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Conscious Living® highlights the journey towards a more happy, healthy and mindful life.

Through the joyful adventures of its host, Michael Alexander, a raw vegan chef, and his wife and co-host Bianca, a yogi and plant-based nutritionist, Conscious Living explores the fun side of living healthy. From eco-adventures around the world to the latest in holistic health and nourishing spiritual retreats, tune in to Conscious Living – and raise your vibration.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

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State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Conscious Living

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#02: A Healthy, Green Detox Smoothie, Organizing with Feng Shui and Pro Football's Diva Fitness Workout00:28:380.00/N/A77/0
#03: Heart Opening Yoga Flow, Heart Healthy Blueberry Pancakes Recipe + Black History Tour of D.C.00:28:370.00/N/A59/0
#04 Spring Forward! Caribbean Health Cruise, Eco Shopping in Puerto Rico, Best Cheezy Jalapeno Kale Chip Recipe00:27:230.00/N/A60/0
#05 Celebrate Spring! DIY Spring Gardening Secrets, Healthy Beauty Tips & Wellness Spa Adventure00:28:210.00/N/A62/0
#06 The Power of Silence, Embracing the Goddess with Belly Dancing, and The Ultimate Vegan Brunch and Raw Strawberry Cheesecake00:28:290.00/N/A51/0
#07 Eco Friendly Gifts for Dad, Healthy Beard Grooming, Tasty Raw Bangkok Wild Rice + Sustainable Hidden Paris00:25:100.00/N/A48/0
#08 Vegan BBQ Tips, Venice Beach Summer Getaway & Electric Sportscar Test Drive00:28:350.00/N/A49/0
#09 Raw Food For the Soul + Sustainable Summer Travel Tips + Reiki 10100:28:320.00/N/A50/0
#10 September Issue: Contemplative Practice, A Peaceful Back to School, Vegan Recipe for Jewish Holy Days, Ethical Fall Fashion00:28:450.00/N/A47/0
#11 Here's to Cancer Fighting Pizza, Fair Trade Fashion, Desert Healing and Healthy Breasts!00:28:250.00/N/A43/0
#12 The Power of Gratitude: A Farm to Table Thanksgiving in Maui, Proactive Men’s Health, and Conscious Investing00:28:280.00/N/A42/0
#13 The Spirit of the Season: Sweet Potato Latkes for Hanukkah, No-Egg Nog and Maui’s Calming Lavender Fields00:26:110.00/N/A45/0
#14 How to Detox Your Way to Health + Sustainable Snowboarding + Debunking the Protein Myth00:27:200.00/N/A45/0
#15 DIY Vegan Chocolate Treats, A Heart Opening Yoga Flow, Healing Hot Springs Adventure, & Hawaiian Leis for Love00:29:260.00/N/A44/0
#16:The Zen of Organic Farming, Ancient Tea Rituals, Sustainable Spring Fashion Accessories + Vegan Man's Irish Potato Leek Soup00:28:050.00/N/A45/0
#17: Celebrating Earth Month with Food, Fashion and Fizzy Drinks00:25:360.00/N/A39/0
#18: Spring into Health! Organic Mexican Fiesta, Mindful Parenting + Healing with Plants00:28:280.00/N/A40/0
#19: Solar 101 || Find Your Zen || Vegan Glamping Recipes, S'Mores + More! 00:29:510.00/N/A39/0
#20: Digital Detox and Vegan Gelato in Italy + Sustainable Swimwear & Raw Vegan Summer Chili00:25:460.00/N/A35/0
#21: Summer Eco-travel, Sustainable Footwear, Vegan Meat Taste Test, Swiss Paragliding00:28:220.00/N/A38/0
#22 Back to School: Raw Granola Recipe, Ivy League Nutrition Re-Boot, The Next Gen of Schools in Chicago, Recess in Ojai, CA00:28:040.00/N/A36/0
#23: Windy City Eco-Tour + A Cure For Breast Cancer00:28:360.00/N/A34/0
#24: Love for Our Organic Farmers + Eco Adventure to Hawaii + Vegan Pumpkin Pie00:27:270.00/N/A38/0
Ep 25: Let's Beat the Holiday Blues: Conscious Gifting + The Best Vegan Mac & Cheese00:28:070.00/N/A33/0
Ep 26: The 101 of Healthy Detoxing00:26:540.00/N/A39/0
Ep 27: Creativity 101 - Living Outside the Box00:29:310.00/N/A34/0
Ep 28: The Art of Letting Go00:28:170.00/N/A34/0
Ep 29: Adventures in Holistic Healing 00:29:120.00/N/A33/0
Ep 30: Vegan Mexican Fiesta Celebration00:28:440.00/N/A33/0
Ep 31: The Art of Travel: Bali and Beyond00:26:390.00/N/A28/0
Ep 32: The Bali Raw Food Immersion00:29:100.00/0.0020/14
Ep 33: Celebrating Diversity of Spirit 00:29:360.00/0.0015/15
Ep34: The Ultimate Ayurveda Detox + Follow Your Dreams in Bali00:29:440.00/0.0015/8

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