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*****If the SD version I have on PEGmedia does not suit your needs, or you need an HD version, please let me know. HD and a variety of SD versions are available at Telvue Connect Media Exchange.*****

"Perils For Pedestrians" is a public affairs television series that looks at problems confronting pedestrians in communities like yours, and solutions to those problems from across the United States and around the world. Each 28-minute episode consists of several interviews with advocates, planners, engineers, and public officials, on a broad range of issues of concern to pedestrians. The program occasionally looks at bicyclists, transit, and broader issues of urban design and public health. Since 1996, the host of the series, John Z Wetmore, has conducted interviews in all 50 states, and 17 foreign countries. The series is evergreen, and past episodes can be shown in any order.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

An HD version of the program is available from Telvue Connect Media Exchange starting with Episode 202.

You can contact the producer, John Z Wetmore, by email at

You can see a brief description of each episode by clicking on the Episode Title.

Promos are now available for each episode of Perils For Pedestrians. They are identifiable by the P after the number, as in 147P is the promo for Episode 147.

The promos are all of the "On the next episode..." variety. You can run them without embellishment at the conclusion of the previous episode as a teaser for the next episode. To run them at other times, you would probably want to add CG with the day and time of the program on your station's schedule.

I now cover the cost of downloads. If you plan to download more than a dozen at a time, it may be less expensive for me to mail you DVDs.

The series is also available to download from:
Telvue Connect -

The program website:

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: International

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: other

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: John Z Wetmore

No Download Charges On This Show: Downloads costs are being covered by the producer of this show and there is currently no charge to you for downloading episodes of this show. Thanks from the PegMedia community to John Z Wetmore for covering this cost.

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077 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A111/0
077p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:490.00/N/A31/0
078 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A86/0
078p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:460.00/N/A10/0
079 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A71/0
079p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:480.00/N/A3/0
080 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A67/0
080p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:420.00/N/A6/0
081 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A61/0
081p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A9/0
082 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A57/0
082p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:320.00/N/A7/0
083 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A55/0
083p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:350.00/N/A5/0
084 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A52/0
084p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:310.00/N/A3/0
085 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A52/0
085p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:460.00/N/A3/0
086 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A52/0
086p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:320.00/N/A3/0
087 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A44/0
087p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:380.00/N/A4/0
088 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A45/0
088p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:350.00/N/A4/0
089 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A47/0
089p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:280.00/N/A4/0
090 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A42/0
090p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:310.00/N/A4/0
091 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A44/0
091p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:390.00/N/A3/0
092 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A44/0
092p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:320.00/N/A4/0
093 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A41/0
093p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:290.00/N/A4/0
094 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A39/0
094p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:290.00/N/A2/0
095 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A39/0
095p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:210.00/N/A5/0
096 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A37/0
096p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:380.00/N/A2/0
097 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A37/0
097p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A3/0
098 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A34/0
098p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:360.00/N/A1/0
099 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A32/0
099p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A2/0
100 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A28/0
100p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:350.00/N/A1/0
101 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A27/0
101p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:280.00/N/A3/0
102 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A29/0
102p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A2/0
103 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A30/0
103p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:210.00/N/A2/0
104 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A33/0
104p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A2/0
105 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A31/0
105p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A2/0
106 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A28/0
106p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:280.00/N/A2/0
107 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A30/0
107p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:290.00/N/A2/0
108 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A24/0
108p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:270.00/N/A2/0
109 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A27/0
109p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A2/0
110 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A27/0
110p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A2/0
111 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A24/0
111p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:190.00/N/A2/0
112 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A26/0
112p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A2/0
113 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A23/0
113p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:300.00/N/A3/0
114 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A24/0
114p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A2/0
115 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A23/0
115p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:290.00/N/A2/0
116 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A25/0
116p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A2/0
117 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A23/0
117p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A2/0
118 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A25/0
118p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:250.00/N/A2/0
119 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A23/0
119p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:320.00/N/A2/0
120 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A25/0
120p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A2/0
121 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A26/0
121p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:330.00/N/A2/0
122 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A25/0
122p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A2/0
123 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A22/0
123p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:360.00/N/A2/0
124 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A24/0
124p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:330.00/N/A2/0
125 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A19/0
125p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:330.00/N/A3/0
126 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A21/0
126p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:290.00/N/A2/0
127 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A23/0
127p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:250.00/N/A2/0
128 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A24/0
128p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A2/0
129 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A26/0
129p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:290.00/N/A2/0
130 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A22/0
130p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:210.00/N/A2/0
131 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A23/0
131p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:380.00/N/A2/0
132 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A23/0
132p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:330.00/N/A2/0
133 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A23/0
133p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A1/0
134 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A25/0
134p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:280.00/N/A1/0
135 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A24/0
135p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:220.00/N/A1/0
136 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A20/0
136p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:330.00/N/A3/0
137 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A25/0
137p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A2/0
138 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A24/0
138p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:180.00/N/A2/0
139 Perils for Pedestrians00:28:000.00/N/A24/0
139p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:180.00/N/A1/0
140 Perils for Pedestrians00:28:000.00/N/A28/0
140p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A2/0
141 Perils for Pedestrians00:28:000.00/N/A28/0
141p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A2/0
142 Perils for Pedestrians00:28:000.00/N/A23/0
142p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:380.00/N/A2/0
143 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A22/0
143p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:200.00/N/A1/0
144 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A23/0
144p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:280.00/N/A1/0
145 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A25/0
145p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A1/0
146 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A23/0
146p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:180.00/N/A2/0
147 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A23/0
147p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:330.00/N/A2/0
148 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A22/0
148p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:220.00/N/A1/0
149 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A24/0
149p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A1/0
150 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A25/0
150p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:290.00/N/A2/0
151 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A28/0
151p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:300.00/N/A1/0
152 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A28/0
152p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:280.00/N/A1/0
153 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A26/0
153p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:280.00/N/A1/0
154 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A25/0
154p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:180.00/N/A1/0
155 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A27/0
155p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A1/0
156 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A28/0
156p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:280.00/N/A1/0
157 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A29/0
157p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:160.00/N/A1/0
158 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A32/0
158p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:150.00/N/A1/0
159 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A38/0
159p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:200.00/N/A1/0
160 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A39/0
160p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:220.00/N/A2/0
161 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A39/0
161p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A3/0
162 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A46/0
162p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:280.00/N/A5/0
163 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A60/0
163p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:200.00/N/A6/0
164 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A59/0
164p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A5/0
165 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A61/0
165p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:290.00/N/A6/0
166 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A59/0
166p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A7/0
167 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A63/0
167p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:370.00/N/A4/0
168 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A59/0
168p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:250.00/N/A4/0
169 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A64/0
169p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A4/0
170 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A72/0
170p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:350.00/N/A7/0
171 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A57/0
171p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:270.00/N/A2/0
172 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A56/0
172p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:360.00/N/A4/0
173 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A56/0
173p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:300.00/N/A4/0
174 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A55/0
174p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:160.00/N/A5/0
175 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A59/0
175p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:190.00/N/A4/0
176 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A62/0
176p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:310.00/N/A6/0
177 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A53/0
177p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:270.00/N/A7/0
178 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A61/0
178p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:340.00/N/A11/0
179 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A63/0
179p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:340.00/N/A4/0
180 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A57/0
180p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:200.00/N/A4/0
181 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A61/0
181p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:220.00/N/A6/0
182 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A57/0
182p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:450.00/N/A4/0
183 Perils for Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A57/0
183p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:270.00/N/A4/0
184 Perils for Pedestrians00:28:010.00/N/A60/0
184p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:280.00/N/A5/0
185 Perils for Pedestrians00:28:000.00/N/A56/0
185p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:290.00/N/A4/0
186 Perils for Pedestrians00:28:000.00/N/A53/0
186p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:220.00/N/A6/0
187 Perils for Pedestrians00:28:000.00/N/A58/0
187p Perils for Pedestrians Promo00:00:150.00/N/A8/0
188 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A52/0
188p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:280.00/N/A1/0
189 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A53/0
189p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:100.00/N/A2/0
190 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:580.00/N/A65/0
190p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:160.00/N/A2/0
191 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A44/0
191p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A1/0
192 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A41/0
192p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:290.00/N/A1/0
193 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A40/0
193p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:290.00/N/A2/0
194 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A41/0
194p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:310.00/N/A1/0
195 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A44/0
195p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:340.00/N/A1/0
196 Perils For Pedestrians: Vancouver 100:27:590.00/N/A36/0
196p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A1/0
197 Perils For Pedestrians: Vancouver 200:27:590.00/N/A35/0
197p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A1/0
198 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A38/0
198p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:180.00/N/A1/0
199 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A37/0
199p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A5/0
200 Perils For Pedestrians00:28:000.00/N/A42/0
200p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:210.00/N/A5/0
201 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A41/0
201p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:280.00/N/A6/0
202 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A39/0
202p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:210.00/N/A5/0
203 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A37/0
203p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A5/0
204 Perils For Pedestrians00:28:000.00/N/A38/0
204p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:250.00/N/A5/0
205 Perils For Pedestrians00:28:000.00/N/A33/0
205p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:110.00/N/A5/0
206 Perils For Pedestrians00:28:000.00/N/A34/0
206p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:140.00/N/A5/0
207 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A37/0
207p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A5/0
208 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A39/0
208p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:190.00/N/A7/0
209 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A40/0
209p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:160.00/N/A6/0
210 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A39/0
210p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:300.00/N/A6/0
211 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A43/0
211p Perls For Pedestrians Promo00:00:200.00/N/A6/0
212 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A42/0
212p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:140.00/N/A5/0
213 Perils For Pedestrians00:28:000.00/N/A42/0
213p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:190.00/N/A6/0
214 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A39/0
214p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:300.00/N/A7/0
215 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A39/0
215p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A6/0
216 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A42/0
216p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A6/0
217 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A40/0
217p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A7/0
218 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A40/0
218p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:290.00/N/A6/0
219 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A40/0
219p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A6/0
220 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A38/0
220p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A4/0
221 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A44/0
221p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:170.00/N/A5/0
222 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A41/0
222p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:320.00/N/A5/0
223 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A43/0
223p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:190.00/N/A6/0
224 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A40/0
224p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:230.00/N/A5/0
225 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A36/0
225p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A3/0
226 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A37/0
226p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:260.00/N/A3/0
227 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A40/0
227p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:240.00/N/A5/0
228 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A36/0
228p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:200.00/N/A3/0
229 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A34/0
229p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:140.00/N/A5/0
230 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A41/0
230p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:270.00/N/A7/0
231 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A38/0
231p Perils For Pedestrians Promo00:00:370.00/N/A4/0
232 Perils For Pedestrians00:27:590.00/N/A38/0
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