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Show Description:

Colour In Your Life is an arts television series and website that showcases Australian and International artists in their studios.

The series, shot in HD, is presented by Master Artist Graeme Stevenson and highlights the skills or techniques of an artist in each episode. While being interviewed by Graeme, the artist describes their process in creating an artwork, talking about their idea, technique, products, timeline and attachment to the final piece. Colour In Your Life creates a digital library of artists while fostering creativity around the world.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

The Colour in your life TV series has 100 shows available and more being filmed all the time. these shows will be continually up dated and there are plans for 48 more shows next year, in locations around the world. The series has been nominated for a number of awards and our You Tube channel is amassing a large following these days.
If your viewers love entertainment and education at the same time then this is the show for them.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: California

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Put Some Colour In Your Life

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Joy Day on Colour in your life00:24:000.99/N/A15/0
Linda Gunn on Colour in your life00:24:000.99/N/A18/0
Douglass Brown Peg Media00:24:000.99/N/A14/0
Jan Thomson On Colour in your life00:24:000.99/N/A11/0
John Cosby on Colour in your life00:24:000.99/N/A13/0
Lauryne Hart on Colour in your life00:24:000.99/N/A13/0
Linda Schroeter on Colour in your life00:24:000.99/N/A21/0
Savva Savva on Colour in your life00:24:000.99/N/A11/0
Scott Denholm on Colour in your life00:24:000.99/N/A10/0
Stephanie Burns on Colour in your life00:24:000.99/N/A11/0
CIYL Ramey Dixon ...00:24:000.99/N/A11/0
CIYL Series C 08 Adrienne Williams_converted00:24:000.99/N/A32/0
CIYL Series C 09 Sue Lederhose_converted00:24:000.99/N/A28/0
Rhonda Armistead on Colour in your life00:24:000.99/N/A6/0
Series A 0001 CIYL Amelia Batchelor00:24:000.99/N/A121/0
Series A 0002 CIYL Peter Mortimore00:24:000.99/N/A95/0
Series A 0003 CIYL Nick Broughton00:24:000.99/N/A83/0
Series A 0004 CIYL Frank Miles00:24:000.99/N/A84/0
Series A 0005 CIYL Leisa OBrien00:24:000.99/N/A82/0
Series A 0006 CIYL Joseph Zbukvic00:24:000.99/N/A76/0
Series A 0007 CIYL Dave Behrens00:24:000.99/N/A71/0
Series A 0008 CIYL Michael Upton00:24:000.99/N/A62/0
Series A 0009 CIYL Kelli McGregor00:24:000.99/N/A64/0
Series A 0010 CIYL Kylie Farrelly00:24:000.99/N/A60/0
Series A 0011 CIYL Trica Reust00:24:000.99/N/A50/0
Series A 0012 CIYL Gina Davey00:24:000.99/N/A53/0
Series A 0013 CIYL Terry Jackson00:24:000.99/N/A60/0
Series A 0014 CIYL Steve Hillier00:24:000.99/N/A47/0
Series A 0015 CIYL Darren Townsend 00:24:000.99/N/A58/0
Series A 0016 CIYL Jeanette Sellwood00:24:000.99/N/A57/0
Series A 0017 CIYL Rebecca Brady00:24:000.99/N/A52/0
Series A 0018 CIYL Graeme Stevenson 00:24:000.99/N/A49/0
Series A 0019 CIYL Yelena Dyumin00:24:000.99/N/A47/0
Series A 0020 CIYL Patrick Owen Wilson00:24:000.99/N/A47/0
Series A 0021 CIYL Meredith Woolnough00:24:000.99/N/A46/0
Series A 0022 CIYL Louise Corke00:24:000.99/N/A47/0
Series A 0123 CIYL Lucy McCann00:24:000.99/N/A48/0
Series A 0124 CIYL Barry McCann00:24:000.99/N/A41/0
Series A 0125 CIYL John Kennedy00:24:000.99/N/A43/0
Series A 0126 CIYL Ken Done00:24:000.99/N/A47/0
Series B 0001 CIYL Kerry Thompson00:24:000.99/N/A54/0
Series B 0002 CIYL Tania Heben00:24:000.99/N/A47/0
Series B 0003 CIYL Mary Ann Runciman00:24:000.99/N/A41/0
Series B 0004 CIYL Anna Curtis00:24:000.99/N/A44/0
Series B 0005 CIYL Rae Woolnough00:24:000.99/N/A43/0
Series B 0007 CIYL Mark Waller00:24:000.99/N/A45/0
Series B 0009 CIYL Tracey Creighton00:24:010.99/N/A38/0
Series B 0010 CIYL Melissa Ritchie00:24:000.99/N/A37/0
Series B 0011 CIYL Innes McLeod00:24:000.99/N/A34/0
Series B 0012 CIYL Graeme Stevenson00:24:000.99/N/A35/0
Series B 0013 CIYL De Gillett00:24:000.99/N/A35/0
Series B 0014 CIYL Jo Frederiks00:24:000.99/N/A35/0
Series B 0016 CIYL Janet Knight00:24:000.99/N/A31/0
Series B 0017 CIYL Jen Denise Stark00:24:000.99/N/A32/0
Series B 0020 CIYL Carole Foster00:24:000.99/N/A32/0
Series B 0021 CIYL Adriaan Vanderlugt00:24:000.99/N/A30/0
Series B 0022 CIYL Sylvia Ditchburn00:24:000.99/N/A34/0
Series B 0023 CIYL Maryanne Holmes00:24:000.99/N/A35/0
Series B 0024 CIYL Kate Ferguson00:24:000.99/N/A35/0
Series B 0025 CIYL Alvaro Castagnet 00:24:000.99/N/A31/0
Series C 0001 CIYL Ilia Chidzey00:24:000.99/N/A35/0
Series C 0002 CIYL Wendy Manzo00:24:000.99/N/A34/0
Series C 0003 CIYL Mealie Batchelor00:24:000.99/N/A35/0
Series C 0004 Alvaro Castagnet00:24:000.99/N/A29/0
Series C 0005 CIYL The Three Amigos00:24:000.99/N/A36/0
Series C 0006 CIYL Lucy McCann00:24:000.99/N/A30/0
Series C 0007 CIYL Barry McCann Ep200:24:000.99/N/A27/0
Series C 0011 CIYL John Crump00:24:000.99/N/A31/0
Series C 0012 CIYL Nigel Wilson00:24:000.99/N/A31/0
Series E 0014 1201 Barbara Stanton 00:24:000.99/N/A28/0
Series E 0015 1202 Richard Stergulz00:24:000.99/N/A31/0
Series E 0016 1203 Harvey Leach00:24:000.99/N/A33/0
Series E 0017 1204 Becky Robbins00:24:000.99/N/A32/0
Series E 0018 1205 Patricia Coulter00:24:000.99/N/A38/0
Series E 0026 1213 Svetlana Orinko00:24:000.99/N/A16/0
Series F 0003 1302 1303 Sandra Blackburn00:24:000.99/N/A15/0
Series F 0004 1304 Vikki Jackson PegMedia00:24:000.99/N/A17/0
Series F 0014 1402 Clair Bremner PegMedia00:24:000.99/N/A18/0

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