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People and Places in Maine - a program about the interesting people and places here in Maine. The content is dedicated to being upbeat, happy and informative. We try to highlight the individuals and the things that they are up to in Maine, concentrating on not only artists and musicians but also on individuals with special talents, homegrown businesses, etc.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Normally this show is now produced once a quarter. Previously it had been produced once a month.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Local to Target State or Province

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: SNProductions

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001 PnP Sullivans Train World.mpg00:28:590.69/N/A14/0
002 PnP Photographer Dave Higgins.mpg00:29:010.68/N/A9/0
003 PnP Pemaquid Lighthouse.mpg00:28:590.69/N/A13/0
004 PnP Rich Williams Indian Dancer.mpg00:29:000.81/N/A10/0
005 PnP Chewonki Birds of Prey.mpg00:29:000.81/N/A9/0
006 PnP Paul Lynskey.mpg00:29:010.80/N/A6/0
007 PnP Poet Kendall Merriam.mpg00:29:000.81/N/A0/0
008 PnP Photographer Dave Higgins.mpg00:29:000.68/N/A6/0
009 PnP My Wonderful Dog.mpg00:29:000.72/N/A9/0
010 PnP Goranson Barn.mpg00:29:000.80/N/A0/0
011 PnP Im Puzzled.mpg00:29:000.85/N/A9/0
012 PnP Sugarloaf.mpg00:29:000.80/N/A11/0
013 PnP Master Drummer Tonto.mpg00:29:000.80/N/A6/0
014 PnP Guy Marsden Inventor.mpg00:29:000.81/N/A7/0
015 PnP Tom White Sculptor.mpg00:29:010.79/N/A7/0
017 PnP Winter Gone Farm.mpg00:29:010.81/N/A9/0
018 PnP Muriel Havenstein.mpg00:29:010.81/N/A6/0
019 PnP Bearnstow.mpg00:29:010.83/N/A0/0
020 PnP Artist Wally Warren.mpg00:29:010.89/N/A6/0
021 PnP Maine Art Glass.mpg00:29:010.89/N/A9/0
022 PnP Joe and Lex.mpg00:29:000.80/N/A4/0
023 PnP Art of Edward Mackenzie.mpg00:29:020.72/N/A5/0
024 PnP Weaver Susan Perrine.mpg00:30:010.84/N/A7/0
025 PnP Heather Perry Weafer.mpg00:29:010.78/N/A5/0
026 PnP Bowdoin Hockey Camp.mpg00:29:020.72/N/A6/0
027 PnP Maine Summer Camps.mpg00:29:010.66/N/A9/0
028 Pnp Wyoming Evocation.mpg00:29:010.81/N/A5/0
029 PnP Murad Sayen.mpg00:10:180.25/N/A2/0
030 PnP Tina Ingram.mpg00:29:000.67/N/A5/0
032 PnP Keith Schneider.mpg00:28:590.80/N/A4/0
033 PnP Goranson's Farm 2.mpg00:28:590.80/N/A10/0
034 PnP Oak Street Studio.mpg00:28:590.80/N/A5/0
035 PnP Frank Love.mpg00:28:590.79/N/A3/0
036 PnP Emily McMann - Brownies.mpg00:28:590.89/N/A3/0
037 PnP Emily McMann - Beef Stew.mpg00:28:590.81/N/A3/0
038 PnP Emily McMann Biscuits.mpg00:28:590.81/N/A3/0
039 PnP Emily McMann Summer Fare.mpg00:28:590.80/N/A3/0
040 PnP Emily McMann Her History.mpg00:28:590.81/N/A4/0
041 PnP Emily McMann In her Memory.mpg00:28:590.72/N/A2/0
042 PnP Emily McMann and Turkey Pie.mpg00:29:060.89/N/A3/0
043 Pnp Maine Song Writers III.mpg00:28:590.81/N/A5/0
044 Pnp Maine Song Writers IV.mpg00:28:590.81/N/A3/0
045 PnP Portland Harbor Cruise.mpg00:28:590.81/N/A13/0
046 PnP The Blues in Maine.mpg00:28:590.81/N/A10/0
047 PnP The Pianomen.mpeg00:29:590.82/N/A4/0
048 PnP Brunswick Humane Society.mpg00:28:590.81/N/A8/0
050 PnP Frederic Church's Camp00:29:010.68/N/A9/0
051 PnP Found Objects Artist Jay Sawyer00:28:590.70/N/A15/0
052 PnP The Second Look00:28:590.68/N/A16/0
053 PnP Treefrog Farm.mpg00:28:570.69/N/A17/0

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