Detail For Show: The Paranormal Journeys

Show Description:

In every day life, we are surrounded by what many consider the paranormal. It is here, where we would like you to join us for our journeys into these unknown realms - Join a crew of individuals looking for the unexplained.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Kentucky

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: Harrison 'Neal' Williams

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S.1: Ep.01 Our Biggest Fans00:26:010.60/N/A9/0
S.1: Ep.02 The Old Mill Inn P.100:26:100.60/N/A9/0
S.1: Ep.03 The Old Mill Inn P.200:25:160.54/N/A9/0
S.1: Ep.04 The Old Mill Inn Finale00:26:280.57/N/A6/0
S.1: Ep.05 Wine and Spirits00:24:570.57/N/A7/0
S.1: Ep.06 Frigid Encounters00:24:550.57/N/A7/0
S.1: Ep.07 Old South Pittsburg Hospital P.100:23:020.39/N/A7/0
S.1: Ep.08 Old South Pittsburg Hospital P.200:24:300.48/N/A7/0
S.1: Ep.09 Old South Pittsburg Hospital P.300:25:540.55/N/A6/0
S.1: Ep.10 Old South Pittsburg Hospital Finale00:24:380.56/N/A7/0
S.2: Ep.1 The Wildcat House00:28:140.52/N/A7/0
S.2: Ep.2 Hollywood Spa00:26:140.55/N/A5/0
S.2: Ep.3 Battlefield Knoxville00:26:350.58/N/A7/0
S.2: Ep.4 The Cumberland Gap Inn. P.100:26:220.61/N/A6/0
S.2: Ep.5 The Cumberland Gap Inn. P.200:29:500.69/N/A5/0

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