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Show Description:

Demented Features is a horror hosted show featuring Danvers (your horror host) who showcases classic (public domain) horror, sci-fi-fi and fantasy films as well as new independent content.

Notes to Stations About This Show:

Danvers' Demented Features humbly follows the footsteps of the horror movie hosts that began with late night creature features in the 1950s and continue on to this day! Hosted by Danvers (played by John F. Carroll), Demented Features screens classic (i.e. public domain) horror, science fiction, & fantasy films along with some new independent shorts and features. Demented Features is shot in HD and is currently in its fifth season!

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: National (US)

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: Texas

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 30 days

Show Producer: Demented Features, LLC

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S01E01 Night of the Living Dead01:41:20N/A/0.990/0
S01E02 Satans School for Girls01:19:15N/A/0.990/0
S01E03 Last Man on Earth01:32:57N/A/0.990/1
S01E04 Horror Express01:34:10N/A/0.990/0
S01E05 Alice Sweet Alice01:43:44N/A/0.990/1
S02E02 Brown Bag Frankenstein00:58:33N/A/0.990/1
S02E05 Long John Silver01:50:33N/A/0.610/1
S02E06 White Zombie01:16:58N/A/0.360/0
S02E07 Carnival of Souls01:34:45N/A/0.520/0
S03E01 Nosferatu01:39:21N/A/0.570/0
S03E02 Night of the Blood Beast01:45:47N/A/0.420/1
S03E03 Glen or Glenda01:13:11N/A/0.380/2
S03E04 Haxan01:35:03N/A/0.440/1
S03E05 A Bucket of Blood01:19:54N/A/0.450/1
S03E06 The Terror01:24:24N/A/0.430/0
S04E01 How Awful About Allan01:24:45N/A/0.500/1
S04E02 The Phantom of the Opera01:45:45N/A/0.520/0
S04E03 Anatomy of a Psycho01:22:24N/A/0.430/1
S04E04 Plan 9 From Outer Space01:23:55N/A/0.390/0
S05E01 Scrooge01:29:31N/A/0.380/0

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