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Tour a permaculture back yard garden. Visit a tiny home. In each episode of Peak Moment TV, Janaia Donaldson hosts practical grass roots entrepreneurs who are exploring locally reliant lifestyles to meet these challenging times. Peak Moment TV is cross-pollinating the most challenging shift in human history - an energy transition away from fossil fuels to sustainable living.

Topics include local food production, permaculture, sharing, renewable energy, building community, natural building, and economic, psychological, and personal resilience.

Most of the programs were taped along the west coast of North America. This program may not be about your specific community, but it's about everybody's communities in our global community. Stations and viewers tell us they love this show: it's personal, engaging, very local, inspirational, and informative.

And with the economic downturn -- it's timely. The heart of this program are stories told by people about their ideas and actions to live with a smaller footprint, to be connected to the earth and each another, to be more self-sufficient while they protect themselves and their families in the downturn.

The series (326 episodes as of early 2017) has aired since 2006 on about two dozen community access stations nationwide including Manhattan NY, Portland OR, Maine coast stations, and many smaller communities.

It was the winner of the 2007 and 2009 Western Access Video Award for Excellence in local Cable Programming in the "Talk Show - Issues/Professional" category. (Alliance for Community Media Western States Region).

Peak Moment programs are sponsored on PegMedia thanks to the generous contribution of Leo and Marj Immonen, who bring the program to their Wrentham, MA station.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

These programs are up front and personal, and production quality is quite good. As of episode 250, shows are shot in HD. These shows are also on YouTube channel "peakmoment", with over 22,000 subscribers and over 4.5 million views. It's produced by individuals in northern California with a community access TV background. Program DVDs are available for purchase at Target audience is people from teens on up: anybody who eats, drinks and breathes -- and is concerned about sustainability, humans, the economy, and life on the planet.

If you play our episodes, please let us know so we can add you to our list of stations on our Web site:

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Peak Moment Television

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001 Conserving Farmland at Trabucco Ranch00:28:420.51/N/A26/0
072 "What a Way to Go" - Meet the Filmmakers00:26:510.50/N/A28/0
073 Post Carbon Cities - Planning for Energy and Climate Uncertainty00:28:010.52/N/A27/0
074 San Francisco Takes Action on Climate Change00:28:040.52/N/A19/0
075 Sustainable Connections - Transforming a Community Through Local Business00:28:020.52/N/A32/0
076 City Repair - Permaculture for Urban Spaces00:27:380.51/N/A24/0
077 Climate Change, Despair and Empowerment -- A Roadshow from "Down Under"00:27:580.52/N/A23/0
078 Alcohol Can Be a Gas, Part I00:27:100.50/N/A29/0
079 Alcohol Can Be a Gas, Part II00:28:040.51/N/A27/0
080 An Innovative Program Helps Residents Protect Their Water00:27:590.52/N/A26/0
081 A No-Nonsense Look at Climate Change and Petrocollapse00:27:360.51/N/A25/0
082 People-Centered Developments for Reduced-Energy Living00:27:530.51/N/A27/0
083 Practical Tools to Grow an Intentional Community00:27:250.50/N/A21/0
084 Creating the Impossible - O.U.R. Ecovillage00:27:370.51/N/A23/0
089 Affordable Homes Forever - Opal Community Land Trust00:27:120.50/N/A22/0
090 What Can One Person Do?00:28:020.52/N/A26/0
091 A Sustainability Renaissance Man00:28:020.52/N/A19/0
092 A Community Car Share Hits the Road00:28:040.52/N/A25/0
093 Mendocino Renegade00:27:550.51/N/A20/0
094 Facilitating Economic Localization in Willits, California00:27:540.51/N/A20/0
095 Economic Localization - A Community Rediscovering Itself00:27:270.51/N/A24/0
096 Reconnecting with Our Roots - Food for Body and Soul00:27:030.50/N/A23/0
097 Toward New Models of Shared Leadership00:27:490.51/N/A17/0
098 Energy Independence -- America's Road Not Taken00:27:390.51/N/A22/0
099 Hope Dances Eternal for this Media Maven00:27:440.51/N/A18/0
100 Suburban Permaculture with Janet Barocco and Richard Heinberg00:25:230.46/N/A22/0
101 Energy and Climate Initiatives in Santa Barbara00:28:030.52/N/A16/0
102 To Be of Use - Serving the Community00:28:040.51/N/A24/0
103 Building An Ecologically Sensible Home00:27:410.51/N/A30/0
104 A Green-Built, Solar-Powered, Biofuels Station00:27:510.51/N/A25/0
105 For the Love of Trees00:27:550.51/N/A28/0
106 Community Gardens Grow Community00:27:330.50/N/A23/0
107 Plug-in Hybrids Power the Grid00:27:590.51/N/A22/0
108 Sustainable Bellingham — Grassroots Organizing is Key00:27:590.51/N/A16/0
109 Powering the Rain Shadow00:27:260.50/N/A25/0
110 Preparing for Peak Oil00:27:350.51/N/A19/0
111 We Make the Road by Walking00:27:500.51/N/A22/0
112 Learning From the Collapse of Earlier Societies00:27:400.51/N/A26/0
113 Designing the Next Generation Hybrid Jungers and Kaufman.mpg00:28:040.52/N/A18/0
129 Meeting the Energy Challenge00:28:030.51/N/A19/0
130 Oil and Gas — The Next Meltdown?00:27:020.50/N/A19/0
131 Making Financial Sense of the Coming Energy Crisis00:27:480.50/N/A19/0
132 Peak Oil and Its Effect on Climate Change00:21:280.39/N/A18/0
133 Two View of a Post-Oil Future00:27:080.49/N/A15/0
134 Shocks, Shortages, and Scenarios - Planning for a Post-Oil Future00:21:070.38/N/A15/0
135 Broadening the Peak Oil Conversation00:28:030.52/N/A14/0
136 Energy Investment - Energy Return00:27:260.50/N/A16/0
137 Peak Oil - Politics, Geopolitics and Choke Points00:26:550.49/N/A16/0
138 The Twilight of an Age00:25:100.46/N/A13/0
139 The Transition Movement Comes to America00:27:340.50/N/A15/0
140 Transit on Demand (Have Cell Will Travel)00:27:400.51/N/A14/0
141 Creating a Home Graywater System00:27:590.51/N/A21/0
142 Energy Coop Brings Power to the People00:28:020.51/N/A17/0
143 Corporate Couple Become Permaculture Activists00:25:560.48/N/A17/0
144 Local Living Economies — Protecting What We Love00:28:040.51/N/A16/0
145 Resourceful Guy Builds Solar House, Solar Power, Solar Car00:27:440.51/N/A14/0
146 Permaculture for Humanity00:27:470.51/N/A15/0
147 A Geodesic Greenhouse — Year-Round Gardening at 6000 Feet00:28:030.51/N/A22/0
148 Finding an Ecovillage / Sacred Activism — Love, Grief, and Empowerment00:27:410.50/N/A15/0
149 Santa Barbara Students Lead the Way to Sustainability00:27:160.50/N/A15/0
150 The Waking Up Syndrome00:27:370.51/N/A13/0
151 Baked in Telluride: Making Dough in a Tough Economy00:28:040.51/N/A16/0
152 The Placemeant Project: Stories of Why "Where" Matters00:27:550.51/N/A15/0
153 How Do I Invite You To Grow Food?00:28:030.52/N/A18/0
154 Biking on Three Wheels - Transportation of the Future?00:28:010.52/N/A19/0
155 Peak Oil - Adapting for Big Changes Ahead00:28:010.51/N/A15/0
156 High on Permaculture in the Rocky Mountains00:28:000.51/N/A20/0
157 Heart of Permaculture - Bill Wilson.mpg00:27:570.51/N/A21/0
158 New Paradigm of Development - Ravi Logan and Jason Schreiner.mpg00:27:370.50/N/A20/0
159 Reflecting on the End of the World as We Know It00:22:120.41/N/A21/0
160 Young Couple Finds Freedom in Simple Living00:27:540.51/N/A28/0
161 Local Food By and For the People00:28:020.52/N/A27/0
162 Innovation Bears Fruit for Family Farm00:27:530.51/N/A23/0
163 Economy, Ecology, Social Equity00:28:040.51/N/A22/0
164 The World of Ecovillages00:26:460.49/N/A21/0
165 Finding Excitement in Creating Life Sustaining Society00:28:030.51/N/A18/0
166 Crash Course, Exponential Growth Meets Reality00:28:020.52/N/A24/0
167 Bag It, Packaging Bulk Food With Nitrogen00:26:060.48/N/A20/0
168 Four Acres and Independence, A Self-Sufficient Farmstead00:28:010.51/N/A26/0
169 Sacred Demise of Industrial Civilization00:25:540.48/N/A19/0
170 Preparing for Disaster and Hard Times00:27:490.51/N/A24/0
171 Permaculture Course for Busy People00:28:020.51/N/A20/0
172 The Pee and Poo Show00:27:590.51/N/A21/0
173 Transitioning to the Elm Street Economy00:27:300.50/N/A18/0
174 The Power of Neighbors00:27:580.51/N/A21/0
175 Time's Up! An Uncivilized Solution00:27:540.51/N/A19/0
176 How We Live at Lone Bobcat Woods00:28:040.52/N/A21/0
176a Thirty-Seven Views from Lone Bobcat Woods00:05:520.11/N/A12/0
177 Hooked on Growth - Meet Filmmaker00:27:410.51/N/A18/0
178 Beyond Back Yard Sustainability00:28:050.51/N/A19/0
179 Fences Down - Fostering Community in an Urban Neighborhood00:27:460.51/N/A19/0
180 Taking Back Our Lives from Wall Street Mafia00:27:420.51/N/A17/0
181 Partners in Preparedness - Neighborhoods and Emergency Responders.mpg00:27:560.51/N/A20/0
182 Changing the World One Bike Rider at a Time00:28:040.51/N/A22/0
183 Navigating the Decline00:27:510.51/N/A18/0
184 YES! Ready For Anything00:28:040.51/N/A15/0
185 Claiming the Commons - Food For All on Haultain Boulevard00:28:040.51/N/A16/0
186 Your Money, Your Life, Your Happiness00:27:500.51/N/A20/0
187 "How to Boil a Frog" - Meet the Filmmaker00:28:040.51/N/A19/0
188 Your Personal Baker - A Bakery CSA00:27:580.51/N/A19/0
189 Menu for the Future - Bringing Farmers to the Table00:27:480.51/N/A20/0
190 Reclaiming Childbirth00:27:560.51/N/A17/0
191 The Vegetarian Myth00:27:560.51/N/A20/0
192 Managing the 21st Century Sustainability Crisis00:27:470.51/N/A19/0
193 Sharing Gardens - Giving and Receiving00:27:470.51/N/A20/0
194 Portland's Neighborhood Tool Sharing Libraries00:27:540.51/N/A16/0
195 This Old House - Rethink, Reuse, Remodel00:28:040.52/N/A23/0
196 Arrival of the Post-Petroleum Human00:28:040.51/N/A20/0
197 Portable House, Simple Life00:27:440.51/N/A25/0
198 How Many Community Gardens?00:27:540.51/N/A21/0
199 Peak Oil Blues - We're all Bozos on this Bus00:28:040.52/N/A16/0
200 How the West HAS Won00:28:040.51/N/A17/0
201 Local Investing Made Easy.mpg00:27:560.46/N/A16/0
202 Collapse of the Titans.mpg00:27:550.46/N/A17/0
203 Soccer Mom Prepares for the Unexpected.mpg00:28:010.46/N/A15/0
204 Oil Puts the Squeeze on the Economy.mpg00:27:430.46/N/A15/0
205 Undriving - Changing the Way We Think00:27:110.45/N/A17/0
206 Awakening the Village Heart and Mind00:27:460.46/N/A15/0
207 - Planting the Seeds for a New Society00:27:580.46/N/A16/0
208 Sail Power Reborn - Transporting Local Goods by Boat00:27:320.46/N/A16/0
209 Growing Up in the First Great Depression.mpg00:27:560.46/N/A18/0
210 Young Lawyers Lower the Bar to Sharing Economy.mpg00:27:160.45/N/A16/0
211 The Straight Poop on Sustainable Farming.mpg00:26:260.44/N/A19/0
212 The Armed Man - A Mass For Peace.mpg00:27:580.46/N/A16/0
213 Two Hosueholds, One Car00:28:020.46/N/A18/0
214 Rocket Stoves - Hot, Healthy, Efficient00:26:370.44/N/A21/0
215 An Earthen House is Built by Hand00:28:020.46/N/A17/0
216 Titanic Lifeboat Academy - Navigating a Path to Resilience00:27:570.46/N/A15/0
217 Portland's Backyard Fruit - From Waste to Feast00:27:560.46/N/A14/0
218 Solving the Environmental Crises - We Can Do It!00:27:540.46/N/A12/0
219 Prairie Fire - Revolutionize the Food System00:27:220.45/N/A13/0
220 Simplicity, Joy and Social Change00:28:040.46/N/A14/0
221 Human-Powered Machines - Can Pedals Power the World?00:27:480.46/N/A15/0
222 Applying a Peak Oil Filter to Financial Choices00:27:590.46/N/A12/0
223 Dignity Village 1 - A Community By and For the Homeless00:27:530.46/N/A15/0
224 Dignity Village 2 - A Community By and For the Homeless00:27:470.46/N/A15/0
225 Preparing Emotionally for the Coming Chaos00:27:540.46/N/A12/0
226 Inspiration Farm – Cultivating Nourishing Food and Creativity00:27:000.45/N/A18/0
227 Farm Camp — Connecting Kids to Their Food00:27:500.46/N/A19/0
228 Free Geek — Reviving Computers, Empowering People00:27:560.46/N/A20/0
229 Tools to Turn Dreams Into Reality00:27:580.46/N/A15/0
230 An Eco-Sense House – Natural Building, Natural Living00:27:370.46/N/A18/0
231 Columbia Ecovillage (part 1) – From Apartments to Community00:28:000.46/N/A12/0
232 Columbia Ecovillage (part 2) — Shaping a Life Together 00:27:140.45/N/A11/0
233 Seeking the Happy Story (part 1) - But what do you feel?00:26:490.44/N/A10/0
234 Seeking the Happy Story (part 2) – Reality Ain’t What You Believe00:28:010.46/N/A10/0
235 Living with the Predicament00:28:510.48/N/A11/0
236 Gourmet Cooking for the Paleo Diet (part 1) – Meet the Chef00:27:160.45/N/A16/0
237 Gourmet Cooking for the Paleo Diet (part 2) — In Pauli’s Kitchen00:27:490.46/N/A15/0
238 Splendid Bicycles for Cargo and Kids00:27:580.46/N/A16/0
239 Earth, Wood and Sun – Natural Building Shaped by Its Region00:25:400.42/N/A19/0
240 What Do You Think Is Worth Fighting For? 00:28:100.47/N/A14/0
241 Things are Cookin’ at Wallingford Community Kitchen00:27:450.46/N/A10/0
242 Small Scale Aquaponics – From Fish Poop to Seafood Dinner and 243 Seeing the Forest Community Through the Trees00:28:180.47/N/A15/0
244 A Longtime Farmer Shares His Wisdom (part 1)00:29:020.48/N/A15/0
245 A Longtime Farmer Shares His Wisdom (part 2)00:28:010.46/N/A14/0
246 Natural Buildings for Urban Living (part 1)00:23:010.38/N/A12/0
247 Natural Buildings for Urban Living – The Tour (part 2)00:21:230.35/N/A12/0
248 The Bean and Grain Project – Outperforming Chemical Agriculture00:28:440.48/N/A12/0
249 Green Burial and Land Conservation00:27:510.46/N/A16/0
250 How Shall We Live, With the Earth in Crisis?00:28:430.82/N/A14/0
251 Climate Change and Fukushima – Radio Ecoshock00:38:020.99/N/A10/0
252 Monroe’s Sharing Garden — The Giving is Growing00:27:570.80/N/A15/0
253 Smart Choices for Meeting the Coming Bust, part 100:26:130.75/N/A12/0
254 Smart Choices for Meeting the Coming Bust, part00:17:450.51/N/A11/0
255 Catch the Rain00:16:480.48/N/A19/0
256 Living Tiny, Finding Community00:29:140.84/N/A17/0
257 A Locavores’ Potluck00:26:270.75/N/A13/0
258 Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule, part 100:11:460.33/N/A14/0
259 Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule, part 200:12:500.36/N/A14/0
260 A Primal Diet for Modern Times, part 100:22:050.63/N/A15/0
261 A Primal Diet for Modern Times, part 200:27:150.78/N/A15/0
262 Climate Change and Human Extinction — A Personal Perspective00:28:560.83/N/A14/0
263 The Art of Hosting — Leadership is Possible from Everywhere00:28:280.81/N/A13/0
264 Rhythm and Song for Body, Mind and Spirit00:26:400.76/N/A14/0
265 Come to the SkillShare Faire! 00:27:150.78/N/A13/0
266 The Power of Potlucks00:04:380.13/N/A16/0
267 Shaping Water and Soil at Inspiration Farm00:26:470.51/N/A19/0
268 Re-Becoming Villagers Wherever We Live00:28:000.54/N/A16/0
269 Handmade Tools Make Simple Work at Inspiration Farm00:23:070.44/N/A22/0
270 Rethinking Stress — And What You Can Do About It00:27:360.53/N/A23/0
271 What Is Sustainable?00:27:410.53/N/A25/0
272 First Nations People Reclaiming Their Heritage00:27:560.54/N/A21/0
273 Beekeeping Takes Flight at Sea-Tac Airport00:25:590.50/N/A25/0
274 Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule, part 300:27:410.53/N/A10/0
275 How Shall I Walk On This Wounded Earth?00:25:560.50/N/A17/0
276 Unlearn, Rewild — Inspiration for the Future Primitive00:27:280.52/N/A15/0
277 Unlearn, Rewild — Earth Skills for Body and Mind00:20:150.39/N/A16/0
278 Beyond Cabbage - The Fermentistas Show Us How00:27:320.53/N/A20/0
279 Emergency! This Family is Prepared, part 100:26:080.50/N/A19/0
280 Emergency! This Family is Prepared, part 200:15:430.30/N/A15/0
281 The Sharing Economy - By the People, For the People00:27:590.54/N/A24/0
282 Join the "Eat-All Greens" Garden Revolution 00:27:280.78/N/A21/0
283 Seattle Community Farm — Growing Fresh Veggies for the Neighborhood00:19:060.54/N/A19/0
284 Earth Repair - Homegrown Healing of Toxic Lands, part 100:27:580.54/N/A19/0
285 Earth Repair - Homegrown Healing of Toxic Lands, part 2 00:15:450.45/N/A18/0
286 Farmer George - Growing Animals Like Grandpa Did, part 100:27:450.53/N/A21/0
287 Farmer George — Growing Animals Like Grandpa Did, part 2 00:19:580.38/N/A20/0
288 Building Community from Your Front Porch00:20:320.39/N/A20/0
289 Grow Your Food in a Nook and Cranny Garden, part 100:23:350.45/N/A24/0
290 Grow Your Food in a Nook and Cranny Garden, part 200:27:580.52/N/A25/0
291 Living Each Moment in the Face of Abrupt Climate Change00:27:530.53/N/A21/0
292 Local Currency — Money for Us, Not the Bankers00:27:510.53/N/A17/0
293 Growing Veterans — From Battlefields to Organic Farm Fields00:27:310.53/N/A24/0
294 The Animals are Allies at Inspiration Farm00:20:590.40/N/A22/0
295 What Goes Around Comes Around at the Bicycle ReCyclery00:26:140.50/N/A22/0
296 Beyond "How to Save the World"00:27:590.54/N/A21/0
297 Visit McCaskill Street — Forging Community through Resource Sharing00:28:000.54/N/A16/0
298 I'll Farm Your Lawn00:27:520.54/N/A20/0
299 The Transition Bus — A North American Odyssey00:27:560.54/N/A16/0
300 Finding Emotional Resilience in These Times00:27:160.52/N/A20/0
301 Bringing the Wealth Home - intelligent Design at InishOge Farm00:27:290.53/N/A20/0
302 Village Vancouver — How Can A Big City Become a Village?00:27:350.53/N/A19/0
303 Vertical Gardening for Small Spaces & 304 What About Veganism?00:27:400.53/N/A29/0
305 Making Meaning for the Ending of Our Days, part 100:27:250.52/N/A18/0
306 Making Meaning for the Ending of Our Days, part 200:25:030.48/N/A17/0
307 Sooke Harbour House & Restaurant — Pioneers of Local00:27:520.53/N/A19/0
308 Longing to Belong: Looking for Your Tribe? part 100:26:190.50/N/A20/0
309 Longing to Belong: Looking for Your Tribe? part 200:27:420.53/N/A18/0
310 Seeds for Our Future — How Shall We Feed Ourselves?00:21:490.42/N/A23/0
311 Tour Salt Spring Island's Local Meat Processing Facility00:21:080.40/N/A17/0
312 Imagine If00:07:340.14/N/A13/0
313 Beautiful Money — Salt Spring Island's Community Currency00:27:120.52/0.8918/2
314 The Once and Future World — Rewilding Nature and Us00:27:070.52/0.7219/1
315 Forging Alternatives to the Growth Economy — Examples from the Real World00:27:360.53/0.6318/1
316 Knowing and Using Our Gifts00:28:050.54/0.6315/2
317 EagleYew House — Efficient Technology With an Artist's Aesthetic00:27:020.52/0.9918/1
318 Ecovillages — A Leading Edge for Sustainability00:27:590.54/0.9315/2
319 Imagine If — ‘The Great Turning’ meets ‘Community Rights’00:05:250.09/0.2413/2
320 Food, Community and Our Place on Earth00:27:540.53/0.7120/1
321 Deep Nutrition — Eating the Way We Used to Eat00:27:450.53/0.5522/1
322 Dying Consciously in a Loving Community00:27:440.53/0.9916/1
323 The Open Source Seed Initiative — Protecting Our Food Commons00:26:260.51/0.9920/2
324 Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying and Awakening00:27:270.53/0.6317/1
325 Love, Intelligence and Art — Musings on the Natural World (part 1)00:27:480.53/0.9918/1
326 Love, Intelligence and Sex — Musings on the Natural World (part 2)00:27:480.53/0.9917/1
327 Milking "Buttercup" the Cow00:27:590.54/0.9423/1
328 A Minstrel for the Earth00:27:560.54/0.9916/2
329 Living Abundantly in the Sharing Economy: A Voice of Experience00:28:140.54/0.9918/2
330 Share-It Square: Creating Neighborhood Gathering Spaces00:26:390.51/0.9920/3
331 Connecting with Ourselves, Each Other, and Earth — Personal Tools for These Times (part 1)00:27:460.53/0.4914/3
332 Connecting with Ourselves, Each Other, and Earth — Personal Tools for These Times (part 2)00:28:090.53/0.4815/3
333 For Humans, Bugs and Beauty — An Urban Food Forest Demonstration00:27:580.54/0.9910/10
334 Pine Mountain Ranch — Where the Buffalo Roam00:27:180.53/0.9913/6
335 The Resilient Gardener — Surviving and Thriving00:27:410.53/N/A15/0
335 The Resilient Gardener — Surviving and Thriving00:27:41N/A/0.990/4

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