Detail For Show: Computer Programming 4 Kids with Scratch 2 in HD and SD

Show Description:

This HD series teaches kids (about 5th grade and up) and curious adults programming using the Scratch programming language. Confusing and cryptic programming statements are replaced with simple blocks and minimal typing. The children write programs to move sprites on a stage, generate music, create games and animations, draw pictures, present stories and interact with the computer’s microphone and webcam – all while learning critical-thinking skills and problem-solving skills.

This series is all about doing! Every program is created from nothing - or dare I say, from Scratch. But don’t let the simplicity of Scratch fool you. The children will learn various programming concepts including objects, events, callbacks, polling, messages and threads. The final show compares Scratch examples side by side with Java, C, C++, JavaScript, Ruby and Python showing that the programmer is ready to immediately move onto another programming language. Also keep in mind that this series is about programming – not math. Very little math is needed and the few equations that are used are given.

This series focuses on having fun being creative and growing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills while learning to program.

The show was originally created in 1280x720 HD for maximum resolution.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Why a station would want to air this TV series:

Children need the critical-thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills that this series fosters. With Common Core being adapted by more and more state and local school districts and the renewed focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math that STEM and STEAM offer, this series fosters these skills and teaches computer programming.

By using Scratch’s visual programming blocks instead of cryptic syntax, children can focus on problem-solving and analytical skills rather than on deciphering cryptic error messages about missing parentheses and semicolons.

Scratch is free and is freely available on the web from the acclaimed university, MIT. This is not a sales pitch in any way.

Simply put: Children need the skills that this series promotes, especially with a generation that will have to be more adaptive to ever changing technology – and many of their employment opportunities will need technological skills beyond being only a consumer.

Why is this series unique?

I believe it is unique - especially a series that introduces general programming concepts including objects, encapsulation, callbacks, polling, threads and recursion.

The target audience:

This series reaches a wide audience. It is aimed at about 5th grade and up, but it also works well for curious adults (seriously!), including teachers who are intimidated by the thought of using a computer for programming. Scratch is that simple.

The presenter:

This series was created and produced by Michael Laman. Mike has over 33 years programming experience in the computer industry and almost 2 years experience volunteer teaching programming to children - first was with 6th to 8th graders and now 3rd to 5th graders. Mike also taught introduction to programming for a couple years at San Diego State University.

Series quality and technical information:

This 27-episode TV series is in its original 720p HD (1280x720). SD is also available for SD stations.

This series captures the Scratch programming environment window – not a camera recording of the screen – and has been carefully edited to increase readability.

Sponsorship and supporting children who miss earlier shows:

Since the series builds on what was presented in earlier shows, much like any other science or math series, a website, www.Programming4Kids.Info, has been created to let children get free access to free videos so they don’t have to wait up to half a year to start at the beginning.

The website, www.Programming4Kids.Info, is completely free(!) and gives information about TV show broadcasting and links to the videos to let them catch up on the series. There are no advertisements, no subscriptions - nothing is for sale. It is free – no fooling.

MIT’s website, Scratch’s home, is free and free of any ads and sales too. The MIT website link is shown early in each episode around 1:45 so children new to Scratch will know where to go to begin programming from their computer.

The link for the website, www.Programming4Kids.Info, is shown early in each episode around 2:15.

The episodes have a common introduction. Please look at these sections for MIT and www.Programming4Kids.Info to see whether they meet your station’s requirements. I sincerely hope they are acceptable as they are needed. This is isn’t algebra or trigonometry requiring only a pencil and paper. Programming requires the programming language and a computer. A pencil and paper won’t run a program.

Both links are repeated in the last minute or two (sorry the preview can’t show them) of each episode so children who miss the episode’s beginning can get access to Scratch. It’s important that when they see the show for the first time that they can quickly get to the MIT website or catch an earlier show immediately afterwards before their interest fades.

Closing thoughts:

If you decide to broadcast the series, please consider continuing to rerun the series when it’s completed. And thanks!

Please help get this series to children and find those that would enjoy being a programmer and don’t know it yet.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Michael Bram Laman

Note on Downloading:

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DL #
#01 - Scratch Introduced and the Vector Mode Editor00:28:300.57/0.5720/2
#02 - Loops and Cartesian Coordinates00:28:300.55/0.4820/1
#03 - If and If-Else Blocks, and the Bitmap Mode Editor00:28:300.55/0.4918/1
#04 - Variables, Events and Objects, and Napping Cat00:28:300.53/0.4819/1
#05 - Variables for Only 1 Sprite, and Song and Dance00:28:300.57/0.5719/0
#06 - More Loops and the Sound Editor00:28:300.57/0.4916/0
#07 - Numeric Expressions, and Mouse Down and Key Pressed00:28:300.56/0.4814/0
#08 - Boolean Expressions, and Set Effect00:28:300.55/0.5014/0
#09 - String Expressions, Display Color Shades and Transparent Color00:28:300.56/0.5112/0
#10 - More If-Else Blocks and the Costume Center00:28:300.60/0.5813/0
#11 - Draw with the Mouse, and Sprite Layers00:28:300.57/0.5111/0
#12 - Creating Blocks, and the Orbiter00:28:300.58/0.5010/0
#13 - Objects and Events, and Modulus with Clock00:28:300.61/0.6611/0
#14 - Multimedia Input with Webcam and Mic00:28:300.56/0.559/0
#15 - Lunar Lander, and Stamp and Clear00:28:300.61/0.659/0
#16 - The Cat's List, and Video Off and On-Flipped00:28:300.63/0.669/0
#17 - Story Time Lists, and Set Tempo00:28:300.60/0.6110/0
#18 - Timers Introduced, and Shopping Bag List Problems00:28:300.60/0.589/0
#19 - Maze Walking and Platform Game Movement00:28:300.62/0.5810/0
#20 - Messages Introduced with Touchy Crab and Frog to Prince00:28:300.61/0.6410/0
#21 - Three Melodies, and Case Insensitive Matching00:28:300.62/0.5910/0
#22 - Spanish Quiz Via Messages00:28:300.63/0.6110/0
#23 - Clone Clouds, and Timer Reset and Events00:28:300.60/0.6411/0
#24 - Clone Piano Keys00:28:300.62/0.6912/0
#25 - Clone Psychedelic Worm, and Clone Stars00:28:300.58/0.5310/0
#26 - Storytelling, and Recursive Sums00:28:300.59/0.5610/0
#27 - Above and Beyond Scratch00:28:300.51/0.5111/0

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