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Brief reflections on upcoming Revised Lectionary Texts as used for daily & weekly, seasonal worship by many Christian denominations. Father Sellery is the priest in charge at the St. John's Episcopal Church in Salisbury, CT. The Church has a live stream 24/7. All of the services can be viewed live on YouTube.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Connecticut

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 7 days

Show Producer: David Sellery

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to David Sellery for covering this cost.

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Tough Questions (Matthew 22:34-46)00:06:010.00/N/A1/0
"A Special Thanksgiving Message"00:04:130.00/N/A0/0
"A Tale of Two Families"00:05:090.00/N/A2/0
"As Time Goes By"00:05:460.00/N/A2/0
"Bearing Fruit" Luke 13:1-900:04:500.00/N/A1/0
"Belonging" John 10:22-3000:05:210.00/N/A2/0
"Beyond Belief" John 20:19-3100:05:550.00/N/A2/0
"Come Holy Spirit" John 14:8-17, 25-2700:05:240.00/N/A2/0
"Comfort Ye My People-A special Christmas Message"00:05:520.00/N/A1/0
"Deliver Us from Evil" Luke 4:1-1300:04:550.00/N/A1/0
"Do you love me?" John 21:1-1900:05:350.00/N/A1/0
"Empty Tombs" John 20:1-900:04:490.00/N/A2/0
"Getting it Together" John 17:20-2600:05:180.00/N/A2/0
"Holier-than-Tho" Luke 7:36-8:300:05:140.00/N/A2/0
"Jump Starting Lent" Matthew 6:1-6, 16-2100:04:460.00/N/A2/0
"Keep it Holy" Luke 13:10-1700:05:450.00/N/A1/0
"Love Among the Wolves" Luke 10:1-1100:06:070.00/N/A0/0
"Love Works"00:05:360.00/N/A0/0
"Martin's Greatest Gift" 1 Cor. 12:12-1300:04:440.00/N/A0/0
"Name Your Demons" Luke 8:26-3900:06:210.00/N/A0/0
"Outfoxed" Luke 13:31-3500:04:460.00/N/A0/0
"Perspective" John 16:12-1500:05:530.00/N/A0/0
"Prepare the way of the Lord"00:05:360.00/N/A0/0
"Promises Kept, Prayers Answered" Luke 4:14-2100:05:380.00/N/A0/0
"Surprised By Love" Luke 10:25-3700:05:390.00/N/A0/0
"Thanks Mom"00:05:450.00/N/A0/0
"That's All Folks"00:05:230.00/N/A0/0
"The Beloved" Luke 15:1-3, 11b-3200:04:290.00/N/A0/0
"The Chain of Command" Luke 7:1-1000:05:030.00/N/A0/0
"The Chaos of Christmas"00:05:540.00/N/A0/0
"The Fragrance of Faith" John 12:1-800:05:220.00/N/A2/0
"The Gift of Rejection" Luke 4:21-3000:05:270.00/N/A0/0
"The Hard Part" John 13:31-3500:04:560.00/N/A0/0
"The Miracle that Lasts" Luke 7:11-1700:05:290.00/N/A0/0
"The Place of Honor" Luke 14:1,7-1400:05:300.00/N/A0/0
"The Power of the Holy Spirit" John 14:23-2900:04:530.00/N/A1/0
"The Water's Fine" Luke 3:15-17, 21-2200:05:110.00/N/A0/0
"The Yes-Man" Luke 22:14-23:5600:05:490.00/N/A0/0
"Tougher Love" Luke 9:51-6200:05:410.00/N/A1/0
"Transfigurations" Luke 9:28-3600:05:050.00/N/A1/0
''Cross Purposes'' John 12:20-3300:05:400.00/N/A0/0
A Family Feast (Luke 2:22-40)00:06:270.00/N/A0/0
A Feast of Epiphanies (Matthew 2:1-12)00:06:210.00/N/A0/0
A Game of Inches (John 3:13-22)00:05:430.00/N/A0/0
A Gospel for Slow Learners (Matthew 16:13-20)00:06:180.00/N/A1/0
A Servant’s Heart (Matthew 23:1-12)00:06:340.00/N/A0/0
Alive in the Spirit. John 15:26-27, 164-1500:06:380.00/N/A0/0
Born Again John 3:1-1700:06:210.00/N/A0/0
Called to Greatness (John 1:26-38)00:05:370.00/N/A1/0
Case Closed, Heaven is Open. John 20:1-1800:05:480.00/N/A0/0
Come to the Feast John 6:1-2100:06:190.00/N/A0/0
Connections. John 15:1-800:05:380.00/N/A0/0
Crying Wolf - John 10:11-1800:06:370.00/N/A0/0
Dare to Forgive (Matthew 18:15-20)00:06:460.00/N/A0/0
Deliver Us from Evil - Mark 6:14-2900:05:240.00/N/A0/0
Discovering Jesus (John 6:56-69)00:07:320.00/N/A0/0
Ever-ready (Matthew 25:1-13 )00:05:390.00/N/A0/0
Eyes on the Prize (Matthew 20:1-16)00:06:460.00/N/A0/0
Form and Function (Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23)00:05:560.00/N/A0/0
Formula for Forgiveness (Matthew 18:21-35)00:06:520.00/N/A0/0
God Bothering (Matthew 15:10-28)00:06:360.00/N/A0/0
God’s ROI (Matthew 25:14-30)00:05:310.00/N/A0/0
Good News, Bad News (Mark 8:31-38)00:05:370.00/N/A0/0
I told you so. Luke 24: 36b-4800:05:490.00/N/A0/0
In Search of Hidden Treasure (Matthew 13:31-33, 42-52)00:06:050.00/N/A0/0
It is Finished (Mark 14:-15:47)00:06:250.00/N/A0/0
Jesus Calms the Storm (Mark 4:35-42)00:06:260.00/N/A0/0
Jesus Christ, Super-Star (Mark 6: 30-34, 53-56)00:06:540.00/N/A0/0
Jesus the Teacher (Mark 3:20-35)00:06:450.00/N/A0/0
Jump Start to Lent (Mark 1:9-15)00:05:310.00/N/A0/0
Just Visiting? John 17:6-1900:05:320.00/N/A1/0
Learning and Loving (Mark 1:29-39)00:06:100.00/N/A1/0
Merry Christmas (Luke 2:1-14)00:06:190.00/N/A1/0
Need a Hug?. John 15:9-1700:05:040.00/N/A0/0
Never Give up (Mark 5:21-43)00:05:440.00/N/A0/0
No Room for Demons (Mark 1:21-28)00:06:150.00/N/A1/0
On our Lips and in our Hearts (Mark 1:1-13)00:05:390.00/N/A0/0
Paying the Price (John 1:6-8, 19-28)00:05:460.00/N/A0/0
Rejection and Resilience (Mark 6:1-13)00:06:190.00/N/A0/0
RSVP (Matthew 22:1-14)00:05:380.00/N/A0/0
Spring Cleaning with Jesus (John 2: 13-22)00:05:290.00/N/A0/0
The Bottomless Basket (Matthew 14:13-21)00:05:280.00/N/A0/0
The Chosen People (Matthew 21:33-46)00:05:530.00/N/A0/0
The God Particle - John 6:51-5800:05:230.00/N/A0/0
The Jesus Diet. (John 6:24-35)00:05:160.00/N/A0/0
The Joy of Waiting (Mark 13:24-37)00:06:050.00/N/A0/0
The Mustard Seed (Mark 4:26-34)00:05:590.00/N/A0/0
The Price of Admission (Matthew 16:21-28)00:06:030.00/N/A0/0
The Table of Plenty. (John 6:35,41-51)00:05:260.00/N/A0/0
Touching Faith - John 20:19-3100:06:430.00/N/A0/0
Transfigurations (Mark 9:2-9)00:05:250.00/N/A0/0
Walking on Water (Matthew 14:22-33)00:05:390.00/N/A0/0
Walking the Walk (Matthew 21:23-32)00:06:380.00/N/A0/0
“Gotcha” (Matthew 22:15-22)00:05:470.00/N/A0/0

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