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Reel Reviews is a weekly 30 minute film review and discussion show hosted by Jamison Rabbitt and Mike Roth.
Each week, the hosts view the new movies released into theaters and give their reviews during a segment called "On The Marquee." Jamison and Mike take time to give their thoughts on each film, ultimately giving it a final score and recommendation on whether the viewer should see it.
This leads into the "Movie Throwback" segment, which allows the hosts to discuss an older film that somehow ties into one or more of the new release features. Jamison and Mike have a lot of fun reminiscing over an older movie and deciding if it still holds up today.
Finally, the show wraps up with "Coming Soon," a look ahead at what films will be coming to theaters in the coming week. It gives viewers a heads up on what to look for and what will be reviewed in the upcoming week.

Hosts Jamison Rabbitt and Mike Roth are passionate film fans who translate that love of movies onto the show.
Jamison Rabbitt has been reviewing films since 2011 through various mediums including several podcasts, and is active each year with the Wisconsin Film Festival. He prides himself on a wide ranging taste in films that continues to develop with each new film he sees.
Mike Roth has a keen eye for writing and is a big fan of technology used in films. He has an open mind about what makes a great film, and looks for the best in each effort.
Both hosts truly love discussing movies and it shows each week on Reel Reviews.

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Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

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Reel Reviews #0001 11/07/14 Nightcrawler/St Vincent...00:29:230.446
Reel Reviews #0002 11/14/14 Interstellar/Big Hero 600:29:550.419
Reel Reviews #0003 Birdman/Dumb & Dumber To...00:28:450.569
Reel Reviews #0004 Hunger Games Mockingjay Pt 1, Favorite Female Film Heroines...00:29:300.4811
Reel Reviews #0005 Penguins of Madagascar/Horrible Bosses 200:29:010.6412
Reel Reviews #0006 Theory Of Everything/Favorite Christmas Movies00:31:270.458
Reel Reviews #0007 Exodus:Gods & Kings/Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies00:30:010.556
Reel Reviews #0008 Night At The Museum/Top Five/Annie00:29:280.646
Reel Reviews #0009 Unbroken/Big Eyes/Gambler/Into The Woods00:29:350.4115
Reel Reviews #0010 Foxcatcher/Woman In Black 2/Reel Duds of 201400:29:560.3510
Reel Reviews #0011 Bonus Episode Favorite Films of 201400:29:130.348
Reel Reviews #0012 Selma/Imitation Game/Taken 300:29:360.4515
Reel Reviews #0013 American Sniper/Paddington/Wedding Ringer/Blackhat00:29:320.7313
Reel Reviews #0014 Mortdecai/Whiplash/Boy Next Door/Strange Magic00:29:140.7210
Reel Reviews #0015 Project Almanac/Black Or White/The Loft00:29:010.6711
Reel Reviews #0016 Jupiter Ascending/7th Son/Spongebob/Comic Con00:29:250.4310
Reel Reviews #0017 50 Shades of Grey/Kingsman/Oscar Predictions00:29:420.5010
Reel Reviews #0018 Hot Tub Time Machine 2/The DUFF/McFarland USA00:29:490.6710
Reel Reviews #0019 Focus/Lazarus Effect00:29:240.607
Reel Reviews #0020 Chappie/Unfinished Business/Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel00:29:310.729
Reel Reviews #0021 Cinderella/Run All Night00:29:330.597
Reel Reviews #0022 Insurgent/Gunman/Do You Believe?00:29:490.556
Reel Reviews #0023 It Follows/Home/Get Hard00:29:140.446
Reel Reviews #0024 Furious 7/Top 5 Favorite Car Movies00:30:130.557
Reel Reviews #0025 Wisconsin Film Fest/Longest Ride/Woman In Gold00:29:110.405
Reel Reviews #0026 Paul Blart 2/Unfriended/Monkey Kingdom/While We're Young00:29:490.618
Reel Reviews #0027 Ex Machina/Age of Adeline/Little Boy00:29:450.678
Reel Reviews #0028 Avengers: Age Of Ultron/Guilty Pleasure Comic Book Films00:29:590.439
Reel Reviews #0029 The D Train/Hot Pursuit00:29:090.637
Reel Reviews #0030 Mad Max Fury Road/Pitch Perfect 200:29:020.5213
Reel Reviews #0031 Tomorrowland/Poltergeist/Far From The Madding Crowd00:29:530.5112
Reel Reviews #0032 Aloha/San Andreas00:29:290.689
Reel Reviews #0033 Entourage/Insidious 3/Spy00:29:390.447
Reel Reviews #0034 Jurassic World/CGI Cinematic Touchstones00:29:460.679
Reel Reviews #0035 Inside Out/Dope00:29:170.705
Reel Reviews #0036 The Wolfpack/Ted 2/Max00:29:260.624
Reel Reviews #0037 Magic Mike XXL/Terminator: Genisys00:28:230.475
Reel Reviews #0038 Minions/SelfLess/The Gallows00:30:030.402
Reel Reviews #0039 Ant-Man/Trainwreck/Mr Holmes00:29:520.665
Reel Reviews #0041 Fantastic 4/The Gift/Ricki & The Flash/Shaun The Sheep00:29:150.653
Reel Reviews #0042 Straight Outta Compton/ Man From U.N.C.L.E.00:29:320.615
Reel Reviews #0043 American Ultra/Sinister 2/Hitman Agent 4700:29:300.723
Reel Reviews #0044 No Escape/War Room/Mistress America/We Are Your Friends00:29:510.754
Reel Reviews #0045 A Walk In The Woods/Transporter Refueled 00:30:400.753
Reel Reviews #0046 The Perfect Guy/The Visit00:29:450.572
Reel Reviews #0047 Black Mass/Everest/Maze Runner Scorch Trials/Captive00:29:240.715
Reel Reviews #0048 The Intern/Pawn Sacrifice/Hotel Transylvania/Green Inferno00:29:270.721
Reel Reviews #0049 The Martian/The Walk/Sicario00:29:520.834
Reel Reviews #0050 Pan/99 Homes00:29:280.572
Reel Reviews #0051 Goosebumps/Crimson Peak/Bridge Of Spies00:29:590.583
Reel Reviews #0052 Steve Jobs/Last Witch Hunter/Jem & The Holograms/Rock The Kasbah00:29:460.814
Reel Reviews #0053 Burnt/Our Brand Is Crisis/Truth/Scouts Guide...00:30:160.712
Reel Reviews #0054 Spectre/Suffragette/Peanuts Movie00:29:430.524
Reel Reviews #0055 Room/The 33/Love The Coopers00:29:400.992
Reel Reviews #0056 Mockingjay Pt 2/The Night Before/By The Sea/Secret In Their Eyes00:29:260.712
Reel Reviews #0057 Creed/Trumbo/The Good Dinosaur/Victor Frankenstein 00:29:450.573
Reel Reviews #0058 Spotlight/Krampus/Star Wars discussion 00:29:510.454
Reel Reviews #0059 Brooklyn/In The Heart Of The Sea/Sea Adventure Films00:29:570.444
Reel Reviews #0060 Joy/Concussion/The Big Short/Daddy's Home 00:29:500.584
Reel Reviews #0061 The Hateful 8/Point Break/Most Disappointing of 201500:29:430.403
Reel Reviews #0062 The Revenant & Best Films of 201500:30:070.542
Reel Reviews #0063 13 Hours/Ride Along 2/Norm of the North00:29:460.465
Reel Reviews #0064 The Boy/The 5th Wave/Dirty Grandpa00:28:010.435
Reel Reviews #0065 The Finest Hours/Kung Fu Panda 3/Jane Got A Gun/Fifty Shades of Black 00:29:410.469
Reel Reviews #0066 Hail Caesar/Pride Prejudice & Zombies/Oscar Awards00:29:300.448
Reel Reviews #0067 Deadpool/Zoolander 2/How To Be Single 00:29:440.557
Reel Reviews #0068 The Witch/Race/Risen00:30:370.565
Reel Reviews #0069 Eddie The Eagle/Triple 9/Gods of Egypt00:29:430.575
Reel Reviews #0070 Zootopia/Whiskey Tango Foxtrot/London Has Fallen00:30:100.525
Reel Reviews #0071 10 Cloverfield Lane/Brothers Grimsby/Young Messiah/Perfect Match00:29:430.564
Reel Reviews #0072 Allegiant/Hello My Name Is Doris/Miracles From Heaven00:30:120.574
Reel Reviews #0073 Batman v Superman/My Big Fat Greek Wedding 200:29:590.460
Reel Reviews #0074 I Saw The Light/Midnight Special/Eye In The Sky/Everybody Wants Some/Gods Not Dead 200:29:260.483
Reel Reviews #0075 Demolition/The Boss/Hardcore Henry00:29:480.522
Reel Reviews #0076 The Jungle Book/Hunt For The Wilderpeople/Criminal/Barbershop00:29:480.611
Reel Reviews #0077 Huntsman Winter's War/First Girl I Loved/A Hologram For The King00:29:280.544
Reel Reviews #0078 Green Room/Keanu/Mothers Day/Ratchet & Clank00:29:540.552
Reel Reviews #0079 Captain America Civil War/Top 5 Fight Scenes00:30:000.612
Reel Reviews #0080 Sing Street/Money Monster/The Darkness 00:29:320.482
Reel Reviews #0081 Nice Guys/Angry Birds/Neighbors 200:29:350.465
Reel Reviews #0082 X-Men Apocalypse/Alice Through The Looking Glass/The Lobster00:29:470.503
Reel Reviews #0083 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2/Popstar/Me Before You00:29:520.574
Reel Reviews #0084 Warcraft/The Conjuring 2/Now You See Me 200:30:060.535
Reel Reviews #0085 Finding Dory/Central Intelligence 00:29:590.584
Reel Reviews #0086 Swiss Army Man/The BFG/Legend of Tarzan/Purge Election Year00:29:440.535
Reel Reviews #0087 Ghostbusters 00:29:360.494
Reel Reviews #0088 Star Trek Beyond/Lights Out/Batman The Killing Joke/Ice Age 500:29:130.436
Reel Reviews #0089 Suicide Squad00:29:550.555
Reel Reviews #0090 Kubo/Ben Hur/Hell Or High Water/War Dogs00:29:390.505
Reel Reviews #0091 Don't Breathe/Mechanic Resurrection 00:29:510.475
Reel Reviews #0092 Light Between Oceans/Hands of Stone/Morgan00:30:000.395
Reel Reviews #0093 Snowden/Blair Witch/Mr Church/Bridget Jones00:30:180.453
Reel Reviews #0094 Magnificent Seven/Storks/Yoga Hosers00:30:200.511
Reel Reviews #0095 Deepwater Horizon/Queen of Katwe/Miss Peregrines/Masterminds 00:30:040.423
Reel Reviews #0096 Birth Of A Nation/Girl On A Train/Middle School00:30:000.381
Reel Reviews #0097 The Accountant/A Man Called Ove/Movies You Missed00:30:280.513
Reel Reviews #0098 Jack Reacher/Ouija 2/Madea Halloween/Keeping Up With The Joneses00:29:430.533
Reel Reviews #0099 Inferno/American Honey/Favorite Tom Hanks films00:30:280.754
Reel Reviews #0100 Moonlight/Dr Strange/Hacksaw Ridge/Trolls00:32:280.464
Reel Reviews #0101 Arrival/Almost Christmas00:29:590.531
Reel Reviews #0102 Bleed For This/Fantastic Beasts/Edge of Seventeen/Billy Lynn00:30:090.741
Reel Reviews #0103 Moana/Allied/Bad Santa2/Rules Don't Apply00:31:080.567
Reel Reviews #0104 Loving/Incarnate/Imperium/Eyes of My Mother00:30:280.453
Reel Reviews #0105 Nocturnal Animals/Manchester By The Sea/Miss Sloane/Office Christmas Party00:30:150.394
Reel Reviews #0106 Rogue One/La La Land/Collateral Beauty00:31:080.503
Reel Reviews #0107 Passengers/Assassins Creed/Sing/Jackie00:29:440.494
Reel Reviews #0108 Fences/Lion/Why Him?00:30:080.524
Reel Reviews #0109 Hidden Figures/A Monster Calls/Underworld 500:29:570.733
Reel Reviews #0110 Silence/Patriots Day/Live By Night/Bye Bye Man00:30:120.453
Reel Reviews #0111 Most Disappointing Films of 201600:29:470.582
Reel Reviews #0112 Best Films Of 201600:31:120.505
Reel Reviews #0113 Oscar Predictions & more00:30:200.521
Reel Reviews #0114 John Wick 2/Lego Batman/50 Shades Darker00:29:440.552
Reel Reviews #0115 Oscar Recap/Get Out/Rock Dog00:30:030.593
Reel Reviews #0116 Logan/The Shack/Table 1900:30:130.514
Reel Reviews #0117 Kong Skull Island/A United Kingdom/Island Movies00:30:330.753
Reel Reviews #0118 Beauty & The Beast/Belko Experiment00:29:580.484
Reel Reviews #0119 Power Rangers/Life/CHiPs/Wilson/T200:30:100.742
Reel Reviews #0120 Ghost In The Shell/Boss Baby/Personal Shopper /The Hero00:29:460.393
Reel Reviews #0121 Gifted/Smurfs/Going In Style/The Case For Christ00:30:050.434
Reel Reviews #0122 Fate of the Furious/Favorite Action Stars00:30:200.505
Reel Reviews #0123 Free Fire/Lost City of Z/The Promise/Unforgettable...00:29:560.403
Reel Reviews #0124 Colossal/The Circle/Raw/How To Be A Latin Lover00:30:270.364
Reel Reviews #0125 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 200:30:030.443
Reel Reviews #0126 King Arthur/Snatched/The Wall00:29:210.615
Reel Reviews #0127- Alien Covenant/Baywatch/Chuck00:31:280.441
Reel Reviews #0128 Pirates of the Caribbean/War Machine/ Favorite Depp + Pitt Performances00:29:560.412
Reel Reviews #0129 Wonder Woman + Captain Underpants00:29:380.433
Reel Reviews #0130 It Comes At Night/The Mummy/Megan Leavey00:29:410.505
Reel Reviews #0131 Cars 3/Rough Night/Book Of Henry/47 Meters Down00:32:020.997
Reel Reviews #0132 Baby Driver + Transformers 500:29:440.556
Reel Reviews #0133 The House/Beguiled/Despicable Me 300:29:360.486
Reel Reviews #0134 The Big Sick/Spider-Man Homecoming00:29:210.434
Reel Reviews #0135 War For Planet of the Apes/Wish Upon/Lady Macbeth00:29:460.994
Reel Reviews #0136 Dunkirk + Valerian + Girls Trip00:29:580.435
Reel Reviews #0137 Atomic Blonde/Emoji Movie/Person To Person00:29:590.483
Reel Reviews #0138 Detroit/Dark Tower/Kidnap00:29:590.522

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