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Welcome to A. A. Productions newest Kid's Educational/Informational Series "Treasures, Travels & Tales"

The initial series is our Fall/Halloween specials entitled "Moon Valley Manor"!

"Moon Valley Manor" is an old school-multi-media-fun-fest of creative and rather nutty characters telling us all about their day set in the backdrop of an old servants house turned boarding house! The show is interspersed with a secondary embedded segments that focus on building kids awareness of a few pin-point subjects we feel are facing kids today. The subject matters we focus on in these building awareness segments are "Staying Put", "Reading", "Manners", "The Environment" & "Junk Food".

0001 - TT & T / MVM 1 (Lucky Sock & Stay Put)
0002 - TT & T / MVM 2 (Dirt & Monsters & Junk Food)
0003 - TT & T / MVM 3 (Pancake Breakfast & Reading)
0004 - TT & T / MVM 4 (Blueberry Pies & Manners)
0005 - TT & T / MVM 5 (Grandma's House & The Environment)
0006 - TT & T / MVM 6 (Old Jebidiah & Sweep Revenge)

Our standard "Treasures, Travels & Tales" shows are broken up in to three segments just as the name implies.

"Treasures" features narrated, multi-media driven, shorter segments that showcase many of the idiosyncratic things about WNY that we find fun and interesting.

"Travels" features much longer segments where we go "out & about" in Western, New York discovering the people, places & things that makes life here so special.

"Tales" is a storybook inspired bit of magic that features our characters in a wonderful series that takes stories, facts and folklore and turns them all on their heads.


It's been said to me, several times, that "Treasures, Travels and Tales" looks like my personal love letter to Western New York. Although I had never looked at it that way until it was mentioned to me, I have to say, that that's probably as accurate a statement as anyone could make about the show. The show reflects my deep and abiding commitment to creating high-quality, locally-produced, fun and educational television for the region and is the culmination of over 12 years of work creating and producing locally flavored television programs out in the San Francisco Bay area and here, back home, in Western New York.

I arrived back home to Buffalo on April 20th, 2014 (8:45pm Easter night of that year, to be exact) to settle down and reconnect to my awesome family, oldest friends and my deepest roots. At the time, I simply couldn't foresee where this journey would lead but I knew that I wanted to create the type of show that I loved here as a kid myself.

Are you old enough to remember "Commander Tom" and "Rocketship 7" or even the CHCH-TV's "The Hilarious House of Frightenstein" or the CBC's "The Friendly Giant" or "Mr. Dress Up"? If not, click the links. And if that answer was a resounding "YES!", then you surely remember how great these shows were.

"Treasures, Travels & Tales" follows in the footsteps of those giants and will hopefully, inspire a whole new generation of budding young media creators in our region (and beyond) to keep this type of programming alive and well!

The show is full of local sights, stories, features, fascinating history, and great people from our region all interwoven together in a multi-media adventure that features a little fun-filled educational content along with a touch of my own brand of admittedly, off-kilter, zany humor.

I have also just introduced our new six show "Saturday Morning/Funtime/Fall/Hallween/Super specials Spectacular"...WHHHEEEWWWW... sketch comedy series for kids of all ages called "Moon Valley Manor"! "Moon Valley Manor" is an all out curiosity of wacky whimsicality and features five cloth-eared misfits daily lives in and around an old farm house turned boarding house. Each episode features a "unique" cast of puppets, people and animated characters in a fun, creative, free-thinking, satirical format that values kids individuality and untapped potential inspiring them to think for themselves, stand on their own and to never stop questioning everything!.

Coming in early 2018, I will be launching "Last Transmission from Earth"! "Last Transmission from Earth" is a "Tales" series set to the tone and pacing of the wonderful comic strips I grew up in the 1980's such as the Far-Side, Bloom County and Bill Watterson's Calvin & Hobbes. And just like those seminal comic strips I loved so much as a kid, LTFE will be a biting, deeply honest, social satire driven, mini-episode series set in a comic-panel style featuring Baldwin the Alien, Sequoia the Littlest Bigfoot along with their neighborhood pals Herbert the Turtle, Francis and his next door neighbors, Silf and his older brother Henry.

Later in 2018, I will be introducing "Ebenezer's Woods"! "Ebenezer's Woods" is another mini-episode "Tales" series I've been secretly developing over the last few years that features a nutty pack of genetically-mutated, cloth-eared, motley creatures that were let loose by the Mad Doctors to run in the woods surrounding Moon Valley Manor to protect the place but all they really seem to do is hang out all by the pond in a seemingly endless existential funk, pondering their existence and the utter-meaningless of it all.

Thank you for your support,
A. A. Augustine

Notes to Stations About This Show:

The Target audience for our standard "Treasures, Travels & Tales" show is the kids & families in the Western New York, Finger Lakes, Central New York, Southern Ontario, Western Ohio and North Eastern Pennsylvania regions.

We intentionally produced our 6 show series "Treasures, Travels & Tales" / "Moon Valley Manor" Fall/Halloween specials as a non-regional series as most of our up-coming peripheral series will be.

Type of Show: Multiple episode series

Target Viewing Market: Local to Target State or Province

State of Production and/or Target State or Province: New York

Frequency of Episodes: Approximately every 14 days

Show Producer: A. A. Augustine

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