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Show Description:

When times are tough, resilient people get creative. Here's inspiring, useful and thought-provoking content as a remedy to dystopia and doom. In each half-hour segment, viewers learn essential skills and information to help get through the worst of times. From hands-on skills such as pruning apple trees or wiring up solar panels,  to key, science-based lectures on Climate Change impacts, the overall result is a better informed, better prepared community.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Episode 1 was filmed in HD and compressed to 720x480 in WS format. The second episode was uploaded in standard 720x480 format. Please let me know which you prefer for future episodes.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Maine

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Liberty News Group

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ResilienceTV Episode 1: Apple, Pear and Raspberry Pruning00:27:140.96/N/A9/0
ResilienceTV Episode 2: How Will Climate Change Impact New England?00:27:280.97/N/A4/0
ResilienceTV Episode 3: Nascar Driving Vegan Hippy Chick Leilani Münter00:34:390.99/N/A5/0
ResilienceTV Episode 4: Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley On Sustainable Opportunity00:30:420.99/N/A5/0

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