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Wherever you live in the world, Winter 2017 may have seemed endless, as was the case along the West Coast of the United States where rain and snow seemed to continue non-stop.

Filmmaker, Dick Jordan, uses a combination of Black & White still photos shot in the rain and snow, and a haunting song track, to evoke feelings of monotony and sadness that persist until the literally uplifting finish to this short film.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

I was inspired to make this film after spending the first half of winter 2016-2017 living in the San Francisco Bay Area which was subjected to a seemingly non-stop series of intense rain storms which dropped nearly twice the yearly average rainfall, causing mudslides, road closures, and power outages.

Then I moved to Eugene, Oregon, where far less rain fell, but it was a rare day when there were no clouds or precipitation.

In the meantime, record amounts of snow fell in the mountains of the West, especially in California.

Other parts of the U.S., which often experience even more extreme winter weather than the West Coast, weren't spared, either.

Everyone who has lived through a long, seemingly endless winter, will identify with the people and images depicted in the film.

Even an endless winter, will end, of course.

And so, when this film ends it is still raining, but there is a realization than even when you are soaking wet from being out in a storm, life is good and the sun will soon shine once again.

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Show Producer: Dick Jordan

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