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The Square Circle is a weekly, half-hour public affairs panel discussion show that airs live on Thursday evenings in Arlington, Virginia. Three guests--a conservative, a liberal, and a libertarian--engage in robust yet civil discussion and debate on the major news stories of the week. Viewers are invited to submit questions online. The final segment is "The Most Underreported Story of the Week," where each guest discusses a story he/she thinks did not get as much media attention as it deserved.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Virginia

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Public Square, Inc.

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2016 race, Iran deal, Oscars00:28:220.418
Berlin attack, Russian ambassador, North Carolina: Square Circle 12-22-1600:30:050.153
Charleston: race, gun control, and the Confederate flag00:29:000.916
Congressional ethics, Obamacare, Russia00:29:500.193
Ferguson, Black Lives Matter, Hillary’s e-mails00:28:120.185
Fidel Castro, Trump's cabinet, flag tweet00:28:320.173
Gitmo, Biden, the Trump Effect 00:28:460.425
GOP debate, Baltimore mistrial, Paris agreement00:27:430.414
GOP debate, budget deal, high school video00:27:540.175
GOP health care bill, wiretapping, Day Without a Woman00:27:560.253
Hillary on Benghazi, Biden not running, Ryan makes demands00:28:020.115
Immigration, Milo Yiannopoulos, transgender bathrooms 00:29:180.274
Inauguration boycotts, Chelsea Manning, James Comey00:29:020.312
Iran nuclear deal, criminal justice reform, Donald Trump00:28:320.505
ISIS, McKinney, abortion00:27:130.856
James Comey testifies before Congress: Square Circle 6-8-1800:28:550.232
Jared Kushner, the Paris Agreement, U.S. Reliability: The Square Circle 6-1-1700:29:260.163
Milwaukee, Trump, Obamacare: Square Circle 8-18-1600:29:260.194
Neil Gorsuch, refugee executive order, Sally Yates00:28:300.283
NSA debate in Congress, ISIS makes gains, FIFA scandal00:29:110.916
Obama on gun control, Oregon standoff, North Korea 00:29:370.435
Paris attacks: ISIS strategy, Syrian refugees, 2016 race 00:28:410.176
Planned Parenthood, immigration, Boy Scouts00:29:310.165
Pope addresses Congress, Ben Carson on Islam, Russia aids Syria00:28:360.129
Square Circle 10-21-16: Clinton-Trump Round 3, voter fraud, Syria00:29:590.163
Square Circle 11-10-16: Trump Defeats Clinton00:28:350.174
Square Circle 2-18-16: Scalia, South Carolina, Apple vs. the FBI00:28:070.196
Square Circle 2-4-16: Iowa caucus results, the future of football 00:28:230.425
Square Circle 3-23-17: Trump-Russia, health care, Gorsuch00:28:250.174
Square Circle 3-24-16: Brussels attacks, Obama in Cuba, Trump/Cruz foreign policy teams00:29:040.217
Square Circle 3-3-16: Super Tuesday, Trump, Apple vs. FBI00:26:290.396
Square Circle 3-30-17: Devin Nunes, environmental regulation, web privacy00:29:120.173
Square Circle 4-13-17: Syria, North Korea, United passenger fiasco 00:27:410.132
Square Circle 4-21-16: New York primary, Saudi Arabia, Russian buzz00:29:030.194
Square Circle 4-7-16: Panama Papers, minimum wage, religious liberty bills00:29:270.187
Square Circle 5-12-16: Trump-Ryan, bathroom bill, Facebook00:29:290.176
Square Circle 5-18-17: Trump-Russia scandal, Trump intelligence leak, impeachment talk00:28:070.245
Square Circle 5-26-16: Hillary's e-mail, Hiroshima, Facebook00:29:220.155
Square Circle 6-16-16: Orlando shooting: terrorism, guns, LGBT00:29:140.176
Square Circle 6-30-16: Istanbul, Benghazi, Brexit00:29:300.187
Square Circle 7-21-16: Baton Rouge, state of the GOP, Melania Trump00:28:330.145
State of the Union: economy, foreign policy, Obama legacy00:28:300.238
Steve Scalise shooting, Jeff Sessions testimony, Alex Jones interview00:28:520.291
Supreme Court, Greece, Cuba 00:27:100.857
Syrian refugee crisis, Kim Davis, Iran nuclear deal00:27:530.145
The Square Circle 3-17-16: Super Tuesday III, violence at Trump rallies, Merrick Garland 00:29:230.434
The Square Circle 4-27-17: taxes, budget, 100 days00:29:030.165
Trump addresses Congress, Jeff Sessions in hot water00:28:570.244
Trump and Sanders, Syrian refugees, Ahmed Mohamed00:27:580.147
Trump on immigration, Black Lives Matter vs. Hillary, female Rangers 00:29:230.135
Trump to Comey: "You're Fired": The Square Circle 5/11/1700:28:040.263
Trump vs. GOP, Trump vs. Bill Clinton, Hillary vs. Wikileaks00:28:080.143
Trump's ban on Muslims, guns and the no-fly list, Obama's address 00:30:020.074
Trump's comments, jobs report, Stanford rape case00:29:560.855
USA Freedom Act, TSA, 9/11 Commission report00:29:280.9210

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