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Nominated best new show for 2014 by Fairfax Public Access station in Fairfax, Virginia, "Creation, Genesis and Origins" is a journey through Genesis 1-11 consistent with and amplified by the latest revelations of modern science and the history of the ancient Near East. This series is an essential for understanding for anyone who has ever heard of Adam, the great Flood and the Tower of Babel, and wondered how these events and these characters, plus a few other named individuals, fit into the history of mankind. These episodes show that the beginning chapters of Genesis are contained completely within the historical confines of the ancient Near East, present-day Iraq, from about 7,000 to 4,000 years ago.

This series breaks new ground and provides evidence-based answers to long-pondered questions: Where was the Garden of Eden located? Where did Adam live after he left the Garden? Where did Cain build his city and get his wife? How extensive was the great flood? Who survived? Where was the Tower of Babel? These and many other pertinent questions about these staples of biblical history are answered and corroborated with data and evidence obtained from over 30 years of research and documented in the book, Historical Genesis from Adam to Abraham. Viewers will be amazed to learn that biblical characters and events long known about have genuine historical integrity.

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This show was produced to get relevant historical evidence pertaining to the biblical history from Adam to Abraham contained in the Genesis 2-11 narrative into the public arena. The fascinating history of the ancient Near East obtained through archaeological discovery began to surface only within the last 200 years. It's relationship to the biblical narrative has never been fully explored or explained until now. Placed in historical context Genesis has a legitimacy that has never before been seen. The theory of evolution often seen as a threat to biblical history is reduced to being of no consequence thus easing unnecessary tension between Bible and science. The show's uniqueness stems from the unprecedented amount of evidence gleaned from over 30 years of research that underscores the integrity of the biblical account. The show which is primarily a lecture series was produced in the studios of Fairfax Public Access station accentuated with slides and short film clips. It is a high quality production filmed and edited by professional FPA staff. The target audience would be anyone beyond the age of eighteen who wonders how it could be possible that the opening chapters of Genesis could be factual in the face of anthropological evidence that many would believe to be contrary.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Virginia

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Genesis Proclaimed Association

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0001 Creation, Genesis and Origins The Big Bang Pt 100:29:550.49/N/A21/0
0002 Creation, Genesis and Origins The Big Bang Pt 200:28:470.47/N/A18/0
0003 Creation, Genesis and Origins Ancient Ancestors00:29:560.49/N/A15/0
0004 Creation, Genesis and Origins Man and Adam00:27:460.19/N/A13/0
0005 Creation, Genesis and Origins The Sumerian King List00:27:020.45/N/A13/0
0006 Creation, Genesis and Origins Irrigating the Garden00:27:480.46/N/A12/0
0007 Creation, Genesis and Origins Leaving the Garden00:29:490.49/N/A11/0
0008 Creation, Genesis and Origins Legend of Adapa00:29:400.49/N/A10/0
0009 Creation, Genesis and Origins Adams Family00:29:510.49/N/A9/0
0010 Creation, Genesis and Origins Adam and Associates00:28:170.47/N/A9/0
0011 Creation, Genesis and Origins Angels and Giants00:27:240.45/N/A9/0
0012 Creation, Genesis and Origins The Mesopotamian Flood00:27:130.44/N/A9/0
0013 Creation, Genesis and Origins End of the Voyage00:27:580.46/N/A9/0
0014 Creation, Genesis and Origins Locating the Ark00:27:260.45/N/A10/0
0015 Creation, Genesis and Origins Out and About00:28:580.48/N/A9/0
0016 Creation Genesis and Origins Tower of Babel Less Confusing00:28:240.47/N/A9/0
0017 Creation Genesis and Origins Making Sense of Babel00:27:310.45/N/A9/0
0018 Creation Genesis and Origins Searching for the Tower00:27:380.46/N/A8/0
0019 Creation Genesis and Origins Putting It All Together00:29:190.48/N/A10/0
0020 Creation Genesis and Origins Revised King James Version00:28:430.47/N/A9/0

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