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Show Description:

Learn how to grill like the pros with simple techniques while touring amazing places and creating recipes as unique as Mad Dog & Merrill themselves. Review the history of grilling, and discuss modern techniques and technology with industry experts. An outdoor grilling show that appeals to the "foodie" in all of us!

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Self-proclaimed “Grillologists,” Mad Dog & Merrill, have entertained and educated tens of thousands of grilling enthusiasts. They travel the country performing in front of live audiences, writing cookbooks and making videos, as well as host the television series, "Mad Dog & Merrill’s Midwest Grill’n."

"Mad Dog & Merrill's Midwest Grill'n" is a hilarious 1/2 hour TV series promoting Ag Tourism throughout the Midwest. We shoot each episode from a different destination, promoting and grilling foods that are unique to that location. Mad Dog & Merrill use their creativity and 35+ years of comedy experience to to create a fun-filled 1/2 hour, family friendly show. We began production in 2010 and continue to produce 20-30 new episodes every year with over 120 episodes completed. The year of production is reflected in the show number, so if you'd like to fast forward to newer episodes, you can. For example show "1308 Midwest Grill" is the 8th show of Midwest Grill'n produced in 2013.

We also have nearly 200 :55 grilling tips that are produced and ready to air. Please contact the show's Producer if you're interested in airing those.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Wisconsin

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: Lashbro LLC

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1001 Midwest Grilln Duct Tape Guys00:20:440.43/N/A12/0
1002 Midwest Grilln Cheese Carver00:22:390.47/N/A11/0
1003 Midwest Grilln Braeger Family Farm00:21:040.44/N/A8/0
1004 Midwest Grilln Miller Mike00:20:200.42/N/A10/0
1005 Midwest Grilln Bridge Port00:22:250.47/N/A13/0
1006 Midwest Grilln Sauerkraut Tour00:22:170.46/N/A11/0
1007 Midwest Grilln Fire Up That Grill00:19:380.40/N/A11/0
1008 Midwest Grilln Sausages 100:22:500.48/N/A9/0
1009 Midwest Grilln Sausages 200:22:480.48/N/A10/0
1010 Midwest Grilln Gilbert Brown00:21:390.45/N/A10/0
1101 Midwest Grilln Heritage Hill00:19:400.41/N/A9/0
1102 Midwest Grilln Pine Hills00:21:290.45/N/A9/0
1103 Midwest Grilln Ship Wrecked Brewery00:23:320.49/N/A10/0
1104 Midwest Grilln Landscaping 100:20:090.42/N/A7/0
1105 Midwest Grilln Landscaping 200:20:480.43/N/A8/0
1106 Midwest Grilln St Paul Saints00:21:200.44/N/A10/0
1107 Midwest Grilln Road America00:21:220.45/N/A10/0
1108 Midwest Grilln Oneida Log Homes00:24:150.51/N/A11/0
1109 Midwest Grilln RV Park00:24:230.51/N/A7/0
1110 Midwest Grilln House on the Rock00:23:500.50/N/A9/0
1111 Midwest Grilln Power of Propane00:22:450.47/N/A9/0
1112 Midwest Grilln Johnson Family Farm00:24:480.52/N/A7/0
1113 Midwest Grilln Door County Distillery00:22:440.45/N/A8/0
1114 Midwest Grilln Door County Cherry00:24:250.51/N/A8/0
1115 Midwest Grilln Tailgate00:22:520.48/N/A9/0
1116 Midwest Grilln Something Special from Wisconsin00:23:460.50/N/A8/0
1117 Midwest Grilln Chickens00:23:530.50/N/A9/0
1201 Midwest Grilln The Ridges00:20:560.33/N/A6/0
1202 Midwest Grilln New London00:19:220.38/N/A8/0
1203 Midwest Grilln Damn Yankees00:19:150.35/N/A7/0
1204 Midwest Grilln Apple Orchard00:19:380.41/N/A8/0
1205 Midwest Grilln Cherry Delite Festival00:20:500.39/N/A7/0
1206 Midwest Grilln Farm Market 100:20:510.40/N/A8/0
1207 Midwest Grilln NATOW00:20:490.39/N/A5/0
1208 Midwest Grilln Held Family Farm00:22:160.46/N/A8/0
1209 Midwest Grilln TRats Baseball00:21:030.40/N/A7/0
1210 Midwest Grilln Maritime Museum00:21:000.41/N/A9/0
1211 Midwest Grilln Farm Market 200:21:030.40/N/A6/0
1212 Midwest Grilln Festival of Flavors00:19:520.35/N/A8/0
1213 Midwest Grilln Marathon Feed00:21:230.40/N/A5/0
1214 Midwest Grilln GB Tailgating00:21:540.46/N/A7/0
1215 Midwest Grilln Community Service00:22:110.39/N/A5/0
1216 Midwest Grilln Holiday Show00:21:330.32/N/A6/0
1301 Midwest Grilln Snow Grilling00:21:370.39/N/A8/0
1302 Midwest Grilln Oneida Veterans Memorial00:21:250.45/N/A7/0
1303 Midwest Grilln Pizza on the Grill00:21:160.44/N/A8/0
1304 Midwest Grilln Masters in May00:21:150.44/N/A8/0
1305 Midwest Grilln Door County Marathon00:21:190.44/N/A6/0
1306 Midwest Grilln Sattler Farm00:21:270.45/N/A6/0
1307 Midwest Grilln Renards Cheese00:21:240.45/N/A8/0
1308 Midwest Grilln Brats on the Grill00:21:260.45/N/A8/0
1309 Midwest Grilln Grass Fed Beef00:21:250.45/N/A6/0
1310 Midwest Grilln Burgraff Family Farm00:21:270.45/N/A6/0
1311 Midwest Grilln The Three Sisters00:21:260.45/N/A6/0
1312 Midwest Grilln Tall Ships Festival00:21:300.45/N/A9/0
1313 Midwest Grilln Bad River Resort00:21:580.32/N/A7/0
1314 Midwest Grilln Beef O Rama00:21:270.45/N/A7/0
1315 Midwest Grilln Food Drive00:21:250.45/N/A4/0
1316 Midwest Grilln Tailgating in GB00:21:280.38/N/A6/0
1317 Midwest Grilln Tailgating in GB 200:21:310.35/N/A6/0
1318 Midwest Grilln Lumberjack Breakfast00:21:270.40/N/A8/0

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