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Ramping Up your English is an educational support program for intermediate level English Learners. Since it's not for beginners, the language of instruction is English, so it's for people who have already passed the beginning stages of learning English. It's a program for people of all ages and from all language backgrounds.

We take a content-based approach to elevating your level of English proficiency, to communicate more like a native English speaker in the United States. The program is organized into thematic units. Our first unit is Trains and Railroads. Through viewing video clips on the same theme, students watch their listening comprehension grow as they watch more of the 32 episodes. Some direct instruction is included in most episodes, exploring higher levels of grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. The idea is to improve your level of English proficiency with the least amount of stress.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Ramping Up your English is a way to serve people in your market from language backgrounds other than English. It's likely that there are a great number of community members in your coverage area who have started learning English, but would like to get better at it. I'm not aware of many programs that do that - most focusing on basic English skills. As an ESL teacher, I can say that most of my students and their families have gone beyond the beginning stages of learning English but haven't received much support in reaching high proficiency. Ramping Up your English is designed to meet this need. Our approach is content-based, using the power of visual media to present numerous video clips about our units' themes - making the process entertaining, interesting, and fun. While Ramping Up your English is produced in Southern Oregon, its scope is nationwide and through the website - International. As of July of 2017, we've produced 50 episodes in the themes of Trains and Railroads; and Animals. If you have English learners in your market, I guarantee you serve people who want their English skills to improve. While this program isn't for beginners, it's helpful to people of all ages and from all language backgrounds. Ramping Up your English received the Program of the Year award for 2016 in Southern Oregon and the Best Educational Program award. Ramping Up your English is currently carried by RVTV in Ashland and Southern Oregon as a weekly series. I hope you'll check out these episodes and contact me if you're interested in carrying the program. I continue to produce at least 4 episodes per quarter, and I'd love to make them available to markets outside of Southern Oregon. Learn more at my website: You can view more episodes there and see the additional support that's offered to viewers through the website. I can be contacted at

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Oregon

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: John Letz

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