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Our shows are focused on bringing volunteer hosts and guests together in hopes of promoting education, fostering engagement and making Hawaii a more vital, thriving home for future generations.

ThinkTech Hawaii’s Select on PegMedia consist of our weekly most view Talk Shows. We produce shows that cover technology, energy, diversification, globalism, education, the arts, law, healthcare, agriculture, sustainability and other matters of community interest.

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Five shows to be added weekly.

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10,000 Years of Cannabis00:27:19N/A/0.200/0
10,000 Years of Cannabis Advancing Changes In Hawaiis Medical Use00:27:16N/A/0.230/0
102C000 years of Cannabis Industrial Hemp 28Cannabis Chronicles2900:29:12N/A/0.170/0
A Big Week For Rail Looking At The Future Of Rail00:16:110.42/N/A0/0
A Bike Share Update00:29:420.64/N/A0/0
A New Day at Chaminade00:31:37N/A/0.200/0
A Parade of Farms00:28:230.75/N/A2/0
A Tradition of Service to the Community00:26:23N/A/0.180/0
A View from Southern Taiwan 28Asia In Review2900:27:07N/A/0.050/0
Actor Manuel Baez 28Hispanic Hawaii2900:30:08N/A/0.150/0
Advances in Stroke Care 28Much More On Medicine2900:28:24N/A/0.180/0
Age without Borders Global Summit 28Aging With Grace2900:33:50N/A/0.200/0
Ala Moana Mall Paradise00:28:450.48/N/A0/0
All the Worlds a Stage and All the Men and Women Merely Lawyers00:29:01N/A/0.260/0
American Geophysical Union 28Community Matters2900:29:11N/A/0.160/0
An Hawaiian Attorney Looks at the OHA Audit 28Hawaii Together With Keli27i Akina2900:27:42N/A/0.070/0
Artificial Intelligence AI and the Dark Web00:28:41N/A/0.170/0
At The State Capitol Rep. Lynn DeCoite00:09:25N/A/0.050/0
Ballistic Missile Alert2C What if it was Real3F 28The Cyber Underground2900:28:36N/A/0.190/0
Behind the Scenes 28Asia In Review29 Why Is America In Asia00:06:37N/A/0.030/0
Biocentric Lighting Leading the Daylighting Revolution with Solatube International00:28:510.52/N/A3/0
Blood Sweat and Breastmilk 28Finding Respect In The Chaos2900:28:03N/A/0.240/0
Butchering Local Meats in Hawaii 28Hawaii Food And Farmer Series2900:28:55N/A/0.240/0
Cauldrons of Fire00:31:07N/A/0.180/0
Celebrating the Hispanic Heritage Month00:29:56N/A/0.140/0
Changing our Approach to Gender Based Violence 28Finding Respect In The Chaos2900:29:41N/A/0.180/0
Cheating Death in the Garden Cautionary Tales of Rat Lungworm Disease00:28:300.79/N/A1/0
China through American eyes 28Understanding China2900:26:56N/A/0.140/0
Come2C See2C and Conquer 28Out Of The Comfort Zone2900:30:20N/A/0.150/0
Comfort Pet Scam Versus Real Service Animals in Hawaii 28What27s On Your Mind Hawaii2900:31:14N/A/0.300/0
Cool Vintage Tropical Social Senior Dwelling 28Humane Architecture2900:29:00N/A/0.140/0
Cross Country Law Practice is the Way of the Future 28Making Leadership Work2900:28:41N/A/0.160/0
Cryptocurrency Update What are Masternodes3F 28Hibachi Talk2900:29:07N/A/0.180/0
Directives Bring Hardships00:28:51N/A/0.150/0
Disruptive Technology and Hawaiis Economic Future00:28:170.60/N/A2/0
Do Not Panic. Be Prepared!00:29:37N/A/0.140/0
Do Taiwan Political Parties Serve Citizens Demands00:28:390.37/N/A0/0
Do You Give More Then Thanks On Thanksgiving 00:28:50N/A/0.140/0
Domestic Violence Awareness00:28:46N/A/0.130/0
East-West Center: Past, Present and Future00:27:020.99/N/A2/0
Electrochemistry is the Foundation of the Clean Energy Movement00:29:240.91/N/A1/0
Elevated Elevate Structure00:27:28N/A/0.170/0
Enhancing Algal Bioremediation in Wastewater Treatments with Cindy Tsou 28Young Talents Making Way2900:26:24N/A/0.090/0
Exploring HUNA for Life Coaching00:29:030.78/N/A0/0
Exploring the Subsurface Earth with Geophysics 28Research In Manoa2900:29:13N/A/0.230/0
Fifty Years Before the Bar00:34:40N/A/0.250/0
Finding Ancient Meteorites 28Research In Manoa2900:28:59N/A/0.210/0
Finding Justice with the United Nations World Youth Congress: An Agent for Sustainability00:29:080.77/N/A1/0
For the Free, Musical Catfishing and Vegan Values00:28:010.63/N/A2/0
Futurists of Hawaii: From Fragility to Sustainability with Futures Studies00:28:060.61/N/A1/0
GATT, WTO, NAFTA, TPP, TPP11, KORUS, Do They Matter For Hawaii? 00:28:27N/A/0.230/0
Getting Hawaii Prepared for the Next Alarm 28Community Matters2900:32:43N/A/0.240/0
Getting Men Involved In The Prevention Of DV 28Discovering Aquaponics In The Garden2900:28:48N/A/0.180/0
Ghost Girls Underage Thinking Island Sounds with Lenore Mollison00:28:330.64/N/A2/0
Global Corporations Seek Top CLevel Executives 28All About Leadership2900:27:24N/A/0.120/0
Going To My Chiropractor00:28:32N/A/0.220/0
Gun Control in America 28History Lens2900:30:11N/A/0.190/0
Hawaii Cannabis Alliance 28Out And About2900:29:48N/A/0.250/0
Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation and Honolulu Pride 201700:28:46N/A/0.230/0
Hawaii Opera Theatre00:34:200.73/N/A0/0
Hawaii Students Say Never Again and March for Our Lives21 28Perspectives On Global Justice2900:30:09N/A/0.220/0
Hawaii's Feral Cat Problem. Is Killing Cats the Solution?00:04:33N/A/0.050/0
Hawaii's Newest Democratic Member: Representative Beth Fukumoto00:28:280.67/N/A1/0
Hawaiian Archaeoastronomy at Kukaniloko 00:28:070.66/N/A2/0
Hawaiian Monk Seal Advocacy - Protecting Endangered Animals00:29:400.63/N/A2/0
Hawaiis Industrial Hemp Revolution00:29:420.80/N/A0/0
Heco's Take On The 2045 Goal00:32:20N/A/0.220/0
HI Pie Local Ingredients for Local Business 28Hawaii Food And Farmer Series2900:29:20N/A/0.230/0
Hispanic Heritage Month00:30:44N/A/0.200/0
Honolulu Police Department and Beyond Life At It27s Fullest21 28Hibachi Talk2900:29:03N/A/0.240/0
Honolulu Rail How to Save 243 Billion and 4 Years00:28:010.99/N/A0/0
Honolulu27s WWI Memorial Natatorium 40 Year Plan and Adios 2017 28What27s On Your Mind Hawaii2900:29:43N/A/0.290/0
Hot Lava at Kilauea Volcano - Advancements in Volcanology00:29:160.54/N/A2/0
Huge Hawaii Storage Wars00:28:300.42/N/A1/0
Jell O Shot Pro - From Idea to Mobile App 00:28:17N/A/0.280/0
Keli27i Akina Interviews Rowena Akana OHA Audit 28Hawaii Together With Keli27i Akina2900:28:22N/A/0.070/0
Kim Coco Iwamoto From Community Activist to Lieutenant Governor 28Making Leadership Work2900:29:54N/A/0.120/0
King Kalakauas Trip Around The World 28Law Across The Sea2900:27:29N/A/0.170/0
Larsen vs Hawaiian Kingdom00:29:26N/A/0.150/0
Living the Waimanalo Blues Surviving BoycottHawaii with Matt Loves Music00:28:270.64/N/A0/0
Lovely Hula Hands Across Time00:29:070.67/N/A1/0
Makaha Magic 28Humane Architecture2900:29:15N/A/0.150/0
March for Science Hawaii Earth Day 201700:27:430.69/N/A2/0
Micronesian Youth Summit 28Pacific Partnerships In Education2900:28:30N/A/0.310/0
Military Presence and Activities Around the Globe 28Perspectives On Global Justice2900:31:18N/A/0.210/0
Natural Reaction Revenge is Her Justice00:27:28N/A/0.160/0
Navigating the Journey 28Navigating The Journey2900:28:08N/A/0.170/0
Niu Valley Middle School 28Community Matters2900:31:01N/A/0.210/0
North Korea Threat or Paper Cut?00:31:570.99/N/A2/0
Ocean Plastics00:28:480.57/N/A0/0
OHA Audit The View From the Otherside 28Talk Story2900:29:10N/A/0.100/0
Olympic Training00:28:470.77/N/A0/0
Pacific Islanders Lives Matter00:30:41N/A/0.180/0
Paleomagnetism: Lessons from Earth's Magnetic Field00:29:320.68/N/A2/0
Patricia G. Steinhoff 28Book Worlds2900:29:37N/A/0.190/0
Pedaling in Paradise A New Cycle with Bikeshare Hawaii00:28:380.78/N/A2/0
Physical Therapy The Elixir Joint Pain 28Seymour27s World2900:29:08N/A/0.160/0
Plastic Pollution with Sustainable Coastline Hawaii00:25:580.47/N/A2/0
Politics and Leadership00:31:380.85/N/A1/0
Promoting Community Health and Wellness in Hawaii 00:29:520.58/N/A1/0
Racial Harmony In Hawaii00:28:16N/A/0.130/0
Recognition for Justices00:28:480.44/N/A1/0
Remembering The Cassini Spacecraft at Saturn00:29:18N/A/0.140/0
Riceup Empowering Those who Feed Us00:31:120.66/N/A0/0
Richard Todd Rentz2C LMFT3B Its All In The Family 28Shrink Rap2900:29:08N/A/0.170/0
Ride for Our Soldiers00:27:12N/A/0.250/0
Role of Indonesia in ASEAN and IndonesiaSingapore Relations 2850th Anniversary29 28The Global Report2900:31:49N/A/0.140/0
Sam Slom: Hawaii's Opposition Voice00:29:140.60/N/A0/0
Science by Design 00:28:170.71/N/A1/0
Self Discipline 26 Self Defense 28Out Of The Comfort Zone2900:26:57N/A/0.170/0
Sister Cities Relations Of Honolulu2C Hawaii 28Asia In Review2900:32:18N/A/0.170/0
Social Groups and Impacts on Society00:29:25N/A/0.150/0
Social Media the Good2C the Bad and How to Protect Our Children 28Hispanic Hawaii2900:28:11N/A/0.170/0
State of the Law Challenging Trumps Travel Ban with Hawaii Attorney General Douglas Chin00:29:210.68/N/A0/0
Storms Over Southeast Asia00:28:50N/A/0.220/0
Studying Hawaii From Afar00:28:21N/A/0.240/0
Texting To Save Lives 28Out Of The Comfort Zone2900:26:27N/A/0.160/0
The Coming Conflict between LNG and Coal in Asia00:32:200.64/N/A0/0
The Cyber Security Crusade21 28The Cyber Underground2900:29:27N/A/0.140/0
The Cyber Underground Equifax Breach!00:28:16N/A/0.180/0
The Cyber Underground How To Be A Hacker: Part V What's Roaming Your Network3F00:28:590.59/N/A1/0
The Cyber Underground - How To Secure Your Social Media Account00:29:340.66/N/A1/0
The Cyber Underground - Robbery of the Bellagio Rolex Store00:28:330.60/N/A0/0
The Decline of Taiwan's Nationalist Party Kuomintang (KMT)00:28:310.50/N/A0/0
The Effects of Trump27s Tariffs 28Think Tech Asia2900:30:10N/A/0.250/0
The History Behind the Rohingya Crisis00:28:30N/A/0.180/0
The Incident In Davis, California00:35:12N/A/0.170/0
The Kolea Hawaiis Original Snowbird00:27:59N/A/0.230/0
The Meeting Between Xi Jinping and Donald Trump - Insights from APEC Hawaii 00:29:240.99/N/A0/0
The Mysteries of the Tax Reform Act of 20172C Revealed 28Think Tech Tech Talks2900:42:59N/A/0.330/0
The New Fortress of the Internet 28Young Talents Making Way2900:27:56N/A/0.210/0
The Science and Beauty of a Total Solar Eclipse00:28:450.56/N/A1/0
The Science Of Body Language00:28:51N/A/0.190/0
The Spreading Tapestry of DroneIsm00:24:54N/A/0.140/0
The Spring Equinox 28Cannabis Chronicles2900:31:04N/A/0.210/0
The Taiwan Military The Good the Bad and the Ugly with Lt. Col. Scott Ellinger00:28:530.47/N/A0/0
The Unconventional Internship00:27:310.68/N/A0/0
The Wonders of Mineral Physics 28Research In Manoa2900:29:18N/A/0.220/0
The Woodshow 25 Turns And A New Twist00:28:28N/A/0.230/0
The Work of a Drone Advocate00:32:07N/A/0.210/0
TMT News Summit Views00:27:520.79/N/A0/0
To a Hawaii construction site near you21 28Where The Drone Leads2900:21:29N/A/0.170/0
Today's Republic of China Armed Forces00:28:380.37/N/A0/0
Transgender Voices00:33:49N/A/0.340/0
Trap, Neuter, Release or Return00:28:350.56/N/A0/0
Travel Bans in the US A History of Exclusion00:27:190.67/N/A2/0
Twilight Coral Revisited 28Likable Science2900:27:56N/A/0.190/0
Update on the Fuel Cell Conference and other Breaking Hydrogen News 28Stan The Energy Man2900:28:49N/A/0.190/0
Veteran Community Engagement 28Hawaii In Uniform2900:28:53N/A/0.200/0
Volcanology in the Democratic Republic of the Congo2C Africa 28Research In Manoa2900:29:53N/A/0.300/0
Waikiki Health 28Out And About2900:28:10N/A/0.170/0
Waikiki Health50 Years of Expanding Medical and Social Services 28Out And About2900:32:33N/A/0.200/0
We27re Off to the Med The Doctor and the Diet 28Outside In2900:28:05N/A/0.200/0
What is 1111 Singles Day And Why Should You Know About It 28ThinkTech Asia2900:30:28N/A/0.280/0
What Is Sustainable Community Design?00:27:510.55/N/A1/0
Why Health Care Costs Too Much21 28Hawaii Together With Keli27i Akina2900:28:18N/A/0.170/0
Will Taiwan Fight Part 200:29:140.45/N/A0/0
Your Safety Depends on You00:28:22N/A/0.130/0

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