWBH - Fun Holiday Desserts00:29:530.00/N/A144/0
125 Promo00:00:280.00/N/A16/0
126 EWBH - Hearty Holiday Side Dishes00:28:420.00/N/A136/0
126 Promo00:00:280.00/N/A15/0
127 EWBH - Got a Cold? Got Soup?00:28:420.00/N/A153/0
127 Promo00:00:280.00/N/A13/0
128 EWBH - Five-Day Cleanse Foods00:29:450.00/N/A137/0
128 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A7/0
129 EWBH - Hearty Breakfasts00:29:300.00/N/A146/0
129 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A7/0
130 EWBH - Winter Veggies00:29:510.00/N/A139/0
130 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A10/0
131 EWBH - Middle Eastern Dinner00:29:350.00/N/A138/0
131 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A13/0
202 EWBH - Grains: Farro, Kasha, Teff, Amaranth, Chinese Forbidden Black Rice00:29:130.00/N/A131/0
202 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A10/0
203 EWBH - Soups: Corn Chowder, Cuban Black Bean, Pay-the Mortgage 00:29:380.00/N/A142/0
203 Promo00:00:280.00/N/A11/0
204 EWBH - Inflamation? You need Turmeric and Ginger00:29:370.00/N/A141/0
204 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A16/0
205 EWBH - Soup or Salad for Lunch00:29:530.00/N/A125/0
205 Promo00:00:270.00/N/A11/0
206 EWBH - Salmon steaks, California fruit salad, Wild and brown rice with nori00:30:270.00/N/A131/0
206 Promo00:00:300.00/N/A10/0
207 EWBH - Warming, Cool-Weather Meals00:29:500.00/N/A132/0
207 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A12/0
208 EWBH - A Visit to Old Mexico00:29:410.00/N/A125/0
208 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A11/0
209 EWBH - More Yummy, Easy Desserts00:29:570.00/N/A127/0
209 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A11/0
210 EWBH - A Bean, a Grain, a Pasta00:29:460.00/N/A117/0
210 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A10/0
211 EWBH - Three Entrees for Dinner00:29:560.00/N/A111/0
211 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A10/0
212 EWBH - Dandelion green salad, Asparagus, arugula, bee pollen, Picked radish with chicory and pomegranate molasses00:29:510.00/N/A115/0
212 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A12/0
213 EWBH - Golden carrot soup, Marinates salad with mozzarella, Coconut blueberry cherry cobbler00:29:500.00/N/A95/0
213 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A10/0
214 EWBH - Savory meatballs with harissa, Split pea puree, Quick green salad00:29:350.00/N/A115/0
214 Promo00:00:340.00/N/A9/0
215 EWBH - Zucchini and Yellow Squash Quiche, Rhubarb Compote with Mascarpone, Almost like Ratner's Soup00:29:280.00/N/A108/0
215 Promo00:00:340.00/N/A8/0
216 EWBH - Scallop Grapefruit Seviche, Flounder in Mustard Sauce, Smoked Tuna Sunflower Balls00:29:450.00/N/A111/0
216 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A9/0
217 EWBH - Yellow Salad, Ratatouille Stuffed Baguettes, Quinoa Teff Pilaf 00:29:570.00/N/A109/0
217 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A6/0
218 EWBH - All Things Red Salad, Garden Greens Salad Dressing, Greek Shrimp Potato Salad, Grapefruit Granita00:29:320.00/N/A110/0
218 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A9/0
219 EWBH - Roasted Garlic Chicken, Salad Oliver, Pink Stevia Lemonade, Hazelnut Honey Ganache00:29:460.00/N/A120/0
219 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A10/0
220 EWBH - Mom's good seed breat, Moroccan squash salad, Houmous bi tahini, Radishes with dukkah00:29:510.00/N/A105/0
220 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A7/0
221 EWBH - Cabbage shrimp walnut salad, Grilled eggplant caponata, Peach and berry crisp.00:29:560.00/N/A97/0
221 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A8/0
222 EWBH - Debra Stark - Charred corn purple potato salad, Thai emmer farro salad, Summer chocolate peach cake.00:29:530.00/N/A104/0
222 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A10/0
223 EWBH - Stuffed peppers, Garlicky green salad, Black bean dip00:29:450.00/N/A117/0
223 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A13/0
224 EWBH - Lentil bulgar, heirloom tomatoes with pomegranate molasses, Berries with hibiscus00:29:530.00/N/A112/0
224 Promo00:00:290.00/N/A9/0
301_EWBH - Debra and Alyssa serve up Quinoa Corn Chowder, Mulligatawny Chicken Soup, Carrop Parsnip Soup, Tossed Green Salad.00:29:330.00/N/A110/0
302_EWBH - Debra and Jeff serve up all things Hemp - Date Bars, Russian Fish Cakes, Quinoa taboulie, and Hemp green pesto!00:29:470.00/N/A104/0
303_EWBH - Debra and Michelle are serving cheesy potaotes, watercress salad, and pear gingerbread with molasses.00:29:560.00/N/A112/0
304_EWBH - Pretty Pink Umeboshi Salad, Lamb Shanks, Chestnut Flour Bread, Chocolate Coconut Delights.00:29:510.00/N/A107/0
305_EWBH - Old Fashioned Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Maple Cake and Cranberry Oat Crunch!00:29:250.00/N/A114/0
306_EWBH - Debra and Aya prepare Maitake mushroom stew, Chickpea, artichoke heart giambotta, Butternut squash curry.00:29:120.00/N/A100/0
307_EWBH - Sweet potato latkes, Feta with walnut dip, Eggplant caviar, Chestnut artichoke lemon roast.00:29:530.00/N/A95/0
308_EWBH - Roast duck and potatoes, Salad with roquefort and grapefruit, Steamed veggies, Strawberry custard00:29:350.00/N/A101/0
309_EWBH - Almond matcha fudge; Granola chocolate chip cookies; Old-fashioned pear and apple sauce00:26:050.00/N/A106/0
309_Promo 00:00:290.00/N/A9/0
310_EWBH - Roasted beets with orange, pistachios and goat cheese; Steamed veggies with lemony tahini sauce; Flamenco turtle bean00:29:540.00/N/A98/0
311_EWBH - Life-changing Bread, Antipasto Salad, Revitalizing Soup00:29:470.00/N/A102/0
312_EWBH - Tofu rancheros, Speedy chicken cassoulet, Olive oil poached seafood00:29:570.00/N/A94/0
313_EWBH - Korean hot pot party – bibimbop!00:29:390.00/N/A96/0
313_Promo *00:00:290.00/N/A10/0
314_EWBH - Bone Broth, Daikon Cauliflower Salad, Meatballs with raisins and pine nuts00:29:500.00/N/A94/0
315_EWBH - Quinoa for breakfast, Ricotta poppyseed waffles, Jamming muffins, Alkalyzing smoothie00:29:450.00/N/A96/0
316_EWBH - Old fashioned Cheesecake, Vegan lemon poppy seed cake, Maple almond frangipane00:29:580.00/N/A102/0
317_EWBH - Roasted root vegetables, Wild mushroom barley pilaf, Fennel spinach salad with sumac00:29:440.00/N/A94/0
318_EWBH - Farro pasta, roasted cauliflower, Korean chicken wings.00:29:210.00/N/A92/0
318_Promo 00:00:290.00/N/A6/0
319_EWBH - Lentils with broccoli, carrots and duck bacon, arugula salad, mango pineapple sorbet00:29:520.00/N/A87/0
320_EWBH - Mom’s sesame corn crisps, Tex-Mex burgers, Cultured veggie spring salad with sumac and goat cheese00:29:580.00/N/A90/0
321_EWBH - Lentil potato salad with broccoli and carrots, Raw kale salad with pumpkin seed oil, Best cookie ever!00:29:450.00/N/A83/0
322_EWBH - Carrot ginger beet slaw, Dijon chicken with Herbes de Provence, Seasonal steamed veggies00:29:140.00/N/A82/0
323_EWBH - Fish with tomatoes and sweet potatoes, Curried red lentil soup with coconut milk, Blueberry sorbet.00:29:580.00/N/A86/0
324-EWBH - Coconut kiwi custard with sunroot, Maple French toast baked in an oven, Amaranth and chia pudding.00:29:530.00/N/A78/0
325_EWBH - Garlicky radish avocado salad, snappy chicken (or tofu) with ginger and toasted sesame oil, tomato soup with miso. 00:29:550.00/N/A73/0
326_EWBH - Spinach lentil salad with goat cheese, Island shrimp over black rice, and The best fruit salad 00:29:560.00/N/A74/0
326_Promo 00:00:290.00/N/A7/0
327_EWBH - String Beans a different way, Roasted carrots, beets, fennel and za’atar, White bean artichoke salad with sumac. 00:29:520.00/N/A73/0
328_EWBH - Easy Peach Cobbler, Colorful Eggplant Vegetable Caviar, Dandelion Avocado Salad with Crispy Tempeh00:29:550.00/N/A82/0
329_EWBH - Gujarati Cucumber and Peanut Salad, Coconut Scallops with Mushrooms and Greens, Nectarines with Berry Coulis00:29:350.00/N/A70/0
330_EWBH - Simple Summer Tomato Salad, Cold Herbed Yogurt Soup with Cannellini Beans, Mexican Corn Cauliflower Salad00:29:470.00/N/A77/0
331_EWBH - Sugar Snap Asparagus Salad, Chipotle Adobo Chicken, Green Potato Salad with Cilantro and Spinach00:28:060.00/N/A69/0
332_EWBH - Grilled Shrimp Tacos, Chickpea & Yams with Green Tahini, Melon with Ginger, Lime and Black Pepper00:29:550.00/N/A87/0
333_EWBH - Syrian Dilled Lamb Burgers, Cold Beet Borscht with Hot Potato, and a Chocolate Torte with Walnuts & Macadamias.00:29:480.00/N/A77/0
334_EWBH - Squash with Pumpkinseed Oil and Goji Berries, Cucumber-Grapefruit Salad, Honey, Crème Fresh, Berries 00:29:520.00/N/A83/0
335_Promo - *Run after episode* - "We'll see you again in the fall!"00:00:300.00/N/A13/0
EWBH_335 - Rice Noodles with Peanut Sauce & Crunchy Veggies, Cauliflower Salad with Basil Pesto00:29:560.00/N/A94/0

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