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"The Force of Poetry" is a presentation on the meaning, mechanics and significance of poetry.

The 57 minute film features poet Timothy Victor Richardson whose work impressed Nobel Laureate, Joseph Brodsky, reading from his collection "Afflicted Love".

Poetry is displayed on the screen, line by line, as it is read. Lines are also color coated, at times, to show rhymes and illustrate other relationships as the poet describes them. Poetic meter is demonstrated in conjunction with jazz drumming exercises on a practice pad.

Endorsed by Maine Public Broadcasting which wrote, in part: "The effect is to inject life and heartbeat into what is often thought of as an inert, hard-to-read art form, and the result is educational and entertaining."

Notes to Stations About This Show:

'The Force of Poetry', produced in 2003, has played at stations in six states; first on tape, then with remastered sound, on DVD in 2005.

I produced this film to bring attention to the extraordinary poetry of Timothy Victor Richardson and, in the process, open up the creative world of a serious dedicated poet.

I was very pleased with the MPB endorsement because I think of the film as educational and I intended it to be entertaining. "The Force of Poetry" has recently been purchased by a Canadian university.

You can view and review a preview of 'The Force of Poetry' at

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Show Producer: Toni Seger - independent producer

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