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The show "AMERICANA – The Way We Were" looks back on American life by way of old
public domain newsreels, films and public/civic documentaries. Each episode contains one or more
snippets of the way American life used to be. This show is very enlightening, sometimes very funny
always quaint and illustrative of how simple life in the United States once was. Whether it is a look at
Dating in the 50’s or the use of Good Table Manners the construction of the 1964 World’s fair in New
York or everyone’s favorite TV commericals from the 40’s and 50’s there is something for everyone in
the episodes of “AMERICANA – The Way We Were”.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Massachusetts

Frequency of Episodes: Intermittent

Show Producer: Wonderboy Video Productions

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101-AMERICANA The Kennedy Nixon Debates 196000:32:080.53/N/A45/0
102-AMERICANA Alaska Modern Frontier. Girls Beware & The Librarian00:31:300.52/N/A42/0
103-AMERICANA Are you ready for Marriage and the Gasoline trail00:25:500.43/N/A49/0
104-AMERICANA Communism Miracle of 1955 and Always on Call00:30:060.50/N/A41/0
105-AMERICANA Dating in the 50s and Good Table Manners00:23:330.39/N/A51/0
106-AMERICANA How to use a dial phone & Dont talk to Strangers00:28:420.47/N/A43/0
107-AMERICANA Immigration & Sewing Patterns for Smartness00:29:560.50/N/A41/0
108-AMERICANA In The Suburbs 1950s00:20:140.33/N/A50/0
109-AMERICANA One Got Fat Bicycle Safety & My Japan00:32:010.53/N/A33/0
110-AMERICANA Thanksgiving & How the Ear works00:25:060.41/N/A46/0
111-AMERICANA The Golden Years and Duck & Cover00:29:320.49/N/A39/0
112-AMERICANA The Story of Television and The Atom00:30:110.50/N/A43/0
113-AMERICANA The Terrible Truth & 1940's Mental Hospital00:30:570.51/N/A28/0
114-AMERICANA The Town and the Telephone00:28:130.47/N/A41/0
115-AMERICANA Third Ave 1950s & Why Study Science00:23:230.39/N/A31/0
116-AMERICANA Wash N Wear 194800:23:190.38/N/A31/0
117-AMERICANA The Bully. & The Relaxed Wife & Ike for President00:27:470.46/N/A30/0
118-AMERICANA Safety Patrol and A Challenge of Ideas Edward R. Murrow00:36:480.61/N/A29/0
119-AMERICANA Are you Popular & Bacteria Friend or Foe & New Orleans00:30:290.50/N/A31/0
120-AMERICANA Destination Earth and BIO Warfare and Streamlined00:28:430.47/N/A31/0
121-AMERICANA From the Ground Up and Classic TV Commercials 194800:30:070.50/N/A36/0
122-AMERICANA Using the Bank and Wheels of Progress00:29:360.49/N/A33/0
123-AMERICANA Junior Prom 1946 Office Etiquette 195000:35:280.59/N/A27/0
124-AMERICANA 122 Eyes - Benefits of Looking ahead & Care for Hair 195100:30:110.50/N/A22/0
125-AMERICANA Family Life & Gossip 1950 More TV Commericals 194800:28:180.47/N/A30/0
126-AMERICANA - Healthy Posture 1953 & I want to be a Secretary 194100:27:280.45/N/A28/0
127-AMERICANA Lets Be Good Citizens & Preventing Disease, Spot News00:29:430.49/N/A27/0
128- AMERICANA A Time for Coffee 1948 Home Builders Report 195100:34:300.57/N/A23/0
129 - AMERICANA American Fashion from 1948 and TV Commericals 00:28:340.47/N/A30/0
130 - AMERICANA Once Upon a Honeymoon 1956 Soap Box Derby 193600:25:540.43/N/A26/0
131 - AMERICANA Girl on the Magazine Cover Plexiglass00:29:180.48/N/A23/0
132 - AMERICANA Being Thoughtful 1950 Mainline U.S.A.00:30:180.50/N/A28/0

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