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28 episodes
28 minute run time

Want a great way to spend time with your kids? Tired of macaroni and cheese with hot dogs being the only secret recipe you have? Dust off your countertops, tie on your apron and introduce your “Small Fry” to the educational and fun world of cooking. Even if they have only mastered Kool-Aid®, you and your kids can expand your cooking skills with the help of these kitchen-tested and approved recipes.

Follow Host (and Mom) Karen Arnold, as she leads school-age children step-by-step in preparing nutritious, delicious, but most of all, fun recipes. Each week, pint-sized chefs will help prepare a different recipe that can easily be made in your own home. These recipes are not only simple to prepare and affordable, but are an excellent way to share the joys of cooking with your kids.

Preparing quality food together also can provide quality time with your kids. Remember, the recipe for cooking success is simple … Just you and your kids.

Kids a Cookin' is produced for K-State Research and Extension's Family Nutrition Program ( by the Educational Communications Center ( The show is produced in English and Spanish (website only) and is in the 4:3 format (640x480).

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Kansas

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: K-State TV

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Kids A Cookin 01 - Fruit00:27:590.47/N/A115/0
Kids A Cookin 02 - Salads00:27:580.79/N/A103/0
Kids A Cookin 03 - Fiesta00:27:580.47/N/A107/0
Kids A Cookin 04 - Eggs00:27:580.47/N/A104/0
Kids A Cookin 05 - Make it a Dip00:27:570.47/N/A102/0
Kids A Cookin 06 - Breakfast00:27:580.47/N/A104/0
Kids A Cookin 07 - Apples00:27:580.47/N/A94/0
Kids A Cookin 08 - Dairy00:27:590.47/N/A91/0
Kids A Cookin 09 - Blender00:27:580.47/N/A92/0
Kids A Cookin 10 - Super Simple & Fun00:27:580.47/N/A93/0
Kids A Cookin 11 - Pasta00:27:570.47/N/A91/0
Kids A Cookin 12 - Father's Day Meal00:27:580.47/N/A82/0
Kids A Cookin 13 - What to do with Leftovers00:27:580.47/N/A92/0
Kids A Cookin 14 - No Cook Snacks00:27:580.47/N/A88/0
Kids A Cookin 15 - Lunch Box00:27:580.47/N/A94/0
Kids A Cookin 16 - Healthy Dessert00:27:580.47/N/A92/0
Kids A Cookin 17 - Casseroles00:27:580.47/N/A89/0
Kids A Cookin 18 - Supper00:27:580.47/N/A90/0
Kids A Cookin 19 - Grains00:27:570.47/N/A87/0
Kids A Cookin 20 - Fast Food00:27:570.47/N/A95/0
Kids A Cookin 21 - Veggies00:27:580.47/N/A89/0
Kids A Cookin 22 - Cheese00:27:580.47/N/A83/0
Kids A Cookin 23 - Fruit00:27:590.47/N/A82/0
Kids A Cookin 24 - More Breakfast Ideas00:27:590.47/N/A88/0
Kids A Cookin 25 - Mother's Day Meal00:27:570.47/N/A77/0
Kids A Cookin 26 - Nutritious Snacks or Desserts00:27:580.47/N/A96/0
Kids A Cookin 27 - Kids of All Ages Help in the Kitchen00:27:580.47/N/A96/0
Kids A Cookin 28 - A Little Bit of Everything00:27:570.47/N/A93/0

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